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17-03-2004, 08:29
Okay, so this could have been written in the Island of Arts section but it is an introductory rant, not a piece of art, and it also is an apology to the community for threatening to retire from the Tatu fanfiction fandom. Feel free to post your favorite fiction writer's bio in here.

Truth is, Alien's bio is here because she truly helped me develop as a writer. She deserves so much more attention, and that's why I bring it to her. However, my own bio is here for selfish reasons: I found some of my old fiction and said "What the heck. Let's see if I truly suck". The point of this is to see what do you guys think about my roots as a writer. ^_^;;


Alien Urbano
[ a•LI•en ur•BA•no ] [ More or less human. ]
She began writing fanfiction some good 5 years ago. She, like many, started out writing anime-based fiction, but unlike many, her fame as a Hispanic language fiction writer spread like wildfire due to great talent. According to herself, she started out writing the same corny stuff everyone starts doing, but either because of the Internet’s instability or because Alien herself might or might not like her roots as a fiction writer, to find her early works is impossible.

One of the biggest supporters of SailorMoon fiction in Spanish up to date, she created “El Santuario de la Sirena” (The Siren’s Sanctuary) which survived two years as a Sailormoon fanfiction archive. Alien Urbano has written fiction for several fandoms, some of which are Harry Potter, SailorMoon, Ranma Ѕ, The Matrix, and of course the Tatu fandom.

Random Alien Fact: Alien Urbano was one of the very first Tatu writers. As to who wrote the VERY first Tatu fic, it is yet undocumented, but there’s proof to the fact that Alien was a predecessor in what would become a huge fanfiction dominion.


[ fo•RRE’s fA•vo•ri•te PAi•n in THE aSS ] [ More Australopithecus than Cromagnon, if you know what I mean. ]
I began writing fanfiction before I could even realize I was doing so (see Random Darje Fact). However, my first documented works are from Winter 98’-Summer 99’. Curiously, I started in the same way Alien did, nonetheless, my fame as a writer did not come until I became a media whore, and started spamming fiction instead of writing it. My early works
are located here (http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=34415) .

One more in millions of writers searching for their own fame, I first roamed .Fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net), then moved on to Hamena.org (http://www.hamena.org), accidentally stumbled across Tatu.com.mx/Tatysite.net and ended up in Constructfic.org (http://www.constructfic.org). Well, I can’t say I’m looking for that fame anymore, but as this is a bio of sorts and an apology for threatening to retire, it’s only fair that I make acknowledged what is, in my opinion, my best work (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4607). It is also fair that I state that the genre I mostly work with is Shoujo-Ai (Love Between Women). But you already knew that.

I have published fiction from SailorMoon, Aa Megamisama (Oh My Goddess), Ranma Ѕ, Evangelion, The Matrix, Tatu, and a short piece on Serial Experiments Lain (what was I *thinking*?).

Random Darje Fact: Darje did not know she was writing her first fic until she had connected to the internet for the very first time; to that moment, she had spent almost 4 years writing a Ranma Ѕ fanfic that possibly today would have nauseated her.

Me Am Hulk
18-03-2004, 00:12

Exposed to fanfiction back in 1982, when a relative sent me a copy of "Force and Counterforce," a Star Wars/Trek/Dr. Who fan magazine.

I became aware of fanfiction on the 'net when I came across www.fanfix.com, a "Star Wars" fanfiction site. Upon learning that Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting) was cast in the role of young Obi-Wan, I was inspired to write a satrical crossover titled "Starspotting." "Starspotting" featured the cast of Trainspotting as a bunch of Jedi Knights turned junkies and pass on the call of duty in order to get stoned, get laid, and place bets on podracers. :coctail:

After getting hooked on tATu and the tATu fansites, I wrote a fanfic which featured Yuli and Lena sharing a bathtub with Ewan McGregor while placing bets on the horses. I began what became "the tATu Escapades" last February, and completed posting the last three chapters of it last month on this site among others. Alas I sent the last three chapters to late to Ta Lyubit Tu, where they would have enjoyed an ongoing home as the site is in hiatus... and may sign off for good. (Double Alas.)

And if you think I'm trying to put Darje and the Alien on a guilt trip... I AM. :coctail: :coctail: :coctail:

Currently, I'm working on a full-length play loosely based on Yulia and Lena. A short-length version was staged last Christmas Off-Off-Broadway.

And if you think I'm shamelessly hyping my play on this site...

I AM. :coctail: :coctail: :coctail:

18-03-2004, 02:47
Me Am Hulk, I dare you to maintain a fanfic archive and not lose your mind in the way. :gigi:

Hulkie here is the perfect example of the fanfiction writer that actually has the guts to come out of the closet and write plays. :D

18-03-2004, 11:51
Uh-oh… as an ex-fanfic author, this topic reminds me of the old days. Don’t know if I should frown, or smile. But I did both. I’m writing this long post b/c this fanfic/fiction thing really turned my life upside down. In a good or bad way, I have yet to be sure.

A year ago, if someone told me that I’d be writing something, I would have laughed my ass off. I was, and still am, a visual person. I could spend hours with Photoshop no problem. But Microsoft Word? Pardon…? I hardly finished a book, or even a poem. I hated writing and only wrote when it was an assignment. Totally illiterate. But life is full of surprises, yah.

I first heard of “Fanfiction” in 1999. I was a HUGE X-Phile back then. Got to read a few things and thought the idea was really funny. Didn’t care much and forgot all about it.

Around Feb 2003, I got exposed to Fanfiction again. Tatu. The idea of basing the stories on real ppl was utterly ridiculous to me at the time, but I read them anyway. Just to kill time, or I was really curious how people could pull it off. Some were really good.

Then one night, I got the strange urge to write. That was like asking me to jump off the window. That strange. So I decided to write something that wouldn’t be longer than 10 pages. At the time, I never finished anything longer than that. So I wrote the first story, only 7 pages. It was called, “Not gonna get us”. (My all-time fav Tatu song). I don’t know if I could call it a fanfic though. It basically had bunches of dialogs, and there was really no story in it. Being *me* and coming from a film school, I never thought I could write a novel. But for some reason, I gave it another try. Something a little longer than 7 pages…Oh, well… ‘666’ started then.

I remember this precisely b/c it meant so much to me. I was at chapter 11 and desperately in need of an editor. At that point, Yulia and Lena didn’t even get paired up yet, but I thought of giving up already b/c I couldn’t stand reading my own story with bunch of grammar mistakes I knew they were there, but could not see them. The limitation of my vocabs was another reason. And I didn’t even have an outline, or knew what the story was about. All I knew was that they were gonna die at the end. Oh, yah…something was destined to be…

Then the first PM came from someone who was obviously trying to hide her identity. Editor offered me the help simply b/c she loved grammar. I was like… This dude is weird! Nobody likes grammar! I know I don’t! But yah, she was the main force that drove me to write hundreds of pages in madness … and finished it. She spared me her precious time editing it and gave constructive criticisms. And I couldn’t have asked for more. That was a truly amazing journey for me.

But strange thing happened again. Right before I would post the end of ‘666’, Editor got ill. And I postponed it for a while. Probably that I had too much time on my hand, I suddenly became greedy. I wanted something that is totally *mine*, and Fanfic couldn’t provide me that. After all the hard works, I would never own the characters. There are limits of realistic possibilities. There are constant changes that are out of my control. So my life as a Fanfic author ceased before the first anniversary even came. The decision was made overnight. I turned my first fanfic piece into my first fiction, and Yulia and Lena had got to go. Lol. Again, it was just destined to be…

A month or so later, the faithful *Doc* came out, and it turned out that I should have listened to my instinct from the start. To manipulate real ppl’s lives in any form is tricky, and it backfire me. Although I’d been accustomed with the new names I gave the characters already, it almost ruined ‘666’ for me. It took me a day or two to be able to read my own story. If it were an X-file fanfic, it’d have been different.

However, the process at the end was quite rough emotionally though. I learned to LOVE writing b/c of fanfiction, but I had to abandon it b/c I wanted more. “Darkness Within” was immediately turned into a fiction after ‘666’. I’m free! Yeah!!! But saying goodbye is never my strong point. I still miss using their names from time to time. And as some of readers can obviously see that I still miss them, I use Tatu pictures for my DW site, too. Lol.

All in all, I wrote this b/c my passion started right here in this forum. It seemed so unreal to me. I had really good times here. But, like Nika once said, ‘I’m not here to apologize.’ LOL. Well, I’m not sorry that I left Fanfic world no matter how much I missed it, or how some would not read my story w/o L and Y names. I’m free again and that was all it mattered. I’m here to thank you Ec, Sunny Poison, Sooz, Mel, Linda16 and those who have supported me all through the time of ‘666’ (fanfic and fiction). I don’t know what I’d done to deserve you help, but I want you to know that I’m eternally grateful for it.

19-03-2004, 04:32
Originally posted by Me Am Hulk
[B]After getting hooked on tATu and the tATu fansites, I wrote a fanfic which featured Yuli and Lena sharing a bathtub with Ewan McGregor while placing bets on the horses.

Wow. Thats.....interesting. :eek: :hmmm:

Alas I sent the last three chapters to late to Ta Lyubit Tu, where they would have enjoyed an ongoing home as the site is in hiatus... and may sign off for good. (Double Alas.)

That would be a real shame. :(

Congratulations for everyone's accomplishments. We are all in debt to you. :rose:

19-03-2004, 08:34
Originally posted by uhaku
I’m here to thank you Ec, Sunny Poison, Sooz, Mel, Linda16 and those who have supported me all through the time of ‘666’ (fanfic and fiction). I don’t know what I’d done to deserve you help, but I want you to know that I’m eternally grateful for it.

Eternally, you serious? Hehe. Oh well, don't mind me... You know I can be such a weirdo. ;)

Anyways, I used to write fanfic too. Now, I left it for real and for good (tried once and returned due to Tatu), and it's partially Uhaku's fault... Well, no. Her decision to turn her fanfic into original fiction was just another reason. I admired her for that, still do. And kinda envied her too, but that's all gone now.

So, I started writing fanfic three years ago, after two years of lurking in several fandoms. It was an experiment of sorts and it soon became addictive, very much so. It was fun, most of the time. Almost like a vicarious life or something. But eventually I got tired of how tiresome it could be... Doing the same over and over again. Exploring with different characters wasn't enough anymore, neither migrating to another fandom. That's when I gave up and left no trace, no e-mail, no link; absolutely nothing.

I was at peace, kinda. Writing a thing or two in months. Then, one fine day, I wrote a Tatu fic, posted it and the hullaballoo started again. But too many things happened and writing stopped being important for me, or simply couldn't. Yet it took me a while to leave it for good. Uhaku's example was just the little push forward I needed.

Now, when I'm in the mood, I search the web for my old stories. The few I allowed to be left online. *shrugs* It was an interesting part of my life. Yet I truly believe to have left the good for the great.

But I'm not totally gone after all, I still read fics. :done:

19-03-2004, 11:41
Actually I don't know much about fanfics, I read two in total but really love both. I'm not much of a reader (took me 3 years to finishs reading "eye for an eye" by John Grisham), and even less a writer.
That being said I really appreciate people like you, who can make things come to life by writing them down. It's a skill few people have. Thank you all for making other people enjoy your efforts :rose:

Would post a bio if I actually knew what to write about Lena410 and Parrish :rose: