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17-02-2004, 23:46
This is from the Russian section of the site, just used online translator and made some adjustments so that it can make sense. I hope there's nothing wrong with posting this bit of info:

Shapovalov and Tatu in Podnebesnaya: There is no band

Tatu have decided to leave from under the wing of producer Ivan Shapovalov. Having accused on air of teleshow "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" that Mr. Shapovalov is all "mortal sins" the participants of the duet Julia Volkova and Lena Katina have supported the applications officially and have sent a fax in the office of the company "Neformat" notifying on their desire to terminate contracts. Now the "tatushki" will communicate with lawyers who will render them legal support.
The situation right now looks rather confusing. Tatu don't communicate with Shapovalov and refuse to appear in the studios of "Podnebeskaya" in the penthouse suite of the hotel Peking. So the name of the STS show "Tatu in Podn." has now lost any meaning. In the studio right now there's only Shapovalov, his partners and other participants who work with Neformat: Ivan Damian, Katja Nacheeva, certain "new projects", etc.
The audiocollection (for the song competition? ) of Podn.where will enter new song "Tatu", and also groups "7б", Nechaevoj and others unknown while participants continue to send songs as it was supposed for the preparation of the second album of "Tatu".
In the meantime, Elena Katina has visited Singapore for the MTV Asia Awards. It is remarkable that it is with Sergey Bobza's partnership - executive director of company " Neformat ", by which Tatu invest their persistent efforts of getting rid ( of their current contracts? something like that ;) ). Julia Volkova has refused to fly to Singapore. Nevertheless, both singers support the contacts with "Neformat", excepting the general director Ivan Shapovalov. How long this situation will be prolonged can't be assumed by anybody ). Meanwhile the show "Tatu" in Podn. " which is being shot by Vitaly Mansky, continues. As it was expressed by Alexander Titianko, " STS is not involved with the changes that occur around the group". Mansky sees in the conflict the reflection of real life which is interesting to broadcast on the screen. Besides the shooting of Shapovalov, the executives of the show practically follow each step that Yulia and Lena make, shooting them in their houses and in the streets, and then the director collects all the footage he has so as to reflect the position of both sides contradictory, under the truth to tell, rather languidly, - the parties ( does this mean under the obligation of telling the truth to the public? - well whatever :hmmm:

If any Russian speaking dude would like to correct -ammend- it a bit that would be most welcome.

18-02-2004, 00:20

aSs LoNg AsS tHeY cOnTiNuE tHeIr MuSiCaL cArEeR...i support their decision of dumping Ivanґs management! :)

18-02-2004, 01:32
SHOOT me! NOW! PLEASE! :blabla:

18-02-2004, 01:58
Well I'm glad they're finaly getting rid off him, but still... wonder if it isn't too little too late?! Ivan should be dumped in May when the first clues of his incompetence started to shine - like the UK Tour fiassco, the confused Eurovision campaign, Cancelations in the East even before that... etc, etc.

I still think Neformat will publish the album. Just by the material it has till this point. It's been said the album is finished already, right? It will be like one of those albums that are published after the death of an artist where they use samples and old clips... thankfully the girls are still alive. :D

18-02-2004, 02:12
yay the show continues! more drama please :yes:

18-02-2004, 02:24
Originally posted by spyretto
Publish it as a compilation album with other artists? I doubt there's enough material for a Tatu album.
It's never too late. The question is do the girls really want to continue? If they do, there should be nothing wrong with what they're doing. George Michael and Prince had ongoing problems with their record companies for years and still they managed to pull through. It's not something out of the ordinary.

No I meant a REAL Tatu album, with what's been recorded so far. The Tallin people said that the album is nearly done so we can consider the whole reality show as a great specticle for the public while the album's been nearly made for months in advance. I mean PD is 2 years old already and NVNBNP nearly a year. It's be an obvious thing to do from Neformat since they do own the rights to the Tatu brand. This would be a good way to squize the last cent out of the project has ended already, while they could artificialy prolong it for a year or so, eventhough the girls wouldn't have any part in it anymore.

It's different with Prince or George Michael though. They write their own songs. Sometimes they PRODUCE their own songs. They have artistic freedom that Y&L simply do not have. Cause I still don't belive that Yulia can produce an album at 18. :/

Originally posted by spyretto
The other question is does the public want Tatu? I think the interest is still immense in Russia and in the West, they haven't been forgotten entirely. They have made their name, after all, and that can never change.

Honestly I think their best bet for now is Russia. That's where they're still the strongest. And possibly Japan where Tatu hysteria is still more recent then in Europe or the US. They should go back to their roots so to speak and start with the eastern countries like from the begining and then work their way up... just like they did it the first time around. It'll be DAMn hard this time around without a fresh idea and a new catchy hit like YSSU/ATTSS.

18-02-2004, 02:42
round two without ivan? hopefully they'll come up with something, or if they haven't already, or .. who knows :none:

18-02-2004, 02:42
Well there's still a possibility to just "remove" Ivan from the Podnebesnaya recording and continue without him. I don't think Yulia would mind all that much judging from her recent coments about Ivan being "impossible to work with" and "mentaly ill." :D

18-02-2004, 04:23
hmmmm....... :none:

18-02-2004, 05:49
If Julia and Lena were to really have left tatu, I think they would have left the show too. Don't you think? If they are still a part of tatu, they are probably still a part of the show.

I also remember Lena, Yulia or Ivan saying that the show was filmed some time ago and that all the issues are resolved.

This show is not filmed in real time!!!! lol :) If Yulia and Lena had left Tatu (for real) there would have probably have been something in the papers before the air date of the show.

If Yulia and Lena had left tatu, they would have probably gone to the press, to promote their own image. Yulia and Lena do not sound as if they are out for themselves. If they were out for themselves, they would have probably done that.

It just does not make sense.

This reality show is still produced by Ivan Shopolov and Neformat, in cooperation with the CTC. If Lena and Yulia had really left Tatu, there would have been a big conflict with CTC.

But, Lena and Yulia are still being filmed by Manski!!!! Lol. :) For CTC, Neformat etc.! Just because they are not in the studio, does not mean that they are not getting air time. They are still being shown on the show.

Sure, they could be working separately with Manski, but even so, the footage is still being shown on the show!!!!! That does not sound as if they want to screw over Ivan.

If they really wanted to screw Ivan over, they would:
1. Completely refuse to be filmed.
2. Launch a rival show of their own, without Shopolov
3. Sign on immediately with another producer
4. Take a really long vacation, away from Russia
5. Bring their boyfriends to the set and make out with them
instead of each other.
6. Cut off their hair and change their image completely to bull dyke.
7. Get a huge tattoo of a car or the USA on their bum.
8. Yulia could give oral sex to a man on camera and star in a porn film
9. Lena could put on a body cast and refuse to show any skin or even worse, wear a burqua.
10. Yulia and Lena could set the studio on fire or blow it up like NND

Ivan is not being as controversial as he could be!!!! Lena and Yulia could be a little more rebellious.

Bring them back to the West where they can swear at more talk show hosts!!!!

They should go on "30 minutes" and half way through the interview, Lena could reach up Yulia's skirt and say that she just had an urge and ask Barbara Walters, "Do you know something about the urge?" in a very serious face.

So these mini-controversies are bullsh*t and not very exciting! It's too predictable, the news headline, "Tatu Separate's from Manager". Who the fcuk cares? It does not surprise anyone.

My favourite act of unpredicatability was at the MTV movie awards where Jim Carey, comes out of nowhere dressed as a washed out hippy and everybody is like, "Who is this bum from the street?" and then they realize it is him. Courtney Love is hysterical and plays it up with him. He stands up there and he says, "Man there's some fine pu*ssy in the house!!!"

Lol---that was freaking hiliarious!!!
Or when Angelina Jolie Jumped in a pool with her $100,000 dress after winning a golden globe, that was classic too!!! and genuine!!!

Another one, Shannon Doherty bumps into another car. She gets out of the car and smashes the guys window.

O.k. Tatu does not have to go the violent route but atleast bring in some original controversy, if they are not working on the album!!!!

I.E. Tatu leave Manager to join a three person assemble with Kylie.
or Tatu leaves Manager in a hypnosis gone awry.

18-02-2004, 06:18
I think I'm gonna go throw up now and hope that by doing that I won't feel so disgusted by Tatu's soap opera... :ill:

18-02-2004, 06:37
what dollparts3000 said ^

i agree, if they wanted to leave they would've. where did you read that it was filmed awhile ago? actually, it makes sense because in the pictures of yulia in the red hat, she looks younger there than she does before the recent concerts. a step back in time, if you will. will you?

18-02-2004, 07:21
Originally posted by dollparts3000
I also remember Lena, Yulia or Ivan saying that the show was filmed some time ago and that all the issues are resolved.
The Chat was shown on the reality show 9 days after it took place.

18-02-2004, 07:50
You know what I think? Zzz. :dead:

18-02-2004, 09:46
Thank you so much, spyretto! :rose:

Originally posted by spyretto
If any Russian speaking dude would like to correct -ammend- it a bit that would be most welcome.

Here's a translation of the same article posted by elf on tatu.us - as you asked, I hope it's okay to post it here. If not, I'll delete it again.

Originally posted by elf on tatu.us

Shapovalov is in Celestial, Tatu is not

Group Tatu decided to depart from their producer Ivan Shapovalov. Having accused Mr. Shapovalov of all the mortal sins on a TV Show "Tatu in Celestial", the girls of the duo Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina stood up to their words. They sent a fax to OOO "Neformat", informing us about their will to break the contracts. At the present time, Tatu girls spend a lot of time talking to their lawyers, who provide them with juridical support. According to Alexandra Tityanko, "Neformat's" media agent, Tatu's lawyers will need to do a lot of work to succeed in what they attempt to do. The conditions of the current contract are such that in case they leave, the girls cannot claim the title of "Tatu" (Neformat owns these rights) nor the profits from album sales. According to Ms. Tityanko, OOO "Neformat" has to respond to the notification made by Volkova and Katina within 60 days. Neformat's executive director, Sergey Bobza, is working on this response already.

Overall the situation seems quite complicated. Tatu girls do not talk to Shapovalov and absolutely refuse to show up in the "Celestial", their studio in penthouse of Peking Hotel. Thus, the name of the STS show "Tatu in Celestial" has practically lost its meaning: the studio is usually occupied by Ivan Shapovalov, his partners and other artists, working with Neformat - Ivan Dem'yan, Katya Nechayeva and some new projects, etc. A selection called "Celestial" is being made which will include songs of Tatu, 7B, Katya Nechayeva and other unknown groups who sent their songs for the second Tatu's album. Meanwhile, Elena Katina went to Singapore's MTV Asia Awards. What's interesting is that she was accompanied by Sergey Bobza, the executive director of Neformat, the company which Tatu girls seemingly want to leave. Yulia Volkova refused to fly to Singapore. Nevertheless, both girls keep in touch with Neformat, except for its general director Ivan Shapovalov. How long this situation of "neither peace, nor war" is going to last, no-one can say.

Meanwhile, the show "Tatu in Celestial", filmed by Vitaliy Manskiy, is set to continue. As Alexandra Tityanko said, "STS [is not disappointed by] what is going on around the group." In this conflict Manskiy sees a reflection of real life, which is interesting to broadcast on TV. Apart from filming Shapovalov's team in Celestial, the crew is now filming practically every step of Yulia and Lena. They film them at home and on the street. Later, the director arranges the footage to reflect the positions of the two - barely - opposing sides.

Source: intermedia.ru


18-02-2004, 15:19
Thanks xena225, Thanks Elf ....


18-02-2004, 16:15
Originally posted by dollparts3000
"Tatu Separate's from Manager". Who the fcuk cares?
A lot of people! :D

With any other pop band, the fans couldn't care less if the manager leaves or stay, but Ivan is not *any* manager and Tatu is not *any* pop band.

As you may have noticed from reading this thread and some others, Ivan has a lot of supporters among Tatu fans, some of the fans are even quite upset that Ivan may be leaving.

If Yulia and Lena were really to leave Ivan, and Ivan would replace them with two new girls still under the name Tatu, you can be sure that some Tatu fans will follow Ivan and the new girls instead of following Yulia and Lena.

This is quite a unique reaction that you wouldn't witness with another pop band.

Thanks spyretto, xena225, and elf. :)

19-02-2004, 00:56
Thanks for the article Spyretto, Xena, and Elf.

19-02-2004, 01:23
I would probably be part of that reaction Haku. I mean, I would probably keep up with what the girls are doing also, but I honestly fell in love with Ivan's "work". I don't know the girls and they don't know me, so whatever. If this thing isn't just another mind game, everyone will see what a difference Ivan makes when the girls try to record a song with someone else. It's not the same. Ivan knows this and I'm sure he isn't too worried right now.

It's like how I feel about the group Nichya. Their music is like the best Russian music in existence, but it just doesn't have that extra something that is present in t.A.T.u.'s music. When listening to t.A.T.u.'s music, there is definitely a big difference after you switch from a t.A.T.u. cd to another artist.

19-02-2004, 02:30
thanks for the article xena and elf.

imo, y&l w/ ivan is a teamwork. work based on agreement. and i think they've been doin great all this time. if they ever split, perhaps, we're goin to see some revelation bout what's really goin on inside tATu (y&l's real plan, ivan's plan and so on). and the split also could be good for them (y&l, ivan) since it could create, hopefully, a healthy competition between. who's and who's not.
and for me, am goin to stick for the girls :D
they're big girls now and am curious what they have in mind for their work and life. hopefully they could manage about it.

19-02-2004, 09:37
Originally posted by febrika
imo, y&l w/ ivan is a teamwork. work based on agreement.

I agree, but if this is all to be believed, Lena and Yulia are very disappointed in their producer Ivan. Of course he's done a lot, and he is a genius in a way, but it looks like Lena and Yulia don't see a creative future for themselves with him, if things continue like this (not to mention the money issue). That's my interpretation anyway.

I don't really care what goes on behind the scenes, with the lawyers and so on - I guess the TV footage of that is mostly Manski's doing (and to be honest, what else could he film nowadays for The Podnebesnaya Reality Show) - but I do care about the fact that Lena and Yulia obviously don't feel that the project tATu is going the way they would want it to go.

The fact that the executive director of Neformat accompanied Lena to Singapore seems to indicate that Neformat wants to be affiliated with Lena and Yulia in the future as well - and why shouldn't they? To the world those two girls ARE tATu, they lend their voices, their personalities, their charisma, their professionalism to this project, and Universal/Neformat would be crazy to let them go (if you ask me).

If a solution can be found in this matter, I think tAtu, or rather Lena and Yulia, will be around for a long time as singers and performers. I haven't given up on tATu yet. Not by a long shot. ;)


19-02-2004, 10:36
I've made a poll about the issue of Yulia and Lena versus t.A.T.u.

Please vote:


19-02-2004, 20:29
thanks for the news

20-02-2004, 06:14
Thanks Xenna & Elf. :done:

I KNEW it! The Neformat contracts are pretty tough to break! They have lawyers too I bet, and I bet they predicted this situation when they were singning a new contract. It's not like you can break a legaly binding contract just like that, without any consequences. That's the whole point of contracts.

I can't IMAGINE Yulia's greedy mom would stand for the losing of profit out of those contracts... and it does seem like she's the driving force behind the negotiations when it comes to contracts. Judging from her eagerness to have affect on the contract terms (in the anathomy vid) I do belive she'd send her daughter to slave traders if it meant some money in her pocket. :p