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Very deep chapter Parrish :) Thanks.

I understand better where Lena's paranoia came from.

I'm not sorry one second that the bastard is dead, but i'm sorry she murdered him. I'm not sorry for him, but for her. Lena is such a kind person, she suffered a great deal but managed to remain a loving human being. She has a conscience, and for someone like that, commiting murder is a traumatic act, even when the target was a monster.
But maybe i'm wrong, i don't know. I'm extremely troubled by what she did, and i have a lot of conflicting thoughts.
I mean, i don't want her to be "punished" for what she did. She went through hell as a kid, all because of him, what he did to her was so cruel, the guy deserved to die a thousand times. What she did was self-defense on some level, a delayed act of self-defense.
I just hope the murder is not going to deepen the trauma instead of healing it.
Damn, am i rambling of what? I'm not making any sense i'm afraid.

Veggie Delite
28-01-2004, 22:50
oh great..! didn't know there will be a sequel :spy:


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parrish122, how many fanfics do you write per day? 4926483? :gigi: :rose:

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Apparently Parrish forgot to post here so i'll quote her:

Chapter five, "Adventures In Babysitting" is up! :)

Awww poor Lena, that hurts. Yulia should have kissed it to make the pain go away. :D

Hum... :lalala: I've looked at Lena's breasts quite a lot during the past year and her left breast is probably smaller than the right one, but *very* slightly. :lalala: Her left nipple is noticeably bigger than the right one though. :lalala:

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Like I said in tatu.us, this whole chapter cracked me up!!! haku, I think not only are you an Honorary Lesbian, but you should also be named the Official Expert Observer of Lena's Body. :D

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I didn't see that one coming either! I had totally forgotten that Yulia had a father! That's gonna be upsetting news for Yulia.

So early in the story and already a twist, you are spoiling us Parrish :D

04-02-2004, 23:18
a tad bit late aren't i? :grustno:

*goes off to read chapters*

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You're welcome Parrish. :)

Awww (d2d is right, he he), the tenderness between the two of them is so touching in this chapter, so much love there, and what they say to each other at the end is so beautiful. :)

This is going to be difficult for Yulia.

And yeah, Lena should be more careful, if the homeless guy had not said anything she would have gone there alone... That's not safe. :none:
You can't live with fear all the time in your live, but being reasonably careful doesn't hurt.

07-02-2004, 22:11
Well, my mind is all blurry... probably from the lack of blood in my brain. :lalala: :D

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Thanks for the update Parrish!
Have a great time on your vacation :)

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Yeah, you certainly deserve some vacation Parrish. :) Though i can imagine your characters jumping in your head sreaming "Why have you stopped writing?!" LOL :D

Hmm, i have mixed feelings about this chapter, i just hope that the guy is not going to become a burden for them, they have enough problems to deal with already, and they are too young to have to take care of a grown man, it's not fair. And it's not like Yulia and Lena had such great parents, they don't owe them anything! :rolleyes:
I don't like the idea of him living with them at all. That's not how things should be, they are a young couple, they need their space. And with Lena's past, i don't like the idea of having a grown man that they don't really know being permanently in the house.
I hope he will have enough dignity to refuse. :none:

16-02-2004, 01:20
You know, I didn't even think of that haku...about what you said about having a grown man they're not really sure of b/c lets face it, he hasn't seen Yulia in how long, stay in the house with them. Lena's gotta be put on guard because of that. And yes Parrish, you are the Queen of "OMG!" and "Awww" moments!! :D

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OMG. I'm speechless. Really. I can't put in words what I thought while reading this. Finding him must have been so devastating for both. *shakes head and shudders* Wow. That's all I can say. I'm impressed beyond believe by your writing skills. *nods* and proud. ^^

18-02-2004, 17:13
Ho_ly shizer. Wow...that's just...woooowwwwwww. *agrees with Lena410* Parrish, that was just...WOAH. I mean, you have *no* idea how much of that I could really picture. Scary. I can't even imagine what Yulia & Lena went through. I am really speechless. *quietly backs away from thread* *runs back and puts rose on Alexi's grave* *quietly backs away again*

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Wow... Amazing chapter!

Beautiful writing for terrible images, that was difficult to read. And that latest scene with Lena alone in the bathroom was just heart shattering.

21-02-2004, 17:09
I know I probably shouldn't, but I laughed at the whole "What, are you afraid I'll burn the place down?" Then when Yulia was like "Oh shit!" that just cracked me the heck up because I could just *so* picture the little light bulb going off in her head at the realization of what she just said. :D And LMAO @ what Yulia said to the catholic lady!!!!! You go girl!!!!And people wonder why I'm no longer catholic. :rolleyes: BTW, I'm not saying anything bad about Catholic people if there are any on the forum, it's just that the people I had to go to church with were some freaky people and they just scared me away from it so yeah...no one take offense please. Anyway, I'm glad to hear Yulia's dad at least has a job and is *trying* which is the most important thing. Great update Parrish! :D

22-02-2004, 11:19
Originally posted by dare2dream28
And LMAO @ what Yulia said to the catholic lady!
I don't know why but i pictured Yulia wiggling her tongue to her when she said that. :D

Catholic choirs are not a safe place anyway, i wouldn't send a child there.

[Side note: Who the hell decided that choir should be spelled like that! Couldn't it be spelled simply "cwire"!]

The end is very touching. :)
she drove them safely through the darkness.
Strange how darkness can feel safe sometimes, and scary at other times.