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26-02-2004, 23:15
Tatu will show the forbidden clip

The series will use material rejected by producer Ivan Shapovalov

Tomorrow's episode of "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" on channel STS will dot the i's. (phrase for "explain things")

Several weeks ago in reply to a question about how the series would end, the director of the show Vitaly Mansky only shrugged and said: "I'm more likely to predict the end of times than what the participants of this show will do."

A couple of days before the end of the show, the answer to this question is barely clearer.

- We will show to Ivan Shapovalov the video of a song recorded by the girls in "Podnebesnaya", the director declared.

Material from the documentary "Anatomy of Tatu" has been used to create the video of the song. More precisely, the material that Shapovalov had forbidden to include in this sensational film for unclear reasons.

- After all those events, maybe Ivan will react positively, but it could also be the opposite. In any case, spectators will see it all. They will also see the discussion about the future of the band.

- What about the promised album from Tatu? - I asked the director.

- Yes, we said that the new album will be released on 14 March. If everything goes well, it will actually happen.

- And if it's not the case?

- Then on 14 March we will show a Tatu "virtual world tour". Why "virtual"? Because material from last year's world tour of the girls will be used. The songs of course will be those from the first album. A retrospective of the group Tatu which no longer exists...

Translated by haku for tatysite.net

Source: kp.ru

26-02-2004, 23:22
thank haku :rose:

How I wish I could watch this show! Arg. I still don't know what to think......if the 15 seconds will matter at all....if it's all a hoax.....but it's a very entertaining story!

and that "virtual world tour": is this supposed to be a look back at tatu? If so, it kinda spells out that it's all over. goodbye and enjoy the memories. *sheds a tear*

26-02-2004, 23:42
sounds great....... so, ummm releasing a Video eh? hrmmmm

If there is one episode that needs to be capped for our viewing pleasure.... it's this one

If we do get a new album, can we still get the Virtual Tour anyway??? [probably will anyway]

27-02-2004, 00:22
The series will not use material rejected by Shapavalov. Shap has total and utter control over everything that gets broadcast from Podnebesnaya, whether he admits it or not. Anything that's shown as part of the program has Ivan's blessing. This is just another stunt. Trust me.
For f#cks sake - "Virtual World Tour"??? WTF is that?!
We - the fans - have been shafted once again.
This is the end. :(

EDIT: Wow, my 1500th post. Not too shabby for less than a years tenure. :D

27-02-2004, 00:33
Haha! The best entertainment in the world, and I haven't even seen the show.
(*Even though I now live in Podnebesnaya.)

27-02-2004, 02:18
[...] A retrospective of the group Tatu which no longer exists.

Amen. :D

27-02-2004, 02:26
Originally posted by Mossopp
... This is just another stunt. ....
Hm ... some indications yes, but still ...:spy:

27-02-2004, 05:58
Congrats Mossopp to your 1500th post!! :rose:

why do I feel like this whole fight bs was only used to make an excuse why to show those very forbidden 17 seconds? and to maybe cover up that they don't wan't to finish the album until the 14th so they can show that virtual world tour thing? hm..:spy: it seems like all the episodes before were just an inuedo

well anyway I wanna see the virtual world tour thingie no matter if there's a second album or not..I wanna see :D maybe my concert will be included :p

thanks haku for the translation!!! :rose: :D

27-02-2004, 06:04
Originally posted by haku
- Yes, we said that the new album will be released on 14 March. If everything goes well, it will actually happen.

So my predictions are coming true. The album will be released without the band actualy existing anymore. Neformat can't just give up on at least gaining SOME of the profit back. :P

27-02-2004, 08:34
Originally posted by freddie
So my predictions are coming true. The album will be released without the band actualy existing anymore. Neformat can't just give up on at least gaining SOME of the profit back. :P
freddie, I think the band exists until the lawyers or Yulia & Lena say it doesn't exist anymore. At least legally. And we still don't know how the Reality Show will end. sunny poison said on the other thread:

Originally posted by sunny poison
It can be a usual episode telling about what was going on in Podnebesnaya this week. But it can be the end also. I mean the end of soap opera. And many guys on russian forum (Fly Dream, who actually WAS in Podnebesnaya and met Ivan, included) believe it will be a happy one.
I predict gigantic TV ratings for tomorrow night. :done:

LOL This is such entertainment. :laugh: Now even the 17 seconds of "forbidden" material will be shown (Good thing Mr. Manski made such a big deal out of this before)... And now - all of a sudden - there is the announcement of a new video clip, plans for releasing the album in time and/or "virtual world tour" footage. Looks like March 2004 will put tATu back on the creative map again, no matter what happens afterwards.

What a ride. :)

Thanks for the info, haku!


27-02-2004, 11:55
Thanks Translator Haku :rose:
This sounds interesting and juicy! :liplick:

27-02-2004, 17:00
Thanks haku for the article! :) I'm impressed with your translation abilities. :done:

They are very good at creating an interest and curiosity for the show. At least it worked for me (I'm so easily manipulated). Now I can't wait to hear what happened tomorrow night.

27-02-2004, 17:11
Thanks Haku...I too am intrigued by your sudden mastery of Russian. Are you actually translating from scratch or are you using an automatic translator and then tidying it up?

And I am also intrigued by the path which the reality show is taking (are we being led down the garden path still?). There was something just a little bit too fishy about that whole Ivan sending the framed photo of himself episode. But I've given up on trying to figure out what's going on now....It's all so finely poised between the sublime and the ridiculous. Will all be revealed tomorrow...will the fog thicken...does anybody care anymore?

27-02-2004, 21:01
now, isn't this situation a bit confused :confused:
maybe we'll get a new album in march, and maybe we won't :spy:
maybe we'll see those 17 seconds or whatever, and maybe we won't :spy:
maybe this is the end of tATu, and maybe it isn't :spy:

and it isn't amusing :(

i really hope for the best, though ;)

btw, haku, tnx for the translation :done:

28-02-2004, 03:20
Yep...lot's of maybe's but that's what t.A.T.u.'s all been about. I must say, I'm kinda amused by all this. It's funny - I dunno why.

Anyway, if the album does come out on March 14, I will be very happy - good b'day present.

Thanx for the tranlation Haku, btw.

28-02-2004, 17:39
Everywhere there are breaking news about Tatu leaving Ivan, and perhaps they are just cutting pieces from the future cake. If this is the truth maybe the album will be a succes ! The fight is for money, I think. If there was another reason then it should have appeared long time ago, not now.