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17-03-2004, 23:11
The Podnebesnaya (http://www.podnebesnaya.ru/) official site is now online. It's quite nice graphically.

Only 2 pages are working now (well, they only had 3 months to do it :rolleyes: ). Here (http://www.podnebesnaya.ru/Master/hod_master.htm) and here (http://www.podnebesnaya.ru/Comix/tatu.htm).

In the latter, it says that Boris Rensky is now Tatu's manager, and there is a cute cartoon of Lena being quite happy to have a vibrating phone. :gigi:

17-03-2004, 23:20
One second the site was still under construction and when I returned a few minutes later(it is my homepage) it was finally up!

Let's hope that someone can make a transcript of (EDIT:whoever's) phone call. It sounds juicy! LOL @ the Boris Rensky thing. It says right at the end that Boris is Ivan Shapovalov's partner & friend.

17-03-2004, 23:30
Originally posted by nasnedagoniat
Let's hope that someone can make a transcript of Ivan's phone call. It sounds juicy!
It's not Ivan. It's a conversation between Andrey (the guy who's making the site) and Rensky (who owns 50% of Neformat for people who don't know).

Edited because it's Andrey, not Sergey, lol.

17-03-2004, 23:34
Originally posted by haku
It's not Ivan. It's a conversation between Sergey (the guy who's making the site) and Rensky.

*Listens again.* Wow, he sounds like Ivan. :none: After listening closer, I hear they mention Ivan a few times. Whatever.

17-03-2004, 23:37
Thanks Haku, for the headsup!

I'm going to keep myself updated on the progress of this site

18-03-2004, 00:19
Thanks a lot haku! :) I must admit I'm pretty excited about this project. The site looks really promising and I thought most of the music played on the radio program was good, fresh and uncompromising material. I can only applaud this great idea - no matter how much I would like to hear Tatu's 2nd album.

18-03-2004, 00:52
Don't get too worked up over the recent fall out, I have a hunch that you'll be hearing Tatu's 2nd album real soon. How much time did Ivan have before being kicked out of Podnebesnaya, but yet he is throwing parties for his new projects... Umm... that would mean some things from the reality show were forged(sp?), which takes away the little credibility that it had left. Why is Tatu included as part of Podnebesnaya if they have dissolved. Are they waiting to make sure that everything is over before they never talk about the girls again? Very unlikely.

18-03-2004, 01:01
I'm definitely with you nasnedagoniat.. I've been (one of the few left?) to remain sceptical about the whole conflict between the girls and Ivan. After having read The Face article (which took place around the first episode), the idea of breaking new acts was already there before the show started -even though they were advertising the show with people sending their contributions for Tatu's album. Also, things like the failed photoshoot (which nonetheless took place in some form), not appearing at the WMA (while they were clearly photographed there), all of a sudden "Ty Soglasna" appearing in the new playlist for hit20.ru (sounding well-produced and professional to me) etc. speak against the intentions of having a RS being an "accurate" portrayal of what's been happening (I'm sure there's a lot more examples than this).

Glancing at the 7B forum, their fans are obviously as impatient as Tatu fans are with waiting for a new album.

18-03-2004, 01:16
Originally posted by nasnedagoniat
Why is Tatu included as part of Podnebesnaya if they have dissolved.
To sell. Tatu is a brand that belongs to Ivan, he can do whatever he wants with it. Having one song labeled Tatu (even though only Lena is singing) on the Podnebesnaya album will dramatically increase the sales of that album.

18-03-2004, 02:55
Ok, a few more pages are online now, i can see that the guy who's making that site has the same working hours as me! LOL

Here (http://www.podnebesnaya.ru/union/index.htm), you can see the list of the artists on the Podnebesnaya album.

It's worth noticing that while every artist has a picture of their face and a detailed page about them, Tatu only has an old picture framed on Lena's chest and a cartoon making fun of the situation with the girls... odd, to say the least.
And again, it's only Lena, in the picture and the cartoon.

18-03-2004, 04:02
(even though only Lena is singing)

Have YOU heard the FULL Song? How do you know it's JUST Lena? There could be some Yulia in there... we just haven't gotten to it... or even past it from what is played. I don't like that asumption [even though it's probably correct... but still]

18-03-2004, 05:10
Thanks for the links haku.
I think the paralink translator at http://translation2.paralink.com/ makes sense of most of the text.

Originally posted by convol
"Ty Soglasna" appearing in the new playlist for hit20.ru
Have you heard the full song convol?

The break-up could still be just for show I suppose. The Live Chat was the in the week after the The Ivan bashing episode went out. They seemed quite upbeat on the chat.

18-03-2004, 05:53
Thanks haku!
they are either planning something or woke up too late *lol*

the site looks cool..very cool...its great graphically ^^

and the cartoon lena is cute :D

18-03-2004, 06:14
Thanks Haku for the info...the cartoon Lena so cute.

*off topic* In the pictures of the artist...the girl in the 6th photo looks kinda like Claire Danes, but maybe its just me hehe

18-03-2004, 11:56
I didn't look at the pictures in the artist section as Haku did. I felt that each picture gave a feeling of each artist's personality i.e. when you look at someone for the first time, you get an impression of their characteristics. It seems like each of these artists represent a different Russian demographic(not even that, just different types of personalities that people can relate too i.e. shy girl(Helya), rapper wannabe, close to insane, rocker chick). We've already seen Tatu millions of times. By choosing to use the pic of the f*ck war shirt, we get a feeling of Tatu's rebel-attitude.

I can't wait until the music section is up, maybe we'll get to download the mp3s from the CD. I love most of the songs I heard on Echo Moscow!

18-03-2004, 12:00
an old picture framed on Lena's chest

Yes, but the "Xui Vojne" message is established in connection with Tatu by now, and in essence shows the idea of protest.

The whole idea behind Podnebesnaya is a way to counter established record companies isn't it? Ivan was talking about these kind of ideas a few months back in MK when all TV channels refused to broadcast his videoclip for Demyan (now the clip is included as a bonus in the Podnebesnaya album). I agree that Tatu (and to a lesser extent 7B) are definitely there to draw attention to the album. However, from what I've heard so far, the music material on the "Podnebesnaya" CD is a far cry from sounding mainstream and easy-listening; instead offering originality. If they just wanted easy cash, the music material would be different, but that's just my opinion. I hope it will be a success though, and it's great to see that Flydream's brilliant composition was included! :)

The Live Chat was the in the week after the The Ivan bashing episode went out. They seemed quite upbeat on the chat.

You're right and Lena even said that the conflict with Ivan was over in the chat.

I've not heard "Ty Soglasna" on Autoradio (I was just judging the quality of the production from the short soundclip), because I don't find it bearable to listen to this radio station. :) If it has been played, I guess someone would have said something by now? Maybe it's not on rotation yet? On Friday and Sunday they have the actual hit20 show, so I hope the song will be played then. Elsewise, I think we should storm the radio station with e-mail requests to play it lol

18-03-2004, 21:27
Anyone noticed this at the end of the cartoon:
Ivan Shapovalov - producer TATU and 7b, philosopher
Pffft ! philosopher :rolleyes:

Convol I must say I’m not really impressed by the fact they are using the "Xui Vojne"-t-shirts to represent tatu on the Podnebesnaya site. Sure I know it’s vintage tatu, but it also shows how unable Ivan have been of coming up with anything new image vice (for more than a year).

I think this picture speaks so clearly about the relationship between Ivan and the girls. There is no relationship anymore. Yes, the image, the t-shirt, the idea is still there – created by the genius Ivan Shapovalov – the philosopher. But the girl is out of the picture – decapitated.

Ivan is now moving on to new exiting projects – projects he hasn’t f***ed up yet.

BTW: Congratulation to FlyDream – that is so cool :done:

Edit: : actually, I think this picture of a beheaded Lena is Ivan’s little revenged on the girls for having betrayed him.

19-03-2004, 00:18
haku, Thank you. Looks promising, but not so much at the moment. :)

19-03-2004, 03:14
I've not heard "Ty Soglasna" on Autoradio (I was just judging the quality of the production from the short soundclip), because I don't find it bearable to listen to this radio station.

hahaha, i hear that. I've been listening to this station for like 20 minutes and every once and a while i have to completely turn it down... but i remain vigilant to hear Ty Soglasna { that is till 11 o'clock }

13-04-2004, 20:10
According to the Podnebesnaya official site, the first Podnebesnaya album was released 3 days ago, on 9 april. You can see the cover of the album on the home page.

Another thing of interest, on the cover, the logo "t.A.T.u." is clearly visible, meaning that Ivan still owns the rights on the name.