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04-01-2004, 14:17

04-01-2004, 16:20
I read my first fanfic.. And it was good:)
Of course I have nothing to compare with so I can honestly say is the best one I read.. lol
Good thing it was short otherwise I would give up halfway through, cos reading huge texts at the screen isn't the best thing I know.

Well done, parrish122. I'll try to keep up with this one

04-01-2004, 16:57
Originally posted by parrish122
Parrish, the mad fanfic writer (accept no subsitutes!)

You've got that right Parrish! :D

Wonderful start.:coctail:

04-01-2004, 17:14
Ahhhh!!!!! This is excellent, superb, fantastic, great, magnificent!!!! OMG! *bows down* LOL This freaken rocks already Parrish!!! I'm addicted to it already! Thank you *so* much for writing this!!! Mannnn this is going to be awesome!!!! *does twirl and happy dance around room*

04-01-2004, 17:56
Glad you started this one! Im looking forward to this one as well!

Veggie Delite
04-01-2004, 23:52
guess what :D

*does the new-parrish-fic dance*

07-01-2004, 16:51
TLFdk--Thanks! I hope I don't end up boring you with this one.
not going to happen anytime soon :D Loved the 2. chapter too..

07-01-2004, 17:26
"That's funny." She said as she looked into the bowl. "I don't remember eating anything that color."

I kinda went ewwwwww and laughed at the same time when I read that.*l*

07-01-2004, 18:12
great start :coctail:
interesting storyline indeed..

the second chap craks me up :laugh:&:lol:..(lena is a lil angel..)

Veggie Delite
07-01-2004, 21:01
Originally posted by parrish122
Chapter two, "If She Only Knew", is up!

$in---There's a dance? Oh, I'd love to see that! :D

well i only dance in front of other people when i'm drunk... :hmmm:

07-01-2004, 22:17
hmmmmm...that must be luv...u'll do anything....tnx parrish

08-01-2004, 03:38
awww man, how come i'm just reading this? :(

anyways, i just love the way you're writing this one.
the different approach taken surely is working.
i especially love chapt. 1, its so touching.
i can feel all the emotions lena's experiencing and understand the situations she's been going through
trust me, there's nothing worse than being in love with someone and they don't even know it.
and i speak from experience. :yes:

great fic p. diddy, looking forward to updates. :)

08-01-2004, 04:14
Ooh, i like this *a lot*, another alternate Tatu universe, or is it? :D

I had thought of something similar actually, among a dozen other possibilities LOL.

08-01-2004, 04:25
Originally posted by parrish122
Dare--Thank *you* for talking me into this. I admit it, you were right. :heh:


Well duh, I'm always right. *sticks nose up in air* LOL Ick, I would punch myself if I had that attitude! Over at tatu.us I said that I had 3 reactions to that chapter...pfffft boy did I underestimate myself! I didn't count the excitement I had for the next chapter, the anticipation to see what's going to happen next, and the freaken enthusiasm I have for this story!!!! I am *so* addicted already!!!! *sits and waits for next chapter* Anyone care to join me? I have rootbeer and gobstoppers if anyone wants some. :D

08-01-2004, 04:44
ohh I'm really liking this new fic, but then again I've always been a fan of the stories you write Parrish. Thanks for the chapter.

Devilish Yulia
08-01-2004, 07:18
ohhhhhhh im already starting to wuv dis story! ...next chapter....i cant wait! *squirms round on the chair like a little child*............................................ ..oh wait....i am a little child LOL. :spy:

08-01-2004, 15:08
Devilish Yulia--Here's an update, so you can stop squirming if you want.
lol.. though I might start.. and thats after reading the 3rd chapter..
<- wants to read chapter 4

08-01-2004, 15:45
Originally posted by parrish122

Dare2dream--As I've said before, I *love* your enthusiastic replies! I'm glad that you are enjoying the story as much as you thought you would. It would have sucked if I'd started this, and you'd said, "Well, I *thought* I'd like it, but I don't." LOL


*gasp* Like I'd ever think something like that!! OMG I died laughing at the Santa comments....I still say you should do it!!! You know what I'm talking about! DO IT! If you did OMG I would never be able to stop laughing!!! LOL The last paragraph...that is *so* true. Still, it must be really hard for Lena to hear all that stuff. I know I really wouldn't want to hear it if I were in her position. Great stuff Parrish! I can't get enough of it!

08-01-2004, 16:40
The Santa comments were the best.*lmao*

As for Lena.. I don't think I could hear about Yulia's umm... wild nights.*shakes head no*

08-01-2004, 16:41
Doc doc!!
I'm loving this story! it's painful knowing what we have to know (i mean, lena's thoughts) but, is good, because we can get closer to her, and i don't know, i feel very emphatic with her...and so identified...specially the last lines in the chap 2 and 3...It's so hard when someone trusts you that much and you have to hide something so big.
It remembers also this fic amikana wrote. My fantasie about you...
And i remember one time, my best friend told me that shee felt better with me, that she trusted me more, since i came ouut to her...and i was thinkng...would you do it still if you knew the whole truth? That thought killed me...

08-01-2004, 17:05
Eh eh, scantily clad female elfs are cuter than Santa, i would have made the same choice as Yulia. :D

More seriously, i like the fact that the story is told at the first person. I can always empathize with characters but seeing all this from Lena's point of view makes it even more interesting.

And poor, poor Lena, being in her position must be so hard! :(

08-01-2004, 21:41
santa and the elf :lol:

gues what?? i cnt erase it on my mind.... it kips popping...$#$%#%$#%# :spy:
tnx parrish for the new chap

Veggie Delite
09-01-2004, 00:11
the santa thing was so hilarious :lol:

thanx parrish for this great story :rose:

26-01-2004, 22:22
I already read them :gigi:

So great and lots of fun :D

Veggie Delite
27-01-2004, 23:42
i missed giving u roses for new chapters sooo much. so how many do i owe u? :ithink:

ok, just in case :D


28-01-2004, 17:12
:lol: stupid Ivan.. no wonder the new album isn't out yet.. I bet he forgot to press the "record" button or something..

28-01-2004, 22:14
Yes! Great chapter Parrish, really funny! :D

LMAO @ farting in the oven! That gave me one of the wierdest image i've ever had! :laugh:

And Ivan better keep his hands off Lena! Patrick will make him sorry for even trying! I liked what Patrick said he would do to Ivan *laughs* though that would require for him to put his hands on *that* :hmmm:

And damn, those turtles seem nasty.

29-01-2004, 04:30
Originally posted by haku
LMAO @ farting in the oven! That gave me one of the wierdest image i've ever had! :laugh:

LOL If you thought *that* was funny, my oh my you should've seen the rest of that conversation. LMAO Yeah, that matching the colors thing...Ivan was my roomie and I was Yulia in that situation. LOL This has got to be my favorite chapter. I laughed *really* hard thinking back of our convo Parrish. :D And of course I absolutely had the biggest smile at the mention of the croc hunter. :) AWESOME update. :done:

Veggie Delite
29-01-2004, 13:13
that oven thing :lol:

my friend farted while holding a lighter in front of his a$$... it was like fireworks, lol

29-01-2004, 22:20
Patrick couldn't be any sweeter and I hope everything goes well *if* Lena decides to do it. Thanks for the update Parrish!

30-01-2004, 02:09
Thanks for those chapters Parrish :rose:

Those chapters are heartbreaking. The previous chapters were funny and Lena was putting up a brave face, she was even enjoying herself, but there we can see that she's hurting so much inside, poor girl. :(

I'm glad she could let out some of her pain, maybe it was even the first time she allowed herself to cry over that, that's not good to keep that inside.

But before declaring her love to Yulia, Lena should probably try to get Yulia to talk about what she's afraid of. I remember Yulia saying that she got drunk to lower her inhibitions, and obviously she was not talking about sexual inhibations, so Lena has something to explore there.

Awww, and poor Patrick who thought they were a couple... reminds me of someone...

30-01-2004, 02:28
Originally posted by parrish122

Dare2dream--Yeah, I figured you'd love the croc hunter mention. At least in that conversation, I didn't make you laugh until your gums bled again. Ok, yeah...you'd just had your wisdom teeth taken out when I *did* make your gums bleed. Still, it sounds impressive. :D


LOL! What other writer can say that they've made a reader laugh to point of bleeding gums? LMAO! You have the ultimate bragging right! Just like how many people know an American that has gotten bitten by a wallaby in America? I can brag about that. :D

Awww and haku, I agree with everything you said. The poor girl is hurting so much inside and she's just now able to let some of it out. :( Patrick couldn't be any nicer of a guy, I'm glad that she has him to count on.

30-01-2004, 14:41
Well I'll be damned!!!! What a way to come out and just say it, eh Lena? LOL That was GREAT Parrish!! Wow! And Woooo another author's note mention for me!! I'm on a roll! *laughs* I can just imagine the look on Yulia's face when Lena had her little outburst. LOL And wow! I didn't know that comment stuck with you. I'm glad it did. *smile*

31-01-2004, 00:00
Ok, so much for me telling Lena to take it slow with Yulia, i guess jumping on her and frenchkissing her is also a valid approach! LMAO! :D

I wonder how Yulia is going to respond to Lena's declaration of love though...

Thanks Parrish :)

31-01-2004, 00:18
OI.. somehow I failed to notice the chapter before this one too.. I miss the notification system working :(

WOW a great chapter.. And I'm beginning to really hate those big scroolbars to the right, since they always tell me the chapter will end soon..
Just like my brother looking forward to the muppets show all day when he was a kid, only to start crying when it did start, since it meant it would end soon. I know how he must have felt now.

31-01-2004, 04:35
Aww sweetness, I wouldn't mind if that did happen in real life, but oh well got to take what you've got...and that's a really great fic. Thanks for the update Parrish.

31-01-2004, 15:46
I hope there isn't anything seriously wrong with Yulia, but then agian, when is a brain tumor *not* serious? :( Now you have me all worried. You evil, evil writer. :p ;) Awwww I can't help but feel sorry for Yulia...that is *awful* what happened with her in the first project. Like I said in tatu.us, that is just wrong, so utterly wrong. Great updates Parrish!!

31-01-2004, 16:13
Originally posted by dare2dream28
I hope there isn't anything seriously wrong with Yulia, but then agian, when is a brain tumor *not* serious? :(
Not this not now :(
Aw.. so sad I read the first new chapter in such a hurry that the happy times just ended so freaky fast. Now I'm back at to the worried stage again. Only this time for Yulia :hmmm:

Parrish: you seem to find the perfect cliffhangers all the time :done:

01-02-2004, 00:12
:eek: That's terrible what happened to Yulia in the first project, and what's happening to her now... *is all worried* :(

So, Ivan wants them to do a porn together... :rolleyes: Well, that *would* sell alright.

As for the fans analyzing what they did on TV... :lalala: no comment.

01-02-2004, 22:54
Once I got familiar with the different storyteller (someone should have seen my "WTF" expression when I thought Lena started flirting in a bar :lalala: ) I started enjoying it a lot.
Can't wait to follow the previous chapters again from a different view.. Isn't life the best? :coctail:

01-02-2004, 23:13
He he TLFdk, yeah, i was a bit lost too at the first sentence but as soon as the elf was mentioned i was back on track. :)

Those are two very interesting chapters, it gives an insight of what Yulia had been thinking. And now that we know what happened in Yulia's past, we can see the depth and the complexity of the character, a wounded soul.

Lena had a boyfriend before the project? I was wondering why Yulia thought Lena was straight, that explains it. So both Yulia and Lena are bisexual in this story.

Ooh, and i also like what Yulia says at the end, that the elf looks more like Lena from behind, because she has a nice ass. :D Not as nice as Lena's though i'm sure.

02-02-2004, 05:46
*sniff* I read your all's replies and I get jealous and sad....because I can't read them!!! *sniff* Stupid computer..Parrish, I think maybe (hehehe sounding like Yulia again from that one concert right before HSIN :p) my computer has banned me from your site b/c of how it almost vibrates off my lap and onto the ground from laughing so much! :D

02-02-2004, 06:21
d2d, try to read the latest chapters of WILIHE and STTS here:


(I'm in the process of building the pages lol :P so bear with me)

02-02-2004, 06:57
Originally posted by haku
d2d, try to read the latest chapters of WILIHE and STTS here:


(I'm in the process of building the pages lol :P so bear with me)

OMG!!! *tackles you in hug* Thank you *so* much haku!!! You are the best!! Yay, now I can get my fanfic craving's satisfied. LOL Thanks again!! For you: :rose:

02-02-2004, 07:40
Thank you for the update Parrish, it's cool to read a different perspective and get a more indepth feel into what Yulia was thinking.

02-02-2004, 14:13
*hugs Haku super tight*

Thanks Haku! First off, for even wanting to put all my stories together like that and going through the effort. And also for posting those updates. I can't figure out *what* is going on at diaryland, but I'm going to e-mail the guy who runs it and ask him to do something.

*hugs Haku again, just for being one of the nicest guys I know*


Veggie Delite
02-02-2004, 23:46
i was waiting for somebody to do this... all parrish fics in one place *faints*

thanx haku :rose:

and thanx parrish for being insane and writing so much :D :rose:

03-02-2004, 02:45
*hugs back* :)

I'm glad i could help. All chapters of Parrish's current fics are online now. :)

And about this latest chapter, wow! I had no idea Yulia was suffering so much. You got me there Parrish, not once i had thought that Yulia may be hiding her feelings from Lena as well. That totally took me by surprise. :)

03-02-2004, 16:48
yay.. me getting better and better to overlook one chapter I always have TWO chapters to read :D
Almost felt a little bit bad for Ivan in the new one.. but knowing what he will do later to Lena he deserves it :lalala:

03-02-2004, 17:10
Originally posted by parrish122
Just when you thought you knew what kind of stuff to expect from this lil' mad fanfic writer.
lil'?! *raises eyebrows* *rubs eyes* *looks again* lil'? :p

god I *love* this chapter!!! :lol: I laughed *so* hard!! :laugh:


At least *I* have never wanted to have sexual intercourse with a chicken.
:lol: I love that sentence *rofl*

HELP! I'm being raped by a giant chicken!
this one is even better :lol: :D

*wipes tears from her eyes from laughing so hard*
this was just the perfect chapter after a day like today. :p thanks parrish :rose:

03-02-2004, 19:59
"HELP! I'm being raped by a giant chicken!" :laugh: damn parrish...i cnt get it off in my mind....ivan being raped by a giant chiken...:lol: " ripley's belive it or not" may want this knd of stuff..:gigi:

tnx for the update:rose:

04-02-2004, 01:51
At first the chapter is a bit sad because we see that Yulia is very sick.

But then the whole thing just became so funny. :laugh:

When Yulia picked the two male protitutes, i thought she was going to have a threesome with them LMAO! I was like "Wow! The girl has some needs!" LOL!

The scene with Ivan, the guy in leather and the one dressed as a chicken is totally hilarious! :lol:

LMAO @ the chicken humping Ivan's leg! :lol:

I also noticed that you pointed out how huge those two guys were "there"! :D

05-02-2004, 01:43
I am *still* laughing Parrish!!! *still* laughing!!!! LOL

I forgot to add that I laughed even harder at a character actually humping a leg!!! LMAO FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!

And haku, I'm actually surprised that you didn't mention this line (BTW Parrish, can you tell it's practically my favorite line :p ) That was the day that the die-hard Lena fans decided they loved me a little after all.

*reads line again* LMAO!!! :laugh: :lol:

05-02-2004, 07:19
Man that was a riot..I think everyone here has said it, funny chapter indeed. Thanks Parrish!

05-02-2004, 10:18
Originally posted by dare2dream28
And haku, I'm actually surprised that you didn't mention this line
LOL, well, i was trying to have a post where i did not mention Lena's underwear or body parts for a change. :D
But yeah, if Yulia gave away Lena's underwear, i would certainly like Yulia more LOL.

06-02-2004, 23:31
chapter 22 is sweet :D
chap 21 is great too. I know how felling dizzy feels like these days, poor Yul for feeling this way in the story too. Headaches and feeling dizzy, nearly fainting.. perhaps I should go see a doctor :none:

07-02-2004, 03:50
awww! Yulia is soo sweet with Lena :) but I had no idea Yulia were suffering that much :ill: thanx for this great fic Parrish, it's on the tops :done:

07-02-2004, 06:12
Not only Yulia is sick but she's hurting a lot! :( Poor girl.

The scene in the elevator is hillarious! :D
I could totally see Yulia doing her show and grabbing Lena's breasts and then Patrick's crotch! LMAO Yeah, the poor guy must have been... huh... surprised. :gigi:

Parrish, that idea to tell the story at the first person from both points of view is pure genius! :)
The story is great and i'm enjoying it a lot! :yes:

And it's going to be interesting to read what happened with Rachel from Yulia's point of you... *cough* :lalala:

07-02-2004, 22:13
Now i know why i never drink beer. :spy:

Rachel's room... hmm, it's weird, it's like i know that room. :D lol

07-02-2004, 23:56
LOL.. would have been so bad if it was the elf :lol:
Great chapter, Parrish :D and sleep well
*looks at time posted*
Or good morning instead :lalala: I better go to sleep though

Devilish Yulia
08-02-2004, 01:12
the elevator scence *giggle* .... *reads chapter again* :laugh: ............ :lol: yesh it was hilarious! :D very kewl chapter Parrish!!! :p

p.s.......im bak!!!!....its been a while......its good to be bak! :)

09-02-2004, 16:28
Riding shotgun, I'll never see that used in the same light again hehe Poor Patrick...actually him blushing so much is kinda cute.
Thanks Parrish!

11-02-2004, 18:37
Late comment.. :lalala: I read the chapter a few days ago. Keeping the high standard for sure. Never heard of the term "riding shotgun", but didn't ruin the story at all.. since I understood the alternative meaning of it :gigi:

13-02-2004, 00:36
Yeah, i didn't know what "riding shotgun" meant either, and i didn't understand the alternative meaning right away... had to look up in the dictionary. :lalala:
I just thought Patrick had lost his mind for a moment. :hmmm:

PS: All Parrish's stories are on the page in my sig now. :)

17-02-2004, 19:05
aww thank you for the update, parrish :rose:
I kept checking this thread and the site for days looking for a lost update :gigi:
Now it arrived and it even had Numb in it.. I want to listen to the song right now

And I understood every single term in the story this time :heh:

18-02-2004, 04:05
Yayy!! Parrish is baaaaccck!!!! *does new update dance* WOOOO!!! Have I told you how happy I am that you started this fic/updated it? :gigi: LOL@Yulia!!!!! She is too funny!! She can always make me laugh, but at the same time I'm concerned and then I still manage an "awwwww" somewhere. GREAT update Parrish!!!! :D

Oh, quick question. I was reading something for anthropology today about Keiser studying the Vice Lords of Chicago in the 60s-70s...one of the leaders was named Shotgun. LOL Is that where you got Shotgun's name? Or did you already tell us and I don't remember?

18-02-2004, 04:18
BAM *gets accidentally hit by d2d as she's enthusiastically doing the new update dance* :gigi:

Welcome back Parrish! :rose:

Wow, so many different emotions in one chapter...

We smile...
We're worried...
We're sad...
We laugh...

I'm exhausted. :dead:

Great chapter. :D

18-02-2004, 15:07
Chapter 26, "Almost Enough" is up.

And I actually got the name Shotgun from being on jury duty. It was the "street name" of one of the people we heard about, and I thought it sounded like a good butch name. :)


18-02-2004, 15:30
yay:D a new chapter

poor Yulia :( and good thing shotgun is there to make her laugh a bit..

pirate's costume :lol: (trying to avoid too many spoilers :heh: )

18-02-2004, 17:17
*dances around thread because of new chapter* WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Yay Parrish has a new chap---BAM! *rubs elbow* Owwwwwww. Whoops, sorry haku! Didn't mean to hit you in my excitement! :gigi:

OMG LOL@Shotgun!!!! And LOL@Ivan's reactions!!! But awwwwww at Yulia for wanting, rather *needing* Lena there at that moment. Awww how sweet yet sad at the same time. Wonderful update Parrish!!

19-02-2004, 06:10
So it was Shotgun and Patrick who persuaded Yulia to go to the docs...I'm glad she listened. Thanks for the update Parrish.

19-02-2004, 15:35
oi :none:
oi oi :o
Two chapters in a row :D and some really good ones too.
*OI* I forgot.. I'll miss reading the updates right away all next week :none:

20-02-2004, 11:17
Hehe Parrish :D Yep, i got a few bumps lately in this thread.

Oops, i missed a chapter, 3 chapters in a row to read, yay!

Wow! That last one was hot! *cough* It gave me a few mental images of Lena that prevents my mind from forming any coherent thoughts right now. :dead:

Edit: I just realized that i thought that Lena was bi in this story, but in fact she's gay. I'm always wrong with this girl! *bangs head on the table*

20-02-2004, 15:58
Edit: I just realized that i thought that Lena was bi in this story, but in fact she's gay. I'm always wrong with this girl! *bangs head on the table*
*puts pillow at table before head hits*
Awww haku.. at some point you will reach the higher stage where you give up trying to figure out what to expect :heh:
that being said:
noooooooo and awwwwwwwwww.. as one can tell I'm having troubles commenting the story these days.. the emotions are too strong for words.
oi, oh no, and aw just covers a small part of it..

*note to me: learn more words or replace with/add smileys*

21-02-2004, 06:47
Originally posted by TLFdk
*puts pillow at table before head hits*
Awww, you're sweet. :) For you. :rose:

I'm just super worried now! And yeah, who knows, maybe it's the cell phone. *looks suspisciously at own cell phone* :spy:

21-02-2004, 10:03
any time, haku :)

Yeah, could be the cellphone :spy:

21-02-2004, 17:03
And people wonder why I never got a cell phone. LOL j/k Anyway, this chapter was wonderful Parrish. So many emotions were evoked...I laughed (Have I mentioned how much Lena cracks me up? :) ), I worried, I awwwwed, and I worried some more. And holy freaken crap when I read your author's note about the "goodbye" thing, *I* started freaking out, but then I was like "no no no, remember, Barb is okay. She's okay." That song was so right for the moment. The emotions in this chapter were written *extremely* well and I could really understand how both characters were feeling. Excellent job Parrish. :)

22-02-2004, 11:30
Originally posted by dare2dream28
And people wonder why I never got a cell phone.
You don't have a cell phone?! :spy: Madness! LOL What if a gator attacks you or something? :P

Well Parrish, i already told you what i think of the funny part so let's skip that. :D

The rest of the chapter is just mindblowing, so beautifully written, so emotional to read! You described so well what Yulia and Lena are going through. Amazing.

And that line Yulia says to Lena, about looking at her so she'll be the last thing she sees *if*... That was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks for that chapter and that wonderful story. :rose:

22-02-2004, 14:28
WOW! I was soo hoping that Yulia would survive. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair :D

"Can I thank the person who decided I could live?" I asked.
"Certainly." Lucinda said, smiling. "When you get back, just look in a mirror and say, "Thank you"."

that kind left me speechless while grinning like a goof. I love the thought that that implies :gigi:
god Im so happy Yulia survived *giggles*

22-02-2004, 20:28
more faith, more faith...thank you so much Parrish for yet another f-ing amazing fic. Yulia had a twin was a nice twist. Beautiful ending, thanks again Parrish!

22-02-2004, 21:50
awww, as always I missed the previous update. Thank God, I noticed it today, so I knew that Yul would live and all :lalala:

Thank you for a great fanfic, Parrish :rose:
I'll wait to read the new one, until I get back home. Otherwise I'll be so impatient to read the next chapter.

edit: fixed my errors.. must have been really tired last night :rolleyes:

23-02-2004, 02:02
Originally posted by haku
You don't have a cell phone?! :spy: Madness! LOL What if a gator attacks you or something? :P

LOL I know! I sure could've used a cell phone when I had a 5 ft black rat snake and no snake bag to put it in!! Just a little tip: don't ever attempt to put a black snake in a black trash bag since they blend in so well and you can't tell where the snake's head is until it's only centimeters away from your hand. :D

Now Parrish, WOW. What is there left to say that I haven't already? It never hurts to say how much I love this story again though. *smile* Like I said before, this is definitely up there right next to BLP so you *know* that I *really* love this story. *huge grin* Oh yeah, and have I mentioned how much I love this story and how glad I am that you decided to write it? :p AMAZING fic Parrish. Stand up, take a bow, then give yourself a huge pat on the back. :D

23-02-2004, 13:31
Parrish, this is one of your best fic ever, funny and emotional at the same time! Those last chapters were *so* moving. *wipes tears*
I've loved it! :D
Amazing work! :rose:

Originally posted by dare2dream28
Just a little tip: don't ever attempt to put a black snake in a black trash bag
LOL! Thanks for the tip! :p I'll remember that next time i try to catch a snake! :D
What did i just say? :spy: *faints at the idea*

24-02-2004, 02:20
Due to a lot of things that have happened over the past few months, I'm leaving tatysite.

I'll still be writing fanfics, and I'll still be posting at tatu US, so it shouldn't effect too many of you in any way.

Haku, I know that you were banned from there, so I'll e-mail you when I update. It's the least I can do for the keeper of my shrine. :)


24-02-2004, 03:02
Originally posted by haku

LOL! Thanks for the tip! :p I'll remember that next time i try to catch a snake! :D
What did i just say? :spy: *faints at the idea*

haku, you faint? NO way! What if Lena was the one holding the snake, then would you attempt to catch it if she said she'd give you her strawberry panties? :p LOL

Parrish---:( I'm sure you have good reasons and I'm not about to question them, but know you will *definitely* be missed here.

24-02-2004, 05:28
aww Parrish I will miss you as well, take care! :(

24-02-2004, 07:58
Originally posted by dare2dream28
haku, you faint? NO way! What if Lena was the one holding the snake, then would you attempt to catch it if she said she'd give you her strawberry panties?
LOL, Lena holding a snake? That's a bit freudian! :gigi:

Ok, if she was wearing only the strawberry panties and told me she would take them off and give them to me if i caught the snake... then yes, i would catch the snake. :D

And Parrish *hugs you tight*.

24-02-2004, 18:37
You will definitly be missed her but I'm not about to question your reasons either. *huggles*

haku, *LOL* I can so imagine you even forgetting that you are about to catch a snake when Lena would do that. :p

Veggie Delite
24-02-2004, 21:16
parrish, u go? :(

*chokes u with a big-big hug*