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05-04-2004, 21:02
For fun, a list of famous celebrities and the names they were born with :flag: :D

Bobby Darin = Walden Robert Cassotto
Chubby Checker = Ernest Evans
Johnny Rivers = John Ramistella
Natalie Wood = Natasha Gundin
Troy Donahue = Merle Johnson
Michael Caine = Maurice Joseph Micklewhite [got his last name from "The Caine Mutiny"]

Alan Alda = Alphonso D'Abruzzo
Andy Williams = Howard Andrew
Anne Bancroft = Anna Maria Louisa Italiano
Anthony Franciosa = Anthony Papaleo
Al Jolson = Asa Yoelson
Woody Allen = Alan Stewart Koenigsberg
Yves Montand = Ivo Levy
Mike Nichols = Michael Peschkowsky
Milton Berle = Milton Berlinger
Jerry Lewis = Joseph Levitch
Joan Rivers = Joan Molinsky
Bob Dylan = Bobby Zimmerman
Danny Kaye = David Daniel Kaminsky
Irving Berlin = Israel Baline
Jack Benny = Benjamin Kubelsky
Fred Astaire = Frederick Austerlitz
George Gershwin = Jacob Gershowitz

Goldie Hawn = Goldie Jean Studlendegehawn
James Dean = James Byron
James Garner = James Scott Bumgarner
Julie Andrews = Julia Wells
Kirk Douglas = Issur Danielovitch Demsky
Lee J. Cobb = Leo Jacoby (or Amos Jacob?)
Marilyn Monroe = Norma Jean Mortenson, (later) Baker

Matt Monro = Terrence Parsons
Meat Loaf = Marvin Lee Aday
Mel Brooks = Melvin Kaminsky
Pat Benatar = Patricia Andrzejewski
Rex Harrison = Reginald Carey

Robert Goulet = Stanley Applebaum
Rock Hudson = Roy Scherer Jr. (later Fitzgerald)
Rodney Dangerfield = Jacob Cohen
Roy Rogers = Leonard Slye
Stockard Channing = Susan Antonia Williams Stockard
William Holden = William Beedle
Winona Ryder = Winona Horowitz
Whoopi Goldberg = Caryn Johnson
Kevin Spacey = Kevin Fowler [got it from combining SPencer and trACEY, from Spencer Tracey, the actor]

Cary Grant = Archibald Leach
Omar Sharif = Michael Shalhoub
Meg Ryan = Margaret Emily Anne Hyra
Demi Moore = Demetria Guynes
George Michael = Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou
Michael Keaton = Michael Douglas :heh:
Boris Karloff = William Henry Pratt
Audrey Hepburn = Edda Van Heemstra Ruston
Billie Holliday = Eleanora Fagan Gough
Judy Garland = Frances Gumm
Joan Crawford = Lucille Le Sueur
Tom Cruise = Thomas Mapother IV
Jennifer Aniston = Jenifer Anistonapoulos (Anastassakis?)

And my favorite ...

Humphrey Bogart = Humphrey Bogart ;)

05-04-2004, 21:08
w00t. :coctail:

05-04-2004, 21:10
i dunno about you guys but there are quite a few names mentioned that i don't know. :(
out of the few that i do recognize i understand why the change was neccessary; just look at Goldie Hawn. :grustno:
but there are others like Whoopie that i just don't see the neccesity for. :dknow:

interesting to know russkayatatu.
thanx. :)

05-04-2004, 21:24
Kirk Douglas = Issur Danielovitch Demsky


Michael Keaton = Michael Douglas

ha ha!

Billlie Holliday = Eleanora Fagan Gough

Actually I like Eleanora :) But Fagan Gough... :bum:

05-04-2004, 22:14
Magnifico=Robert Pesut

06-04-2004, 00:14
Alan Alda has acting brothers (and I think his father was an actor too) who still go by the name D'Abruzzo.

06-04-2004, 00:31
this thread is hillllllarious LMFAOOOOOO

Jennifer Anistor = Jenifer Anistonapoulos => LOOL Greek much?

thanks russkayatatu

06-04-2004, 17:49
you're welcome :)

guesshoo, I think it was not so much 'necessary' as: why be Caryn Johnson when you could be WHOOPI GOLDBERG ? :10x:

Especially for a comic ... why not? :D

These are just ones I knew or read somewhere - some of them were more famous in the first half of the 20th century - some are actors, some composers, some singers ... for more details ... that's what Google is for :gigi: :)

You know, before I complied this list I hadn't realized that so many people were still changing their names and especially obviously "ethnic" or Jewish names. But I guess not - oh well - let them have fun :D especially if their names are Frances Gumm or Archibald Leach and they'd rather be Judy Garland or Cary Grant :cool:

06-04-2004, 18:11
Just noticed this thread, thank Rach, this was interesting!

Originally posted by russkayatatu
You know, before I complied this list I hadn't realized that so many people were still changing their names and especially obviously "ethnic" or Jewish names.

:none: exactly my thoughts!!!

So many Jewish-Eastern Euro names :dead:

blaaaaaaah - is proud of my Eastern Euro last name, which by the way is by no means that extreme anyway :D will NOT loose it.... then again on a second though... maybe for a very swedish sounding name as: fukola, pronaunced as: 'fuk - all - ahhhh" :laugh:

Christina Fukola :lol:

07-04-2004, 23:09
OMG!! That would sound TERRIBLE in slovene!! Fukola (fukala) actualy means something!!! Something terrible. LMAO!!!!

Oh... my addition:

Freddie Mercury = Faroukh Bulsara

08-04-2004, 05:03
Fukola (fukala) actualy means something!!! Something terrible. LMAO!!!!
OMG freds, now you gotta tell me :laugh:

08-04-2004, 17:02
Winona Ryder = Winona Horowitz
Power *makes fist thingie* :gigi:

Dreams of pink thingies
LMAO!! :eek:

08-04-2004, 17:11
OMG freds, now you gotta tell me :laugh:

Fcuking. :kuli:


08-04-2004, 23:12
lol...hehe.....intresting names ;) :p

20-04-2004, 20:05
Yeah, I know, funny - cause my last name is not Eastern European or foreign at all - but if I were going to change my name I might lose it for something more interesting :D

My name is kind of odd: two Hebrew given names and an Anglo-Saxon last name; I've been thinking on and off about changing my last name to my stepfather's, which is also Hebrew. Then everything would go well together ;) No one in my family or extended family is Jewish, but somehow I managed to get two Hebrew names :laugh: Although "Rachael" or "Rachel" is common in the US, it's only in Slavic and other languages that it sounds rare. I like my name and wouldn't want to lose it completely, but if I were to take a pen name, maybe - it might be fun :gigi:

My mom's moving to LA, so we were talking about this last night, about my future career - she thinks I should come to Los Angeles and work on movies - and what I might change my name to :gigi:

20-04-2004, 20:14
ah ha russkaya, you should move to LA ! and become a famous writer!

as to what you should change your name to: ... ha ha... Racho Slaveicho :heh: ..cause you know all the Bulgarians now know you as Racho anyway :rev: