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30-12-2003, 18:54
poetry.... it's the cure for the soul.. post your written poems that you wrote expressing ur emotions..

May I say that the skies are shattered into white clouds,
Clouds of your confusion and lies,
May I say that your soul is baring the consequences of hiding the truth,
I am here watching with no sound,
Tick tock the time is passing and fooling around,
Here you are desperate to keep your fake youth,
Well, it’s time for you to cry,
The moon is split into halves,
One writing my patience into the mortal lines of the sky,
And now it’s time to shatter the complications,
For the other half to witness my bare soul,
That turned sand into castles of your design and creation,
So what do you want now?
A heart? A soul? A hand?
A voice that answered all your calls?
Well you had these in hand, until the day
You squashed the heart into pieces of regret and mistakes,
For me the only mistake I made,
Was trusting my naпve judgment for love,
No I won’t take these memories away,
No hearts should shatter and break,
The pen saw the days where I used to wait,
But now… no more waiting,
No more sleeping with your voice as a sweet lullaby,
I don’t need you any more,
And now it’s time for you to cry,
I don’t need millions of excuses when you don’t show up,
I don’t need millions of explanations when you’re never there,
I don’t need to hear that you care,
Cause if love was that speeding highway you used to let me cross,
Then love is not worth that danger, not worth that risk,
Not worth humiliating the only thing that shares my tears in the night,
My pride, my emotions that had to suffer the loss,
There is no such thing as black and white,
Just like there is no middle ground for loving or loving not,
Am not carrying a rose to know if that’s true,
But even if I did, the rose is much more precious than knowing the truth,
After thinking and pondering those days I wasted,
Minutes writing this poem seem like eternity,
And I wish you knew,
But even those minutes for you are not worth wasting..

01-01-2004, 13:50
Tell me about love.. tell me sincerely..
Tell me about life...tell me those pain..
Tell me ...that I need to feel something..
Walk with me...hold my hand..
I'm scared of the eyes of crowds..
Why are they looking at me like that..?
Lie to me ..I'll believe ..
I think... I think you worth it ...
It must have been tough.


02-01-2004, 08:02
wow thats a really good one TaTu^HeRo, keep it up and post more!! :done:

and ofcourse ms.denial, yours is lovely as always ;)

hope more contribute to this thread..

02-01-2004, 08:42
Waking up six in the morning,
All the skies are watching my bare footsteps,
I wake up with triumphant glory,
I am here watching the mirror in my bathroom,
All in control, I didn’t lose my grip,
My hair all washed up with my dreams,
My hands sinking in my pockets searching for the unknown,
Still watching my face in the mirror with a smile,
Can life bring me more blessings than this?
My hands not shaking, my soul all grown up,
I have to go to school in a while,
Another new morning I kiss,
A new day comes by with new words,
I touch my guitar polish it until it glitters with my love,
I search for the missing part of my world,
No wait, what missing part?
All I wanted was to love and be loved,
So what’s missing now?
Happiness over flooding in my heart,
Is this temporary? Maybe,
Am I scared?
Don’t think so,
I am here on my own building what I wanted to be,
The person that someday you’ll regret leaving,
Don’t want to talk about what we’ve gone through,
It used to hurt me, but now it’s history,
I’ve got a brand new life,
Waking up six in the morning,
All the skies envying my proud bare footsteps,
On the cold bathroom floor I throw my fears,
I throw my pain,
I throw my troubles,
I take a bath and wash away all what I felt one day,
I hear the water drops clicking,
The sound of the water kills the thoughts away,
I am glad I am here,

On my own, still able to survive,
Waking up six in the morning,
All the skies telling you that one day you’ll love me..

02-01-2004, 08:43
Silent questions of who I am knock my doors,
Blind answers lost between the waves of confusion,
Who am I? What am I here for?
Is this road leading to happiness or evil delusions?
What can a person in my age think?
When the world is just a new journey filled with surprises,
Should I cling to my beliefs or just follow the horde,
Who am I ; pure talent or just evil in disguise?
Who I am and what do all these confused emotions lead to,
The silent river of my thoughts carries my stories and lines,
Yesterday I learned more about death,
I cried, wept, and never slept,
Yesterday I knew what it meant to be loved,
I laughed and my joy counted every single breath,
Yesterday I knew what it meant to have a friend,
I held someone’s hand, and lived a day I’ll never forget,
I gained wisdom from mistakes I made,
I learned more about you and more about me,
But you know no one ever thought how unique we are,
The way we’re capable of experiencing such diverse emotions,
The way we know so much, how to hold a cup or write our name,
Such simple things we do are the road to happiness,
A simple gesture a simple motion
Can just hold the significance of what we are,
Can hold a name for us not a number
In the maze of who we are? And where do we come from?
I can say we come from the land of dreams,
Cause what we are is a collection of complex blessings
All made to create one unique star,
I know I am a star that’s why I reach for the sky I belong there…

02-01-2004, 11:43
i ... by the window ...
her fingers run ...restless...
... speak to me ...

i .. crave ... secretly .. her russian tongue

02-01-2004, 11:48
by the window her magical words slip through her silent fingers,
The trees still, and the birds watching...
The addiction grows stronger, her words struggle to stay untouched..
by the window her fears drop dead through her silent fingers...

07-01-2004, 05:33
Notes from office:

I want to be in a place...that so quiet and peace...
the lights are yellow and dim...
and I read you a book.
then I remember your laughter.

07-01-2004, 08:02
something i wrote about 6 yrs ago ...


i love the way she takes my soul
and tears its seams apart
i crave the way she says i love you
then desecrates my heart

her words and glances wash over me
at once i feel complete
her anger flashes in her voice
they slaughter me .. the innocent sheep

i try to love with all of me
somehow i'm not enough
seeing her frustration caused by this situation
my diamond in the rough...

--rh [1998]

07-01-2004, 11:33
--rh [1998]

my diamond in the rough...
seeing her frustration caused by this situation
somehow i'm not enough
i try to love with all of me

they slaughter me .. the innocent sheep
her anger flashes in her voice
at once i feel complete
her words and glances wash over me

then desecrates my heart
i crave the way she says i love you
and tears its seams apart
i love the way she takes my soul



welcome to the club Rosh !! ..btw .. I just read your poetry from bottom upward ..excel!ent .. :done:

07-01-2004, 11:37
thanks... i think ;) ive certainly never thought of reading it from bottom to top before :) hehe. adds a certain confusion to it all :P

07-01-2004, 11:39
yep .. woman = confusion ... if you try to read them I mean.. hehehe

07-01-2004, 11:42
isnt that the truth, i try and understand myself and i get a migraine ;) heeeheee !

07-01-2004, 12:02
rosh, that one is very nice .. ;) ..thank you ..

hmmm... I'm looking for something new to write here .. lol ..

07-01-2004, 12:44
Aaw.. I love all of your poems.. but I'm way too shy to post some of mine :gigi:

07-01-2004, 12:48
queenie : how can you be too shy to post poetry when you tell us about your fantastic breasts and your faux lesbian trysts with denial ? ;) *grin*

POST POST POST ! you know, i still havent seen postings of your face photos so the least you can do is show us your postings of your soul ... =)

07-01-2004, 12:51
i still havent seen postings of your face photos so the least you can do is show us your postings of your soul
Woooow.. that was good :done: But I'm thinking people won't like my poems.. *cough* okay, okay, I'll see what I can find and then maybe I'll post it..

07-01-2004, 12:54
Originally posted by rosh
queenie : how can you be too shy to post poetry when you tell us about your fantastic breasts and your faux lesbian trysts with denial ? ;) *grin*

hahaha!! true! true! *looks at Queenbee's breasts" ...they are fantastic? :ithink:

hehe . of course they are . ummmm .. now I'm inspired...

07-01-2004, 12:56
ok great , so now queenie is going to post us some poetical musings and denial is going to write something saucy about queenies b00b13z !

boobs make the world go round ;)

07-01-2004, 13:04
Wooow Denial, I can't wait! :heh: Oh yep, yep, without boobs there would be no life.. and the scary thing is, it's actually true :none: Well.. kinda.

Umm. :lalala: *Wonders off to write poems*

07-01-2004, 13:18

" ...softly ... I caress your breasts ... can you feel me ....

in love....."


07-01-2004, 13:18
awesome, cant wait to see what the 2 of you come up with ! =)

07-01-2004, 15:16
Wow Denial... *Wipes a tear* You have no idea how touched I am by that poem.. ohh.. *wipes another tear* I promised myself not to cry! "I caress your breasts" = :dead: I am so touched by that..! I can feel it in my soul, such a powerful emotion.

07-01-2004, 15:38
awwww.. I don't know.. is it grammatically wrong to "caress your breasts" ? ..well . this poem is hard .. you know my english .. ..........s....u...c...k.....

07-01-2004, 15:54
denial, huh? Nope it's not grammatically wrong AT ALL! :) And your english doesn't suck :mad:

Rosh, congratulations on your 300th post :rose:

07-01-2004, 16:27
" ...I closed my eyes .. in desperately ...wanting you ....
in my silent .. can you hear me .. screaming ..?"

07-01-2004, 18:26
Originally posted by QueenBee

Rosh, congratulations on your 300th post :rose:

hehe yeah after a yr ive finally made it ;) thanks queenie ! :) i was born a month late [my poor mother] my brother always said i took my time being born and have taken my time through life ever since. that must be why i took so long to get to 300 ;)

07-01-2004, 18:30
rosh, cool :gigi: I was born 3 months too early.. donno how that changed my life :ithink: ;)

07-01-2004, 18:46
I'm very proud of you denial. I couldn't imagine writing poetry in a foreign language. You've got skill!

okay, I guess I'll get in on the action

I wrote this for my senior english class. The assignment was to write a poem about a painting. I chose Picasso's "the Tragedy". we could interpret it any way we chose, we just had to write what the painting was to us. You can see it here : Picasso - Tragedy (http://www.mystudios.com/art/modern/picasso/picasso-tragedy.html)


We are dry on the land,
But drowned in the blue
That touches every shore of our hearts,
And washes away every grain
Of our existence.
These ragged clothes are heavy,
Like a life we have worn thin,
With no defense against the cold
That burns in our souls.
And we are hungry for the sun
Outstretched in your hands,
To warm our worries,
And melt our fears.
But we are forgotten.
Rags on the seashore.
We stand small.
Eaten away by the waves
Until nothing remains.
This is our tragedy.


This is one more. I originally wrote it to a song by a russian artist. i couldn't understand the words, so I made my own lyrics. I believe it works better as a poem on its own.

This Life Again

you told me
to believe
but I couldn't see

you told me
not to bleed
over stupid things

It's not for me
My heart
your hands
this life
And all that's left
It's not for me
my heart
the same
you're not
to blame
this life

07-01-2004, 19:08
cirrus, WOW.. what can I say? I absolutely love it. I'm kinda speechless.. :lalala: The words are connected so well and.... it's just completely awesome, I think it reflects a meaning of the painting .. one of many meanings, since it's how about people interpret it :yes: I love it very much.. I donno what to say. :/ *Speechless*

Hehe, I usually make up words for songs because I can't make up melodies.. So I just take some melody I really like and add words to it, then I go singing it in my head.. :lady:

08-01-2004, 00:07
cirrus, thank you .. I like your "This Life Again" ..very much ..

26-01-2004, 21:15
The guitarist silently emerges from between the cruel darkness,
With his guitar polished with guilt and masked misery,
The silver trees witnessing his fingers plucking the strings,
In perfect silence he converses with his lost love.
The world spinning around his glass made dome,
Shattered stained glass watching his poignant journey,
The singing birds holding their breath and paintings stand still in awe of inspiration,
Lights reflected on his innocent virtue converge to draw one ray on his pale face.
Knock, Knock the strangers try to invade his solitude dome,
With fake smiles, fake youth, and fake sentences they strive to capture his essence,
But there is no answer only tunes that penetrate the glass in the speed of light.
The dancing shadows of the water-blessed creek mesmerized by his talent,
Like a lone star he stands still with no sound only his fingers playing frivolously,
The roman gods blessing him with the sensitivity of Orpheus,
His music enchanting the living souls and curing the crying eyes.
His tunes crawling into the book of mortality,
But finding no space for his beliefs and tunes.
The guitarist stands on the verge of infinity where no answers can be told or said.
Meeting his fatal end isn’t soon, cause his tunes are carved into the stones of immortality,
He lurks there in every corner of your thoughts the never-ending story of the Immortal Guitarist…

28-01-2004, 02:58
it manages to be expressed in any kind of way some say,
should someone do somethin about it in reward?,
it is there.
another expression that could not be fulfilled yet,
or never?


unless we cheated with destiny

28-01-2004, 03:09
to decide
see light
hide for five
take fleight
they cry
no lies
make slight
blue eyes
your plight
her might
lift high
out of sight

28-01-2004, 14:59
whoaaaaaaa we're beating the www.poetry.com writers, everyone is posting amazing poems I think i'll create a poetry site for this forum hehe :)

02-02-2004, 05:30

.... but I don't
everything is fine :coctail:

06-02-2004, 14:26
Я хочу спать
И мечта о Вас снова
И путь Вы берете мою руку
И путь Вы смотрите на меня

Я буду смущен
Но я буду следовать за Вами


Это.. Ваши глаза...
И ваша доброта...

06-02-2004, 15:14

I remember a pain
As a rain
In Southeast Asia

I remember desire
Loading the gun
Then shoot from behind
blow off this heart

It is possible to start again
Only disappear in the air

02-01-2005, 05:09
Life as we know it is merely controlled insanity!

11-01-2005, 11:51
by my game

screwed facts .. intellectual f..

.... done...

two fingers....


- end

15-01-2005, 06:00
Life is an experience, Ride it to infinity!

10-03-2005, 01:24
You ripped out my heart
Made me eat it
Copper blood stains in my mouth
Numbed it from beating

I loved you from the start
I think I loved you twice
Now you're not worth it anymore
Worth my time and my remorse

You're feeding me my heart
You're feeding me more pain
Choking on my tears
Verge of insane

Perfection of an angel to my eyes
A saving grace of all time
But you never seemed alive
At least in my arms

Bring me back to heat
Haunt me in my sleeps
Do what you want now
You're nothing to me now

Tom Violence
21-03-2005, 17:57
bleed together

and their taut, translucent skin wound around one another’s,
as thin grey blood flowed slowly between their wounded forms,
laid together, heartsick, their unspoken lies became substantialised.

they’d fought to occupy a reality they thought could occupy them,
their shared daydreams, lustrous, challenged for substantiality,
yet their convergence, as an act, channelled only unreal magic.

they’d bleed together unendingly, if their hearts allowed,
until form forsaken, their lithe, woven forms merged eternally,
and, unestranged, their contact coloured the unscattered daylight.

03-04-2005, 19:00
She is there

I was here...
lost in my own world...
at sudden ..
I looked back .. she is there...
at her writing table..
she is adorable..

06-04-2005, 23:03
the rain falls



03-05-2005, 10:53
You’re safe now among the ruins of home,
Among the ashes of a burnt heart.
The red gem once mistaken for stone.
Who would have guessed it lives and feels?
The firemen escaped,
The heart burnt to death,
The eyes drenched with tears,
But people have hearts for a reason my friend,
Emotion, feeling, sensation…
All following that fist sized divinity,
Why haven’t you joined the parade?
You’re safe now, heartbroken, naked of all immunity,
Feel the sensation…
Feel the relation,
The endless charade of human nature.
Have I told you about hope?
Millions searching for that one,
May never show up, may never come,
But lives with our hope,
You’re safe now my friend,
You’re human…

:rolleyes: am back!!