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Well, i have some time on my hands so i'm gonna start the threads :D

Many thanks to denial and the lovely Russian girl for that exclusive interview. :rose:

TATU Reality Show - First Episode - Denial's Exclusive.

Well ... this is my first TATU exclusive .. I posted at
tatu.us .. well .. I just want to post it here too ..

Okay!! I have EXCLUSIVE!!!

I wasnt planning to post this but I love you guys .. and I want to share .. this from my conversation with one of my *ahems* ....."lovers" .. just don't ask any question about her ..okay .. LoL ..

PS: any further question I can't answer because I don't know when is next she'll be online. Hope you guy like it. Thank you.

PS2: This interview was held right after the show finished.

Denial (2:21 AM) :
... how was that show ?

russiangirl (2:22 AM) :
it was... hmmm... tatuish... lol

Denial (2:22 AM) :
tatuish .. like anatomy ?

russiangirl (2:23 AM) :
well... it was well shoot... and music seemed cool... but ivan is a real brainwasher... I thought I'd die from laughter... lol

Denial (2:23 AM) :
lol.. how long is that ?

russiangirl (2:24 AM) :
1 hour... but most of the show Ivan was trying to convince producers that Lena and Yulia... well... they don't have to constantly there... and it's ok that he let them to go out...

Denial (2:25 AM) :
any new special phrase from them ..? are they recording new songs? or least hum it ..

russiangirl (2:25 AM) :
Girls themselves appeared for about 5 mins in the end, organised another scandal and went away... lol

Denial (2:25 AM) :

Denial (2:26 AM) :
what scandal? I like scandal ...

russiangirl (2:26 AM) :
Most of the time Ivan was talking about the show... future and sense of this life...

Denial (2:26 AM) :
how about the studio .. is it pretty ?

Denial (2:27 AM) :
*feels like journalist*

russiangirl (2:27 AM) :
lol They came to do that photoshoot... and best photographer of Russia was invited... soon Yulia began teasing him and in the end there was a huge argument where both sides (Y&L vs Photographer) decided other side has stardome sindrome and isn't even worth arguing with lol

russiangirl (2:28 AM) :
studio was ok... lots of sofas... and all... but seemed very cold...

russiangirl (2:28 AM) :
guys were wearing sweaters and even jackets...

Denial (2:28 AM) :

Denial (2:29 AM) :
studio is always very cold I remember ..

russiangirl (2:29 AM) :
Yulia is impossible i must say lol

Denial (2:29 AM) :
impossible ? like how ?

russiangirl (2:29 AM) :
but it was the hotel number! it wasn't supposed to be cold i think

Denial (2:30 AM) :
the cold temperature to protect equipments

russiangirl (2:31 AM) :
well... she began joking... mocking at every word that guy was saying... than she said: 'yeah... I have a bad temper they say' lol and she had lots of fun... she was laughing... so the guy asked if she found it all funny... she said: 'yeah... for me it's d**n funny'

Denial (2:31 AM) :
did you get to see the studio equipments...?

russiangirl (2:31 AM) :
only a couple of keyboards Ivan was playing with at the beginning...

Denial (2:32 AM) :
lol .. she is very naughty .. how about Lena ?

russiangirl (2:32 AM) :
most of the time there were just lots of ppl sitting on sofas, smoking and having fun

Denial (2:32 AM) :
the two girls seems happy .. how about Lena ?

Denial (2:33 AM) :
oh I asked about Lena twice .. LoL.. must be 4 times on your screen ...

russiangirl (2:35 AM) :
well... first she seemed very nice... she even asked some guy to use informal for of adreesing to her... was like 'i'm not old... and my name is Lena... so call me this way'. But at the end she took Yulia's side... she said that photographer didn't have the right to behave how he did... that they've seen huger stars before and they still acted like normal ppl (or was this last thing said by Yulia? lol) And lena said she never allows ppl talking to her like that... even her parents who have much more rights than that guy... and so on.... lol

russiangirl (2:36 AM) :
girls seemed naughty... but still nicer than in documentary for some reason...

russiangirl (2:36 AM) :
Lena wasn't in her best mood but Yulia was having real fun...

Denial (2:37 AM) :
what the photograher done to them?

Denial (2:38 AM) :
girls wearing white ? with that blue screen at the background for photoshoot?

russiangirl (2:39 AM) :
I dunno... only the beginning of argument was shown... he called yulia 'devochka' (wich is 'young girl' in russian) and she didn't like it... than he was adrressing to her informally... she began doing it too... talking to him like he was a young boy... then I din't know what happened what made both girls angry... I know only that they made that superstar photographer waiting 3 hours at least before the photoshoot began...

Denial (2:40 AM) :

russiangirl (2:40 AM) :
yeah... it was that photoshoot... tho Yulia definitely wanted jeans instead of those white pants... and both girls asked to some 'normal' clothes lol

Denial (2:41 AM) :
lol .. must be Ivan the tatu fashion designer choice ..

russiangirl (2:41 AM) :
But most of the time (yeah... those 7 minutes lol) they were wearing the clothes they came in...

russiangirl (2:42 AM) :
there was no sigh of Ivan during photoshoot... other guys were helping around... may be he was smoking some joint at that time lol

Denial (2:42 AM) :

russiangirl (2:43 AM) :
Most of time there were views of night moscow with cool music on the background... and ppl involved in project talking...

Denial (2:43 AM) :
that was recording I think .. because the pictures already on internet before that.. so Yulia and Lena wasnt there at the studio at that time I guess

russiangirl (2:43 AM) :
Ivan made many guys worry for their job on that channel...

Denial (2:44 AM) :
lol ..why is so ?

russiangirl (2:45 AM) :
It was recording... it was no secret... somewhere in the middle STS director was asking ivan to call girls coz they had this huge advertizing company on the channel, no material to show and only 3 days to go before 17th lol

Denial (2:45 AM) :

russiangirl (2:46 AM) :
They were afraid coz there were no TATU in 'TATU in Podnebesnaya' show lol

Denial (2:46 AM) :

russiangirl (2:46 AM) :
there was ivan only...with his crazy ideas

russiangirl (2:47 AM) :
I'm waiting to see what happenes tomorrow...

Denial (2:47 AM) :

russiangirl (2:47 AM) :
yeah... another part of the show will be on tv... they plan to show how girls celebrated new year... met guests and all...

Denial (2:48 AM) :
ohh .. its everyday show?

russiangirl (2:48 AM) :
i'm not sure if this will be shown tomorrow... they also plan to talk about Tokyo concerts...

Denial (2:49 AM) :
they really know how to make the whole world get jealous of russian

russiangirl (2:49 AM) :
some life broadcasts during the day with huger recordered phragments on weekends i think...

russiangirl (2:49 AM) :
envy u mean? lol

Denial (2:49 AM) :

The videos of Episode 1can be downloaded here (and also on 0newinged's FTP):

27-01-2004, 13:11
By Coolsafuck

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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ok, me again.. sorry, no time for word to word translation, but here is the general idea, with some quotes:

Yulia and Lena arrive, crew already present at Podnebesnoy, some come with the(like the guy with the camera)... then the guy with the beard - who is marketing guy from CTC is telling about the photoshoot - how they will be photographed....

The photographer arrives - with his crew.... guy in beard still explaining how they will be photographed at a 'green' blackground, or whatever its called, and then cut and edited...

Photographer sitting on couch - some guy starts telling Lena: "o You (formal you) know that this guy is the best.. best in the country"

Lena:"I know, we worked with him before, i remember.." and then i think she says something about a lot of swering between them, and he adds, not only that but between eachother as well... but not 100% sure

Lena in front of the mirrow - she asks if something would not be visible, right? and the guy makes a comment as to if she is conscious or sad or something, while he is talking to her in formal 'You'... then Lena in a snappy tone says: "Can you adress me informally?" then he mumbles something... and she says: "Thats not imporatant, my name is Lena.." and turns around to fix her hair in the mirror...

Someone is showing Lena and Yulia what they would be wearing... they are not happy with the white cothes.. Yulia wants jeants, Lena then says she could stay in her shirt then, which is also white... but she is agreeing to put clthes on, so that all will be ok.

Then the photographer and the marketing guy are talking about something - how to shoot guys .. i think with the wings and later edit it.. cause right after that they are taking a pic of a guy holding the wings, ha ha

Lena getting make up, she asks the woman not to touch a sore spot on her lips... the woman says she wont.. Lena: "Aiiii, I asked you already, dont touch the sore spot" ...

Photographer is pasting back and forth.. obviouslly getting pissed off, the subtitles say: "Photoshoot has been delayed 2 hours already"

Yulia is imitating him and enertaining someone people with few laughs about it...

Lena is now trying clthes.. not too happy, but at least trying.. while Yulia is only getting her make up fixed, but still refusing to put clothes on...

Photographer: "Test with the wings.. will we try it/see how it is?"
Yulia: "See what??" .. she's replying with attutude
I am not sure what he replies but he isnt happy either
Yulia: "Why so white... so.. .isnt there jeans?" looking around...
Photographer asks Yulia to stand up.. discussion about Yulia's pants and how long they are.. ha ha

The photograoher still pasting, getting super pissed off... so he comes to them and says.."so, lets go".. Lena is saying something about chaning.. how Yulia needs to change... Yulia says how she cant make herself change or something like that... so photographer says: "Well, then lets do it without Yulia!" talking to Lena, still addressing her formally, ha ha
Lena: "How without Yulia?"
Photographer: "Well, it's better"
Yulia: "He is sure we(she) will be photographed? What big confidence"
He says something..
Yulia: "Yes, I am a complicated person!" while nodding and the attitude is by now reaching sky high level ha ha
He says something about a guy...
Yulia: "And what, I am a girl to you?"
He says something about a script...
Yulia: "You speak to me informally, so I do too"
Then its like kids arguing.. the guy says 'chto' or something Yulia repeats it to him as a question...the guy starts saying something Yulia repeats 'so..' as a question.. ha ha
Yulia keeps mocking and giving attiture.. the guy keeps pasting.. Yulia is cracking herself up by the whole deal...
he sees her laughing, he:"So what, you think its funny?"
Yulia:"Yes, this is all very funny"
He looses it and swears something
and so our little Yulia starts, ha ha... beep beep beep on a big beep...
Yulia: "Lets goo people" while she gets up and grabs her bag "lets go, we're going!" "What am i gonna stay here and talk to beep beep ...go beep beep"
Lena:"I need to change"
Yulia:"OK, do it, change and lets go"
The marketing guy isnt too thrilled about it.. he is standing there watching Yulia beep ha ha
Yulia: "We are also starts beep"
someone tries to say something to Yulia - she cuts him off and continues talking... Lena is just sitting there changing and following whats been said, Yulia: "...we are also people, not sh*t" she continues talking about the photographer, not 100% sure what, but NOT good things ... by the Look on Lena's face she is not too happy/comfortable with the situation(my opinion about lena)

Lena changing...

Photographer: "Well, what can i say.. that's what happens when they give you crowns... you know these are clowns, there are kids, picked from the streets.. what can be done with them...

Lena explaing how he was speaking bad.. and whatever else about the photographer.. and that they are - Yulia interrupting: "We are Tatu"...Lena: "I for one, never let people talk like that to me, not even my parents talk like that to me...let alone some strange/unknown person"

and off they went down the elevator

also, I think my personal view is - Yulia is 'in charge' .. like whatever Yulia says... Lena kind of follows.. whatever the crew says Lena listens.. so in general, Lena listens and is way more cooperative than devil Yul .. at least so it seemed from those 8 mins

27-01-2004, 13:17
By Nike75

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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Here is an article about the reality show where Manski said there were technical problems on sunday. Maybe one of the russian speakers can translate it - it would be very, very nice


Thanks a lot in advance whoever translate it!


27-01-2004, 13:18
By Coolasfcuk

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
« Reply #84 on: 01/20/2004 at 12:29:51 »

Nike75, thanks for the link, hmm, well again I dont have time to translate the whole thing, but here are some things from it:

<This saturday the show began. The show showed stunningly dumb(empty) and without a point movements of people in the studio, pointless conversations. At the 40th minute the girls shoed up. At the 50th after scandal with the photographer Klaviho they went away. On Sunday, when the show was scheduled to ait a title apeared: "The recording of the album is temproarily suspended". And instead of scenes from the hotel Pekin, where by plan for 2 months the new album is supposed to be recorded, again was shown the "Anatomy of Tatu". Vitaly Mansky explained that there were technical faults. Would the show be continued next time it's supposed to air, is still not known.>

Then the article talks about Mansky and how he shot Anatomy Tatu, also talks about the Anatomy and what it is about, it begins like that:
<The movie about tatu at first seems like a story about the rise/development of the success of the group. And with emotions it shows further pity/compassion for two marmosets(monkeys), very cute, and with big eyes, and completelly cluless about anything in this life... >- interesting thoughts

Then it countinues about the Anatomy:
<How much are they sencire about what they say about themselves in front of camera - no one really knows - the slef and public 'space/reality' is so hopelessly mixed-up/confused in their live, and even they cant tell/understand themselves where does the 'project' stop and their own existence begins. One they are very dependant, there is not even a shadow of interest of life by themselves, limited by influences from the project, that is why they have a strong inner censorship and fear of appearing/presenting themselves as something they shouldnt. Similarly they have no personal life, when noone has to watch them - they lay in bed, watch TV and eat chips.. that;s all>

sorry it's not the whole thing, maybe someone else can translate it, if not when i get more time i will translate more

27-01-2004, 13:19
By Haku

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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paradoxides posted this link on tatu.us, many thanks


Lena looks amazingly HOT in this first pic! *drools*

27-01-2004, 13:20
By Coolasfcuk

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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uffffffff, more links!
Thanks haku for hooking us up with the link paradoxides posted

Definatelly no time now to translate, but skimmed through it - interesting article again, the title is: "Chronicle of one Illusion".
Pretty much talks about the same things - how Podnebesnaya was once cafe, conference room, whatever and now is the studio - how the room is 'wired' with the mics and cams, etc. Also talks about the first episode and the scandal with the photographer - nothing new. And finally talks about how the show was mainly about Ivan, and at thend it brings fwd the idea that maybe Mansky wants to suggest that Ivan has finally also become a 'laboratory rat/animal' like 'Tatu'. It ends like that: <"Tatu in Podnebesnoy' is more similar to research project, than a popular show on prime-time. And it's over-all result most likely would be not the new cd or the new names, but the chronicle of one illlusion. >

27-01-2004, 13:28
By Katebeidar

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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Tatu in “Podnebesnaya”: Were there girls?


The new reality show “Tatu in Podnebesnaya” just started on STS.

One of my friends said, that he will watch the reality show on one condition: if he’ll actually be able to spy on the group members. Meaning that they won’t just show moments of them eating, watching television, talking on the phone, but everything: from morning shower to evening sex. Otherwise it’ll not be a reality show, but a boring staged performance with bad actors in main roles.

The new project of Tatu in Podnebesnaya started rather suddenly. The girls were not shown in the first episode! Lena and Julia appeared near the ending, to change their clothes into white and have a quarrel with the photographer. The rest of the time, the audience was entertained by producer Shapovalov. He tediously explained, that being in “Podnebesnaya” is not being in the sky, and not being on the earth either, but being somewhere in the air, although in actually in the air at the same time... Singer Penkin who came in for a visit, seemed as though he had now clue why he was invited. The heads of STS – Podnyansky and Tsekalo – were also in the dark. Tsekalo sadly inquired: where are the girl, the girls are supposed to be here? To which Shapovalov disarmingly replied: the girls are not here! They also showed some unknown people after that, who were laughing and talking about something. Why didn’t they warn us, that “Tatu in Podnebesnaya” – is just a meditating project of Shapovalov, in which he will inform us about his observations?

Source: Konsomolskaya Pravda (Natalia Voloshyna )
Translated by katbeidar for TatySite.net

27-01-2004, 13:29
By Coolasfcuk

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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Posted on the front page of the Russian verion of Tatysite.net are some new articles. I only managed to translate this one so far....if not translated yet later, will do the rest also

Tatu in Podnebesnoy: The project 'Tatu in Podnebesnoy' wont fail yet!

The channel CTC will continue to broadcast the reality-show 'Tatu in Podnebesnoy' - which is dedicated to the recording of tatu's new album 'live' on t.v. The next episodes will air on 24 and 25 of January at 20:00. Rumors about problems with the project appeared after first two episodes aired on 17-18 January. In the saturday show the girls themselves- Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina- showed up on screen for a little over 5 minutes- had a fight with the photographer and left, and, according to some sources, this incident was filmed long time before there was even any talk about the show 'Tatu in Podnebesnoy'. The bigger part of the program showed Tatu's producer Ivan shapovalov, who discussed about random concepts. On Sunday Jauary 18, 'Tatu in Podnebesnoy' was completely taken off the air, and instead was shown a repetition of the documentary 'Anatomy of Tatu' by Vitalii Mansky. As described to the correspondent from InterMedia by the press- attache of the group Aleksandra Tityanko, this occurred because of technical reasons: the prepared for the second episode footage appeared to be of low quality, and it was decided not to show it. According to Mrs. Tityanko, there are some problems in the relations between Shapovalov and the management of CTC ; however, "conflicts, that can lead to the termination of the show, there are not." It's just that Ivan Shapovalov and the CTC management have different views on what the show should be about. What their disputes lead to at this momenet could be seen in the next episodes. Yulia and Lena, more likely will be present in the episode for most of the time, although they still only spend about 2-3 hours a day in Podnebesnoy. "This is a very unpredictable project- says Aleksandra Tityanko - nevertheless album is written, the potential authors arrive ". One song is already almost ready, but its autor is not someone of those who sent their works for the competition, but the leader of the group of "7B "Ivan Damien. The composition was not initially intended for "tatu", but producer Ivan shapovalov, after hearing it, decided that it is suitable for the girl's duo.

source: InterMedia
Translated for TatysiteUsers

27-01-2004, 17:02
Thanks for copying all that from the temp forum denial, great job! :rose:

28-01-2004, 12:08
No problem Haku, thank you for the flower *takes flower* ..ummm.. well .. I am trying not to 'flirt' because I got too many complain about it .. so I am re-directing my energy .. LoL ..

28-01-2004, 12:30
Originally posted by Nike75
Here is an article about the reality show where Manski said there were technical problems on sunday. Maybe one of the russian speakers can translate it - it would be very, very nice

Thanks for all the translations provided, here's another bit translated by elf from tatu.us which shows that it's not only "overzealous fans" who noticed the obvious manipulation of the material by Mr. Manski:

Translation originally posted by elf on tatu.us
The director tried to present himself as an observer, conscientiously filming the bypassing lives, yet he failed. The reality was inevitably/undoubtedly subdued to the author's point of view, especially since the film took advantage of all means of active directing: agressive editting, music and harsh composition.


28-01-2004, 13:13
Thank you Xena :rose:

Originally posted by denial
By [b]Nike75

Re: Reality Show "Podnebesnaya" thread
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Here is an article about the reality show where Manski said there were technical problems on sunday. Maybe one of the russian speakers can translate it - it would be very, very nice


Okay I'm trying to translate this using IMtranslator plugin for IE. :laugh:

// 20.01.2004

It is not necessary to look for glass
Record of album «Тату» in Celestial » is temporarily suspended


The version for a press
In these days off channel STS was going to begin display of widely advertised show «Тату» in Celestial ». Its Vitaly Mansky, the director - документалист, some time heading has conceived the program « Real cinema » on channel " Russia ", the removed serial « the Open Kremlin », films about Putin, Yeltsin, about Lenin's body, and also some experimental author's projects, for example assembly film « Private chronicles. A monologue » (1999) and « the Broadway. Black sea » (2002). After a serial about Kremlin Манский has decided to investigate riddles of show business: so began its cooperation with group " Тату " and its producer Ivan Shapovalovym. Film "Anatomy" Тату » which has passed in December on channel STS has been removed.

On this Saturday the program began. Have shown amazing on emptiness and senselessness of movement of people in the studios, unessential conversations. On the fortieth minute girls - татушки have appeared. On the fiftieth, having rowed with photographer Klaviho, they have left... On Sunday the credit in due time has appeared: « Record of an album is temporarily stopped ». And instead of translation from hotel " Peking " where record of a new album should proceed on a plan two months, have again shown film "Anatomy" Тату ». Vitaly Mansky has explained, that there were technical malfunctions. Whether display of show in the following days off while it is not known will be renewed.

Generally Манский assumed, that there can be difficulties. While it with a film crew went for «Тату» across America and Europe, all was in the order. But when film was ready, there were unexpected complexities: claims at group appeared more, than at known the строгостями the press-services of administration of the president. It was necessary even to change the ending of a picture. Эпатирующая and declared superopen the group has disagreed with treatment of the director. However, to continue Манскому nevertheless very much it would be desirable. It is interesting, why?

Meanwhile film "Anatomy" Тату » in itself appeared very successful. The director tried to appear only as the observer honesty fixing current of a life, however it was not possible to it. The author's sight with inevitability has subordinated to itself a reality as in film all receptions of active direction - aggressive installation are used, music, a rigid composition. And from all the sensation was created, that behind the visibility showed to public simply disappears nothing.

Interest of public to a private life of known people has arisen together with occurrence of mass media, that is somewhere in the middle of XIX century. Biographies of known writers, actors, politicians became a subject for the present shy curiosity of the inhabitant. But it is necessary to notice, to them then was what to show. Pushkin's private life or Маяковского is an intrigue, scale, a plot, characters. By the way, biographies of politicians - a life of heart not their structure are much less interesting.

The trouble of present idols, which rapid glory is so wide, that there are no to it analogues, that their trade which is not existing without active participation of mass-media, at all does not assume individual destiny. All interesting, attention-getting in their life - is invented for pleasure of public, on itself by him is not left neither time, nor forces, means.

Film about "Тату" at first sight tells about growing glory of group. And in practice other emotions, except for pity to two обезьянкам, nice, big-eyed and it is perfect nothing understanding in this life seen by them from a window of the automobile, it cannot cause. In the film which has been removed by a hand of the excellent professional, the person, able to see the sense latent behind a surface, all is very distinct - here girls after a concert make the way through crowd of admirers, hardly сдерживаемую protection, and is facilitated and joyfully wave to fans hands, only having come to be for a lattice (a fencing of hotel). Here Lena щебечет with someone by phone from the machine and, inspecting sad numbers of standard American country houses, admires: « Pretty small houses! » And Юля, listing the dreams, suddenly very economic explains, that they with the daddy will build the house, will put in pawn the base this summer, and for a winter it "settles"... Юля informs, that it is ready « on all ». And Lena very much wants to be good - she goes to the father, to it all tells " about the project ". The project Lena and Юля name itself. And words - not abusive, simple, human as though hesitate, for example, telling about nominal лесбийские passion, speak, that " kisses were ", and " the bed was not ". The chamber shows, how they peacefully snuffle in armchairs in studio, wearily having buried each other, such tortured щенята world renowned, bank accounts and fear - before the future, before loneliness, before the inevitable end of glory.

As far as they искренни, telling in front of the chamber about itself, anybody does not learn already - so the personal both public space is hopelessly mixed in their life, and they most likely do not give themselves the report in where "project" comes to an end and own existence begins. However they are very much dependent, in them there is no also a shadow of interest to a life besides own impressions limited to "project", but there is the strict internal censorship and fear to appear not such as it "is necessary". Similar, that no own life at them also is present. When nobody looks at them, they lay in a bed, watch TV, chew chips... And all.

Занятно, that the genre "реалити-show" which have begun in our country in transfer « Behind glass » from how some usual, "simple" people showed to public the daily life to receive popularity so has quickly changed a foreshortening. Now in " Last hero " stars are removed, that in effect as though destroys sense of " real TV ", designed on attention to the person from crowd. Unique rather photogenic and volumetric hero in the company of these "stars" appeared неактер Nikolay Drozdov, that it is no wonder - it should not « maintain reputation ». But it in turn very much was surprised to that anybody from known musicians disagrees to sing simply at a fire favourite songs. And here Shalyapin, by the way, at a fire sang, and with pleasure... But it, the truth, the TV at this time did not remove.

Now here on татушек have set chambers. As they are not simply known, but сверхизвестны. Alas, appeared, that behind the screen anything is not present, there emptiness, and all event before our eyes with their images - only movement of shadows on a white cloth.

Michael Jackson whom it is equal these days has acted as the author and the executor of special show under the name "Jackson - совратитель", danced on a roof of the machine and collected real crowds of admirers, on many kilometers hammered by the machines of a motorway on an entrance to a building of court. But also to Jackson, getting the wife and the baby dropping the child with a balcony corrupting juvenile, has not come a head to put the chamber to itself in a bedroom or a drawing room. Because there where are able to separate flies from cutlets, perfectly know, that at night dolls easy hang on the крючочках pending a signal to representation.

Alain SOLNTSEV (Алена СОЛНЦЕВА) :laugh:

28-01-2004, 16:42
I think this video are from first episode.

Translation of the list of videos:

01 Obschij a kind of studio in "Celestial" (0.25 MB)

02 Ivan Damian, the poet — the visitor "Celestial" (0.53 MB)

03 Ivan SHapovalov, producer T. A. T. U. in studio " Celestial " (1.27 MB) - Ivan playing the keyboard. :love:

04 Aleksandr Rodn'anskij, general director TSS about the project « T. A. T. U. » (0.98 MB)

05 Natal''a YEremina, the author of the letter and the visitor "Celestial" *2 (0.27 MB)

06 Natal''a YEremina, the author of the letter and the visitor "Celestial" *1 (0.35 MB)

07 Natal''a YEremina, the author of the letter and the visitor "Celestial" *3 (0.41 MB)

08 YAvleniye (0.75 MB)

09 SHapovalov and girls — essence of the conflict (1.01 MB)

10 Aleksandr Krasil'nikov, the author of the letter and the visitor "Celestial" *2 (0.68 MB)

11 Aleksandr Krasil'nikov, the author of the letter and the visitor "Celestial" *1 (1.12 MB)

12 « we — T. A. T. U. » (1.55 MB) [ mi tatu ..mi tatu ]

13 Striptiz (0.24 MB)

07-02-2004, 01:11

Press about the project
Comments on a cover of anniversary DVD-reprinting of a serial " Тату in Celestial ".

Episode the first.

I can't find the translation for this anywhere yet. Would very much appreciated if someone would do it :gigi: ..thank you in advance.

Are they releasing DVD for that 1st episode?

07-02-2004, 01:50
I remember reading a translation of this page (probably on tatu.us, but i'm not sure) and it's a joke. Any of this is not to be taken seriously. :)

07-02-2004, 01:54
haku, thank you .. for you :rose: