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30-12-2003, 18:48
May I say that the skies are shattered into white clouds,
Clouds of your confusion and lies,
May I say that your soul is baring the consequences of hiding the truth,
I am here watching with no sound,
Tick tock the time is passing and fooling around,
Here you are desperate to keep your fake youth,
Well, it’s time for you to cry,
The moon is split into halves,
One writing my patience into the mortal lines of the sky,
And now it’s time to shatter the complications,
For the other half to witness my bare soul,
That turned sand into castles of your design and creation,
So what do you want now?
A heart? A soul? A hand?
A voice that answered all your calls?
Well you had these in hand, until the day
You squashed the heart into pieces of regret and mistakes,
For me the only mistake I made,
Was trusting my naпve judgment for love,
No I won’t take these memories away,
No hearts should shatter and break,
The pen saw the days where I used to wait,
But now… no more waiting,
No more sleeping with your voice as a sweet lullaby,
I don’t need you any more,
And now it’s time for you to cry,
I don’t need millions of excuses when you don’t show up,
I don’t need millions of explanations when you’re never there,
I don’t need to hear that you care,
Cause if love was that speeding highway you used to let me cross,
Then love is not worth that danger, not worth that risk,
Not worth humiliating the only thing that shares my tears in the night,
My pride, my emotions that had to suffer the loss,
There is no such thing as black and white,
Just like there is no middle ground for loving or loving not,
Am not carrying a rose to know if that’s true,
But even if I did, the rose is much more precious than knowing the truth,
After thinking and pondering those days I wasted,
Minutes writing this poem seem like eternity,
And I wish you knew,
But even those minutes for you are not worth wasting..

14-05-2004, 19:59
Your Secret

Where were the dreams when your hand left mine?
Where were the smiles when all your words could draw were tears?
My heart was born to clutch to your whispers,
And all I can clutch to now are forged stones you built around us,
I am your secret, I know. I just can’t let you be my secret,
Won’t you spare me the words and tell me what secret can be built on something so pure,
How can we inject purity with secrets and lies?
Tell me how to kill these veins wanting you inside of me, for the veins ask for mercy,
No one knows about you and me, no one hears the love we speak,
I try to push you away, you try to push me away, but we’re growing closer,
The eyes are unable to be separated, the hearts are unable to long for each other.
What can I do, if I am your secret, I just can’t let you be my secret,
Forgive me I can’t love you any less, I can’t kill the desire to show everyone my special angel,
Forgive me I can’t let my veins stop carrying your passion, I can’t stop my heart from loving you.
So angel if the secret must be kept, and the days must keep us apart,
Promise me you won’t forget me when you’ll have to pretend you don’t crave for me,
Promise me you won’t think of me through the night… only the day….
Think of me when the sun is tickling your senses, when the day is clear,
Cause baby I dream of a day where I’ll be able to face the day with you,
I dream that one day I’ll be able to breakthrough from the shadow of the night I am,
I am your secret, I know. I just can’t let you be my secret,
You are far more precious than my selfish eyes to keep…

14-05-2004, 20:00
Watch me with your dreams

Watch me with your dreams, pull my skin under yours,
Watch me crawling inside of you as I whisper “I love you”
Watch me with your eyes naked of all lies, watch me with silence cause you can’t fight it.
Tonight you’ll witness my fingers flirting with your face.
You’ll stand there melting, feeling each touch inscribe itself in your memory.
Wash your face, and watch it in the mirror, feel the cold water for
my craving breaths will burn your ego soon…
“I have to have you tonight” I whisper,
But it’s not right, it’s not possible,
“I have to have you tonight” I whisper again feeling your skin growing hot,
But we have no time, people are watching us,
“I have to have you tonight” I whisper pressing my lips against yours,
Watch me with your dreams, pull my skin under yours,
Watch me for tonight I am gonna commit my sin joyfully watching you,
We can’t do this you know,
Then watch the forbidden kisses planted on your body and lips,
I can’t fight you, and your will is weaker than mine,
“I love you” I mumble with my hands occupied with your curves and moist skin,
Watch me with your dreams, pull my skin under yours,
I can’t escape this love, if you can then pull me through.
I hear your breaths speeding with your endless heartbeats,
I feel your body blending into mine,
We can’t do this, it’s just not right,
What’s right and wrong about love? Tell me now…
Tell me what’s right when the lips have to pretend they’re not longing??
Tell me what’s right when we travel to heaven the moment I hold you in my arms,
Watch me with yours dreams, pull my skin under yours,
“I love you more” you whispered pulling me close,
Waiting for my hands to explore your kingdom.
“I have to have you tonight” I whisper watching your paths and curves bend,
Melting, disappearing, unable to breathe from the tension you feel,
Your muscles are stiff, your breaths are struggling,
Where have you been all my life, breathe for me,
Let me hear your slow breaths as my skin holds your secrets.
“I have to have you tonight” I whisper as you clutch to me more and more,
As I feel my body rest it’s weight on yours,
Trying to break from the passion your breaths are unable to handle; you whisper…
“You had all of me from my birth, you had me from the first moment you touched my skin”
“If I don’t have you here forever, I’ll explode” my hands are searching for their pleasure waiting for you to feel the flow,
“You’re mine forever, I am yours, just promise me” you said with your lips kissing my hands,
“I promise, I promise, anything you want” I am watching my ecstasy; your eyes that I adore.
“Baby” you whispered afraid someone would catch us sinking in our passion…
“I have to have you tonight… if I don’t I’ll explode” you whispered with your divine lips smiling…and planted a kiss my longing lips…
Watch our dreams, watch our love…
I can’t love anyone but you, you’re the reason of my existence, the reason of creation of love inside of me,
I love you millions of times, I sink inside of you, you sink in my arms,
And I know baby, we’re made for each other….