View Full Version : Have you ever wanted to 'order' a chicken ?

15-04-2004, 22:16
Yes kids, thats right... here... now.... and only today... i will give you a link ... to a chicken... its a subservient chicken... so you will be able to 'order it'... and it will do most of your orders! (For those perverted ones of you - no, it wont do any naughty things, sorry :gigi: )

I have to say this is completely hillarious !!! :chupa: and sadly enough, in the bottom you see Burger King's name :rolleyes:

Anyway, no more talking... here comes the Chicken... Order, please!

Tell him what to do.. he will do it :) (http://www.subservientchicken.com/)

15-04-2004, 22:19
freaky :spy:
I told it to jump! and to dance! :D but when I told it to tell me a joke and give me its money, it just came really close to the camera and stared at me :hmmm:

15-04-2004, 22:20
cirrus, tell him to stand on its head... hahahah.... its hillarious

p.s. I got him to pee as well... ha ha ha

15-04-2004, 22:23
i did! :D he can't really do it, but.......... i told him "nice try" and he gave a thumbs up! thanks chris, this is entertaining :coctail:

15-04-2004, 22:24
He'll also do a cartwheel :laugh: and kick the TV and turn the lights on and off :D

edit: and try to do the splits :smoke:

hahahaha, tack Iska - funny!

15-04-2004, 22:28
he'll do anything I tell ya! As long as its not too sexual and dirty :gigi: god bless burger king, and my boss for showing me this site... yesterday we spent the last 45 mins of the work day ordering the chicken.. me on the G5 , him on his Powerbook :laugh:

16-04-2004, 00:10
That chicken is hilarious......yet somewhat frightening at the same time! :eek:
What's the deal with this guy? I'm gonna order him to go and get a life. :laugh:

Edit: OMG - get him to moonwalk - it's soooooo funny!

16-04-2004, 00:19
oh my god, i cant stop ordering him!!!! :laugh:

finally i got him to kiss me... he went over the couch and grabbed a pillow and SMOOOOOOOCHED IT for a while!!! hahaahahahahahhaha

and those splits... Rach, too much.. i hadnt thought of that but i made him do it!

edit: mossopp, I did! :laugh: thanks

16-04-2004, 01:06
i made him do a backflip, well... kind of

and i said "f'ing awesome" and it came over and did the hardcore rock sign!

ahahahaha, this is awesome chris

I typed "2 words: Air Guitar"

great response i got

16-04-2004, 02:49
that's just KRAYJEE!!!

its so funny!! lol

thanks for the link CaF :)

17-04-2004, 16:34
Wow... someone had a lot of time on their hands to record all those possibilities... a time they could have so easily spend WITHOUT a chicken mask on their heads. :p

17-04-2004, 18:20
LOL! That was fuuuunnnnn! The pictures are funny too... Doesn't he look SEXY (http://www.subservientchicken.com/html/subservientChicken02.jpg)? :gigi:

19-04-2004, 18:46
haha i like how it stuck its arse at the camera :none: when i told it to give me your money

i told it to lay an egg and it tried, it hunched over and tried but nothing came out :gigi:

21-04-2004, 15:16
I've heard from the news that it had already done 400 actions for us to give an order...all had been done :)