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03-02-2004, 04:53
wanna share this with you guys~:o
:dknow: i don't really know what the title should be....
"cut the chain"? [I'll never be free...]? :hmmm:

hope you get the feeling though:heh:

03-02-2004, 05:27
That's really cool Teaparty, I'm a big fan of a darker images...thanks.

03-02-2004, 09:03
well done :done: the shadow on the clothes are really awesome..I wish I could draw in that way :10x: but why do you like to draw them with a chain on their necks :ithink: :confused:

03-02-2004, 13:20
Whoa, that is AWESOME! One of my favorites! :done:

04-02-2004, 08:39
angeljas01 : nono~thank you for replying! I am glad that you like it~

skye: thanks for the compliment~ as for the chain thing....well...i don't really know how to explain...just this intense feeling i guess:dknow:

QueenBee: again thank you for the compliment!

04-02-2004, 23:05
i like it.
deeper than usual.
so what is the chain symbolic to, the group, a contract or something? :ithink:

05-02-2004, 06:33
:D thank you guesshoo~

hmm....the chain...is symbolic to.....the fear for separating...i think...

my guess is that they are tired of each other and want to go separate ways. But...they fear that once they separeted...there would hardly be any career future left...(they are used being so rich already) So the fear and the pressure (and possibly the mysterious bond) are the symbols in this pic~

ps: and lena (possibly) said that she wants to leave the group...so i drew a tool kind of thing in her hand :rolleyes:

LOL~i dont' know what i am talking about~my hands are too slow for my mind:dead: