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04-03-2004, 14:23
A very simple but funny game on-line, discovered by marina from the Rus. forum.

Have fun! :rose:

Short instructions:
Drag the objects into the centre of the ball in a certain order to build a mini-world. The highest score is 20000.

Mad Debz
04-03-2004, 15:14
Too addictive....far to addictive! ;)

04-03-2004, 16:23
Posted by Mad Debz :
Too addictive....far to addictive!

Indeedily. :D

I scored a 7500 on my first try - but then, each consecutive
attempt didn't reach past 5000. I'm curious as to how many
of the twelve-factoral permutations reach the top score.

04-03-2004, 16:39
this is cool..Im playing this for hours already..reached over 7500 once..dont remember though..and had five things that had top level *giggles* :p I have no idea how and why though *LOL*

04-03-2004, 16:55
7600 points :D

Agree with this being addictive

edit: 9300 points.. muahahahahahahhaha..
IT report: 0 points :none: :lalala:

Mad Debz
04-03-2004, 17:29
I've DONE IT! (http://www.tbforumers.com/files/gasme.jpg) :D :bebebe: ;) My wrist hurts from all the clicking. LOL! Be nice and I may tell you how to do it! :D


04-03-2004, 17:31
well done.. :done:

You deserve it being stuck at this freaky low resolution :spy: whats up with that? :p

04-03-2004, 17:32
Mad Debz, Don't tell, okay? That won't be funny then. I've done it too, so welcome to the club! :D

04-03-2004, 17:34
Wow, I totally suck at this game haha.. :gigi:
7400 points.

Mad Debz
04-03-2004, 17:42
*grins* I'm not going to say anything unles I get bribed with a gift wrapped yulia! :D I forgot to say thanks marnia! LOL!

04-03-2004, 17:53
now I have to play on instead of studying for my geography test..that's soo bad :p :lalala:

04-03-2004, 20:42

*feels stupid and uninventive* :none:

EDIT: 9300...OK at least they're not booing me anymore. :p

04-03-2004, 21:15
The first object is "the sun" and the last is "the TV".

04-03-2004, 21:42
Forre stop messine with out minds!! Just tell us already! :p

Update: 11700 :D

04-03-2004, 22:05
Yay! (http://community.webshots.com/photo/118349480/123046674sJaADp) :D

The first object I used was the metal box, might I add. :P

04-03-2004, 22:47
Still no go... latest update: 11800

Mad Debz
05-03-2004, 00:16
It's easy if you use your eyes! You put the black box first, the sun, the egg, the moutain, the pipe, then the propellar. I'm saying no more if you get a moutain and a river at this point you're on the right track, the last piece is the tv. Sounds easy but you do have to think and look at what pices take the longest to change into things.

05-03-2004, 01:13
Thx for the tips. I finally did it!! Hooray! :D

Tip from me: First Black box, then Ladder. The else you must think :D

05-03-2004, 10:26
I gave up after the first attempt. I got 1900.

05-03-2004, 11:28
There are several orders, you may either put the sun or the metal box first, then the egg. The egg should go 3d, as it seems. Mad Debz, When did you put the ladder? It should be among the first 5 objects you take.

05-03-2004, 15:21
9000 was my best score :p this is really addictive *grins* its sooo bad that I dont have really time to play it *sulks*

05-03-2004, 15:38
I almost got it.. it was just the box that wasn't on max level.. 12800 points. :spy:

05-03-2004, 15:50
Posted by me :
I'm curious as to how many of the twelve-factoral permutations
reach the top score.

And now I've arrived at a solution. :D

Judging by both the fixed positions of objects and also the
variation allowance, there should be just twelve different ways
to solve it and score 20000.

[I think I have too much time on my hands.]

05-03-2004, 16:24
cniaju, :lol:
I don't think I would have understood less if you would have used chinese (a lanuage I don't speak)..definitly too much time *lol*

Mad Debz
05-03-2004, 20:19
Originally posted by forre
Mad Debz, When did you put the ladder? It should be among the first 5 objects you take.

I did put it in the first 5, beacuse the ladder is linked to the blocks as the robot that comes down the ladder puts the blocks on as a suit. :)