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01-01-2004, 12:36
Twenty-year-old Yulia ran her fingers along the heavy stitching of the dark denim jeans studying herself critically.
"What do you think Sergi?" The tiny brunette turned around was Sergi was standing against the wall looking at the girl in the three-way mirror.
"I think if you don't buy them I will. They are hot Yuli."
Yulia's nose wrinkled in though as she looked at her reflection again. Wearily Sergi stood up and walked behind Yulia placing his hands across her hips.
"They fit perfect! See was the material hits on your hip bone?"
Turning her head to the side she contemplated. He was right they were perfect. He was always right. Satisfied by the look of defeat on her face Sergi turned away picking up his wealth of shopping bags.
"Now if you are done bitching let me take the tag so I can go pay for these and we can finish shopping. I have to be at the club in a few hours and I still need to change my nail polish."
Yulia went week in the knee as Sergi came up behind her letting her smell the beautiful sandalwood scent of Him as a hand caressed over her hip and slapped her ass sharply as he yanked the tag off.
"Damn you!" She growled as he walked away laughing
"Get your fucking shoes on so we can go." was all the response he gave as he headed to the cash register, studying his dark blue nail polish on his manicured hands. Yulia watched him for several seconds observing the way other women and men responded to them the second glances, and sometimes even third. With a resignated sigh She sat on the chair and pushed her feet into the delicate high heals.
Anyone who watched the two would assume they were boyfriend and girlfriend they both had the unmistakable makings of beautiful people. Both had dark black hair and stunning blue eyes- made even more prelivant by the olive tanned skin. And both were edgy in their modern style. And God knew that’s what Yulia wanted. There was only the minor problem of Sergi being gay.

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interesting indeed! :yes:

i trust that there will be follow-up to this.............please????

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01-01-2004, 21:54
yeah very interesting. please continue

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02-01-2004, 08:11
t was later that same day Sergi sat at the table in his apartment across from Lena Katina. His best friend and roommate.
"What time do you go on tonight?" Lena asked as she hers wondered over a book that laid open on her propped up legs- multi tasking as usual her hands strayed across the filled table top in search of her cigarette. Sergi glanced up from the mirror his index finger covered with silver glitter.
"I open at 11 and then I'm on three more times. Why? Are you planning on coming?"
Lena gave a checky smile as she glanced up.
"The thought had crossed my mind."
Sergi beamed as he got up and slipped on his jacket, talking as he bent over the mirror applying the last bit of iridescent sparkles
"Good now finally you can meet Yulia- I have been trying to get you to meet her for over a year now you stubborn bitch!"
Un-phased Lena turned the page of her book and set down her cigarette.
"I told you Sergi- unlike you and half the world, I'm not gay."
Sergi gave an undignified snort of disbelief as he picked up His back.
"Oh please, your more gay than I am you just won’t admit it- anyway think of tonight as a gay intervention.”
Lena laughed as he bent down and kissed his check and bound out the door.

02-01-2004, 08:37
Was well past midnight when Lena arrived at the notorious bar and club. It was busy despite the still early hour for the hard-core clubbers to be out.
Lena pushed through the crowds of impressively dressed women and men. Most in opulent, over the top and flesh revealing outfit. She was given several odd stares dressed in her white tank top and baggy low slug slacks.
The music was overpowering as Lena picked up an ice water and searched through the smoke covered dim for Sergi.
Lena fought through the sea of bodies trying to hurry, her eyes focused on Sergi so not to loose him in the crowd. That’s when she slammed hard into another person the hard liquor vodka the thin material drenched through. Lena blinked her head throbbing with the stunned surprise.
"Watch the fuck where you’re going!" The voice all but screamed into her ear. Glancing down she saw whom the raging voice belongs to. Not what she needed? Some bi-curious sixteen years old who thought they knew everything. But Lena would give her one thing- She was beautiful. From a unisexual point of view. Her dark glossy hair had been side parted and flicked out by her ears; her clothes were a harsh arrangement of black leather, lace and tall boots.
"What are you stupid as well as blind?" The dark haired girl spat watching Lena with a malice stare. For once Lena's renounced patience was broken. She reacted before she knew what she was doing pouring the open water bottle over the smaller girls head.
"You have one hell of a problem but maybe this will help cool you down."
The ice water was to cold leaving the brunette gasping for air Lena shoved through the mosh of people finally fighting her way through to Sergi's side.
"Oh my God! What happened to you?"
Lena shrugged and looked down the white shirt clung to curves the build in padded bra failing in his job.
"Some ballistic bitch ran into me." Lena shrugged feeling some of her anger ebb.
"Well whoever did that I need to thank you almost fit in!"
Lena laughed as she looked around her.
"I doubt I could stand up to some one as beautiful as you Sergi" She replied drolly. Sergi flipped the long black wig over his shoulder and batted his overly made up eyes at her.
"Oh but my dear no one can be a big a style Queen as I am you can still be a princess." He wrapped an arm around her slender waist and threw her into a dip, giving her a dramatic kiss on the check.
"What the hell!"
Both figures froze at the recognition of that voice.
Lena didn’t bother to glance up.
"Yulia, what happened to you?"
Lena flinched as she heard the outranged scream.
"She is what happened to me!" Opening her eyes Lena gazed up at the woman standing over her a very soaking wet Yulia wearing red leather and lace.

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hah!!! nice scene....:gigi:
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06-01-2004, 12:43
Ivan lounged back in his thick padded office chair watching Yulia pace around the small private office of their 13th floor studio. It was the only part of the offices that were not made of glass or exposed for the video camera that was soon going to be following tatu around as they recorded their second album.
"Something's changed with you two." Ivan stated smoothly as he saw Yulia run her fingers through her wild hair- a sigh he knew all to well as aggravation.
"Nothing happened. Only that fucking documentary that could destroy us."
Ivan chuckled at her dramatics. And sat up in the chair, putting his feet back on the floor.
"You worry to much Yulia, and you also don't trust me anymore do you?"
Yulia didn't reply as she stared blindly at the picture of her and Lena framed on the wall. She didn't trust him she hadn't trusted him fully since she was sixteen and their torrid affair had ended. God, what could she had been thinking even at fourteen she had better brains than that!
'It's not about trust Ivan, Things have just changed to much for any of us to go back.''
She began to fidget playing with the cap on the top of her water lost in thought of the past and the future. She hadn't seen Lena in over a week. She had walked her home after being with her in the church feeling if things had come to some sort of conclusion. That the feelings she had shown Lena while making love to her would come to something- Her mistake. Lena had packed up and gone to Odessa with her parents and sister. She had not even contacted Yulia only calling Ivan telling him she would return in time for the meeting they had scheduled. Now here it was and she was already twenty minutes late. Yulia was bringing to doubt she would even show up.
Ivan studied Yulia carefully as she sat down in the chair across from him a look of worry marking her delicate features. Something had happened- a change. It was hard to be the man he was. He was manager, boss, friend - and at one point to Yulia lover. He had been attracted to both girls- but as time progressed Yulia had stood out, Lena was to much like him with an even temperament and analytical mind. Yulia was raw to the core and totally open to life. Even at fourteen she had been older than her age. Things had gone on fine for several months. Lena had been happy with her boyfriend of the moment but she was starting to form a stronger bond with Yulia than Ivan thought possible for someone who was straight. Then the bomb had hit. It was days after Yulia's sixteenth birthday when she had told him about the abortion.
'Well what the fuck did you expect me to do Ivan I can't perform in a school skirt with a pregnant stomach for god's sakes and frankly your not fit to be a father to the children you have- never mind the fucking fact that I just turned sixteen.'
It had of course altered their relationship and it had become more of a necessity for her to bond with Lena- pushing herself from Ivan’s arms into the red heads. And never did it occur to him to think about the private hell Yulia had gone through with her decision.
She had done it to herself and she had really no choice. If she were going to regret – this would perhaps be it.
'Its not like Lena to be late’ Yulia shattered the silence and his delicate thoughts.
'No, its not'
More silence filled the yawning void between them. God this was stupid. Yulia thought. As she clicked her nails against the plastic bottle in time to the clock on the wall that pounded out the seconds.
'Yulia, what happened between you and Lena?'
She looked up sharply and Ivan felt a pang seeing her look at him with such a hidden stare, blank of expression.
'Ivan mind your own fucking business.'
Before he could reply the door opened revealing a pale and spent Lena.

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