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31-01-2004, 02:25
Starting from the last weekend, the audience of STS can watch Tatu record their new album on the brand new reality show “Tatu in Podnebesnaya”. "Antenna" has the details of the project.

The Penthouse.
The show is taking place in the penthouse of hotel “Pekin”. The area is 200 sq. m. On the 13th floor. In the centre of the penthouse there is a stage, on which there are some microphones and some sound-recording apparatus. On the perimeter of the penthouse there is a resting area. There is a bar counter, two sofas – one for Tatu, one for the guests, and a red arm chair for VIP guests. There are 24 video cameras recording every movement, every angle in the room. Below, on the 12th floor of the building, there is a room with the control centre.

The food.
Near the counter the participants and the crew of the show can have some tea or coffee (all the ingredients of this a present). The menu is very ordinary – sandwiches and drinks. On top of the bar counter there is a red Chinese lamp hanging by request of the Tatu girls. A special barman is serving the occupants of “Podnebesnaya”. The job is not an easy one, so far there were 5 recording sessions, and 5 barmen were fired.

The Neighbors.
The occupants of the hotel rooms are either celebrities or business offices. Tatu share the hotel area with Joseph Kobzon, Vladimir Vinokur and Natasha Koroleva. Although their offices are located on other floors, and the stars themselves rarely visit them. But neither they or their secretaries mind the noisy neighbors . Since there are no Tatu fans waiting outside or inside the hotel: the security is pretty good around the hotel. Julia and Lena are protected by three different security services: security of the “Pekin” hotel, personal bodyguards of the girls and security of the STS.

The Guests.
The reinforces security doesn’t at all mean that the girls are surrounded by the four walls, and don’t see day-light. First of all, the girls spend a few hours in the studio each day. Second of all, the girls will be visited by Russian show-biz celebrities. No one is going to be specifically invited, but if one of the stars happens to be passing by Sadovoe Koltso [The name of the road on which “Pekin” is located – Kate], and would want to visit Tatu in Podnebesnaya, they are more then welcome to come in given that they call 15 minutes before the arrival.

”’t.A.T.u.’ is the first group in the world that allowed the general public to witness the recording of their album. Recording is a very intimate thing, anything can happen in the studio. But Tatu are not afraid that someone will see their faults. On contrary, the producer of the group Shapovalov (he was the one with the idea of the show) and the girls are certain that the presence of the camera crew will only stimulate the recording of the album.”
[i]Tatu’s manager – Alexandra Tityanko.

”I spend a whole year traveling around the world with the girls from Tatu. And I know the principals of communication with them. The main thing is be natural and not be enthusiastic. Unlike some other projects here and overseas, our show doesn’t have anything special in it. The process of work on the album is fixated, the interesting material is collected and assembled. One episode can contain a day’s material as well as material from many days.”
Producer of the show – Vitaly Mansky.

Antenna # 5 2004.
Thanks House 13
Translated by katbeidar for TatySite.net

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Fixed a couple of things in the text, hope it's okay. Thanks for the story, Kate.

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