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13-03-2004, 20:26
Hi, I'm just curious about Ivan's other projects. Does anybody have any links, pictures, videos or audio for any of his other projects?

Who is Talya and who is the 12 yr. old girl that he is working with?

Thanks! :rose:

13-03-2004, 21:04
According to The Face there was some "fame-hungry hip-hop crew" in Podnebesnaya. It didn't give any information about them though - only a small picture. It didn't say whether or not they had anything to do with Ivan.

13-03-2004, 21:42
I heard that Ivan has some connection to the group "7B", a Russian rock group. I downloaded one of their songs, "Letim s Voyni", from some site that I can't locate now, but it's pretty good. You can listen to 7B HERE (http://www.rbcmp3.com/store/product.asp?dept%5Fid=28545&sku=33392). ;)
(Letim is song #2)

14-03-2004, 02:01
who cares

14-03-2004, 02:59
Originally posted by Lux
who cares
Well, if the separation between Y&L and Ivan is confirmed, maybe we should have an Ivan section beside the Tatu section of this forum. A place for people to discuss Ivan's other projects. :D A lot of people seem to be interested in Helya.

14-03-2004, 03:39
thanks cirrus, for the link to 7B. Mmm, yes it would be good to know his others works, I think

21-03-2004, 04:33
Katya Nechaeeva, the tatu back up singer apperars to be one of his side-projects as well. All though by now he should choose a different name for side projects since he doesn't have the MAIN project anymore. :p