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01-02-2004, 08:09
Lena gave another yawn as she dragged a brush through her still wet hair a towel wrapped around her body as she wondered from the steamy bathroom into the bedroom that she shared with Yulia. It was far later than she would ever usually wake up but, she had just last night gotten back from Germany and Yulia it seemed had missed her more than usual She grinned when she saw the pile of white blankets, sheets and pillows on the floor- not to mention the broken lap that still lay shattered on the floor. Needless to say Lena Katina was a well-loved woman.
Letting the towel drop to the floor she rummaged through her drawers and pulled out a pair of underwear and her favorite worn denims. She pulled them on and continued to get ready for the day pulling her hair into a looped ponytail and slid her arms into a white button up shirt not bothering with a bra or to even fasten it.
"Yulia?" Her voice carried through the large apartment as she began the search for her girlfriend. The sound of metal bowls crashing onto the floor echoed and, Lena headed into kitchen.
Yulia's head inched up over the rim of the counter top and smiled.
"It’s about time you got up. I was beginning to think I put you on a coma"
"Almost" Lena replied smartly as she turned on the gas stove and put the caldron on to heat the water for tea. Leaning back the refrigerator she watched as Yulia finish picking up the bowls from slippery floors. And several indecent thoughts crossed her mind as the fitted fabric of Yulia's skirt tightened across her ass where she was bent over. Distracted Yulia threw the bowls in the sink turning back to the large island that sat in the middle of the kitchen that had a large bowl filled with vanilla ice cream
"We don't have to be into the office until 3:00 do you want to get some lunch before then?"
Lena didn't respond as she watched Yulia pick up a huge chunk of ice cream and ate it. Delicately licking the tips of her fingers ate she Hungary ate.
"Lena?" Yulia snapped her fingers in front of the read heads face shocking the blank stare off her face.
Yulia grinned.
"You were thinking about sex."
Lena's blush told the truth. Damn it! Yulia always had a way with words that could make anyone turn red.
"No. I wasn't." Lena responded evasively as she tried to breath as Yulia stepped closer to her and brushed her warm checks with her still damp fingers.
"Liar" her voice was soft as she placed a kiss against Lena's neck. Making Lena stumble against the steel refrigerator. Chills shooting up her spine as Yulia's had creped around her waist and braced herself against her hips.
"I wasn't." Lena managed to gasp between erratic breaths.
Yulia pulled back and studied her a wicked grin crossing her angelic face.
"No? Then what were you thinking about?"
As she spoke her hands slid between the fold of her white shit and caressed her rib cage with feather light strokes as she looked up into Lena's green eyes watching them dilate.
"Well Katina? You’re not making a very good case for yourself." She chuckled and flicked her tongue across Lena's shocked mouth.
"I was thinking that it’s a bit odd that someone as kinky as you are should like vanilla."
Yulia gave another laugh at the double meaning as her weight pushed harder against Lena.
"Well you can always make the most innocent things seem bad Lena." Keeping her weight balanced she picked up another chunk of ice cream with her red lacquered nails holding it between her fingers she watched as it melt down Yulia's wrist- warmed by the body heat.
"It looks like you." Yulia whispered as she brought the pale sugar blend to Lena's mouth. It was the coloring of her skin and hair-the pale whiteness flecked with vanilla bean, melting over Yulia's bright red nails. -It did look like her and it was erotic as she bent and sucked the icy sweetness from Yulia's fingers-dripping down her chin Yulia rose on her tip toes licking her skin clean getting closer until their mouths melted together Yulia's hands locked around her neck and Lena's hands slid lower around Yulia's waist her long nails raking lightly across her soft skin under the tank top she wore.
Yulia broke the kiss.
"You taste better"
Something in those three words made Lena go mad as she growled softly and jerked Yulia closer to her. Trying to sink into her lover's skin. Yulia didn't know how to respond to this as she trailed her fingers through Lena's hair. This was something new and it turned her on. Warmth spread between her legs and she pressed her head close to Lena's
"I want more,” she whispered maintaining.
She didn't wait for a response as she began to tear at the buckle on Lena's jeans. Neither one remembered who took what clothing off - but within a blink of an eye both were fully nude the warm sun from the large bay windows warming their skin as Lena laid fully on the center island counter top while Yulia stood her hands caressing up the inside of her calf’s and thighs. Watching her as Lena shifted uncomfortably the tension in her spine so tight she wanted to scream. It was then she realized she just had.
It had come out high-pitched, a definite plea.
Yulia only smiled and reached up to gently stroke Lena's flushed face. Why her free hand rubbed around the swell of Lena's damp skin. Causing Lena to shudder as her legs jerked involuntarily. Time shifted into an eternity and Yulia continued to tease her. Driving her to the brink and back until finally Yulia spread Lena's thighs and lowered her head her tongue stroked against her, her fingers moving rhythmically as Lena's wet flesh clenched convulse, and after shocks pummeled her over the edge-the orgasm hitting her so hard that every muscle in her body contracted, and she was blinded by pleasure. When she was able to open her eyes Yulia was leaning over her, having climbed onto the table she tangled her fingers into the sweat soaked curls and kissed Lena-allowing her to taste herself.
Panting and slick the pulled apart, Yulia resting her head in the crook of her arm.
"I was right. You do taste better than vanilla ice-cream"
Lena stroked her hand down Yulia's spine. Yulia's breath quickend
"Now its my turn."

01-02-2004, 09:03
tnx set...:D

01-02-2004, 17:00
I hope it is something new and ever lasting!!
very nice indeed!! lol!

03-02-2004, 01:06
i am so lovin this, as i always love everything you write!
awesome indeed. :yes:

Me Am Hulk
10-02-2004, 19:23
My MILKSHAKE brings all tha girlz
to tha yard,

And they're like:
"It's thicker than yours!"

It's thicker than yours!
I could teach you,
But I'd have to charge...


DANG, I wonder if tha Girlz have a taste for CHOCOLATE.