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16-02-2004, 01:01
Vote for the Best Moderator!

16-02-2004, 07:47
oi.. a tie so far.. :D
forre - one point
For all round moderation. For being around all the time and for helping out with translations. For cleaning up the mess and so on..

16-02-2004, 12:50
Guys I just have one thing to say. If you don't vote for Echoed as be best mod I'll hold it personaly against you. It's easy to forget isn't it? She was the one who spent hours on the forum resolving differences between ppl like only she can. She was theone who kept it together when things almost self-destructed. If there wasn't for Echoed there possibly wouldn't be a forum right now... or if it would be then it would mre then likely be missing half of it's pernament members. Whenever there was trouble it was always HER who mediated the situation. And if you look back on it... who was the one who always told you to get back on topic the most?! Who was the one that prevented insanities that went over in that "Yulia-nude" threads?! Who was the one who was the one that stoped the cybersexying activities in the infamous perv thread?! Who was the one who who calmed down all the fans when they started ranting over Kate's polls? She did all that. And she did it in slyle. Without coming of as uptight. She still managed to be funny and pleasent. It's easy to forget ppl when they're not around a while cause they have other things to do. It's incredible what short memory ppl have. And furthermore... it's also easy to forget ppl like her that do their job quietly, diligently and without scandal. Ppl need scandal so they won't forget, right?

Btw...I'm in no way trying to diss forre with this rant. I'm not denying that she did great things for the site, provided us with many translated exclusives and even had a face-to-face interview with Tatu, which is something most of us will only ever dream off. So I'd say she's an ennormous asset for the site and it wouldn't be the same without her either, but that should make her "member of the year" possibly. Maybe "best female performance". But it is MHO that the title of best moderator should go to none other then Echoed, simply cause of her MODDING abilities, which are unsurpasable. And most ppl agreed with this till very recently when she stoped showing up so much on the forum. But that doesn't make her any less deserving for the job that she's done ALL TROUGH 2003. She was the foundation for peace on Tatysite. Just like Forre was the foundation to all the exclusives and I Love Yulia /Real Lesbian the foundation for screen-caps/pictures. I said this many times. Not only that she's the best mod of tatysite. She's also the best mod in general. Of any forum out there. She's shone trough trough in most diffucult of situations and we must give her that.

16-02-2004, 15:31
echoed...shes an awsome mod :rose:

16-02-2004, 16:06
Woah. Interesting race, here. Don't mean to make them sound like horses. Ec for me, too. ^_^

16-02-2004, 17:20
If you don't vote for Echoed as be best mod I'll hold it personaly against you.
Aw Freddie don't be so harsh. :rose: People have all the right to vote for whoever they want without having this pressure put on them that somebody will have something against them personally because of their choices. I appreciate Echoed's work and I love her very much, she has helped this forum like nobody else, and I'm sure people who vote for her have these and more reasons.

I myself voted for Forre, because she has been such a good moderator both here and in the other forums (other languages). Just like Echoed. If you vote for Echoed I'm sure you have your reasons, just like I have my reasons to vote for Forre (Btw, thank you for being so very nice to me Olga and helping out so much on the forum even though we were being really annoying ;) ).

So that's why I don't think you should have anything against people personally just because they didn't vote for Echoed.


16-02-2004, 22:22
Echoed...no question about it! ;)

16-02-2004, 22:27
oh gosh...Echoed is great but not very active lately.

Do we really have to vote? what's the point of voting? I'm on the verge of casting an empty vote, bros and sis :gigi:

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17-02-2004, 01:16
ms. e. :)

17-02-2004, 02:57