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07-01-2004, 19:17
Kind of weird...
Please comment.
Thank you all!


The mirror shows this image
Early in the morning, late at night.
Always the same unfamiliar face
That I can't recognize yet.
People says it's my reflection
That I look like this in real life
But this is not my body!
I just can't look like that.
It doesn't make sense,
The mirror is telling me a lie.

The mirror in the room,
And myself in the mirror?
I thought I had changed…I know I had!
But I look the same…
It must be a mistake
The mirror shows this image,
It has to be a bad taste joke from life;
Another proof of its wicked sense of humor...
A total stranger pretending, trying to fool me
I can't let this go further…It has to stop.

That curve sick bitter smile, and the dark circles
I thought they were mine for a while
But where are the bruises and the scars?
My broken soul is missing
And also every single wound I got
Every time my dreams were tore apart
Whose's this body? It can't be mine…
Untouched, unbroken, soft, perfect, alive.
This body's someone else's
The mirror is lying, this is not I

I hate this mirror; I can't take its selfishness
I want it to show the real me
Body, soul, heart all in one.
Everything I became is hidden beneath the glass
What I am is faking, is disguised…
I can't take it anymore…
I want to see me, I want to be free!
This pain, am I really feeling it? Is this blood mine?
I'm just trying to fix me, but I feel drowned
Somehow the rage is consuming all…

Now everything's ok
The mirror is shattered
And the room is a big mess
Here it is the real image
This limp body, my reflection
This numbness, the real feeling
This is how I look like…
I can't keep my eyes open
But now I can see my real smile
All is making sense at last

And this mirror won't tell another lie...

07-01-2004, 19:57
It's beautiful

08-01-2004, 04:59
Wow. That was *very* powerful. Very strong statement and very well written.

08-01-2004, 14:09
Wow! *Very* powerful!

I particularly liked the line "Everything I became is hidden beneath the glass.".

Great work Samegirl. I like this. :)


08-01-2004, 14:32
really good.. though it's so sad and heartfelt.

Now everything's ok
This one had me thinking: "no it's not" :(

Really great, samegirl..