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17-12-2003, 03:54
Okey, please take this the right way!

I_Love_Yulia and I had an idea. Well, after the documentary has been released, the fan base kinda split. Some were disappointed, some still bear hope for Tatu. And those who are disapoined express their opinion and upset the remaining fans. Thus resulting in conflicts.

To avoid this, getting an Anti-Tatu forum seems like a good idea. "Seems" being the key word. In an Anti-Tatu forum I hope to see the same threads, but people will express their negative opinions there, thus leaving the Tatu forum more positive. And the remaining fans won't have to read comments that upset them if they don't want to. :gigi:

What do you think?

Vote above, please.


::NOTE Please:: If you vote "NO", can you please explain why? Thanks :rose:

17-12-2003, 04:57
I don't like the expression "Anti -Tatu"...it's too general, too large ...
I mean if you're "anti-tatu" , you're against ALL Tatu ...so who is against the songs of tatu here?....
For me it's a too strong and too categoric name...
If ther eis a part of the forum for all "the negative part " and another for all the "positive part" , where the discussion will be?.....
Where is the interest in speaking just with people who have the same idea than you..?...How could you progress and grown up in your reflection in this condition?....
I don't reject this idea ...but "Anti-Tatu" is a name , a concept that i dislike a little...
I think this concept should be more worked...i hope you'll understand my idea , here.

17-12-2003, 05:01
sunwalk, I don't like the expression "Anti -Tatu"...it's too general, too large ...

Probably you are right. We are just developing the idea. See how the members will take it.

What about "Negavite thought on Tatu"?

Any suggestions other then "Anti-Tatu Forum"?

17-12-2003, 05:20
People VS Tatu Forum...

and really...if there is Anti-Tatu subforum on group's official webpage why not to organize similar one here...

17-12-2003, 05:22
oblakovshtanah, you are a genious!! :rose: What do you think, people? I think oblako has a GREAT idea for the future name of the forum!!

17-12-2003, 05:42
Hey, why not.

On the official tatu .ru boards there is an Anti-Tatu board... but call it what you want. go for it

17-12-2003, 05:49
I think it's a good idea to have a place where people who feel disappointed, deceived, even betrayed can express their views freely.

I've personally been called "humanly pathetic, cynical, quitter, hater, etc..." just because i made a few posts expressing how i was feeling about all this.

We have the right to feel hurt and express it.

That being said, i don't really like the anti name either. When i've been disappointed by something, i don't like being defined in relation to that thing, even to say that i don't like it. That's why i've simply removed any direct reference to the band in my avatar and sig.

Tatu stands for "this girl loves that girl", ironically that's what i loved, that's what they told us, and that's what i believed.

The thing that i don't like, it's not Tatu, it's what they've revealed which is fakery, deception and lies.

What i'd like to be able to debate is why they thought they had to pretend to be a lesbian couple to defend freedom of love, why they thought they had to sell a lie to prone honesty, and why, after having helped a lot of people who were struggling with their sexuality, they simply decided to shatter the image, crushing thousands of people in the process.

There has to be a reason right? Or were they just fed up with everything?

17-12-2003, 05:54
haku, we are currently thinking of "People vs Tatu" for the future forum name. You can suggest one, too.

This idea of the forum came to me when I was talking to Rachel, who is also very disappointed by Tatu's actions. And I don't like to see people who've been so very devoted to tatu last week being hurt by the remaining fans for expressing their true feelings.

Hopefully this idea will come through...

Celtic Jobber
17-12-2003, 05:55
If all the tATu-haters want a forum to yourselves, I say go for it!. And good riddance from invading the other tATu forums with your over-whelmingly negative remarks. :blabla:

17-12-2003, 05:55
i don't think it is a great idea i mean i know you are mad and hurt i mean i am hurt but that is just mean. wait take sometime and see what esle comes out i mean this video could not even complety be true it could have be cut in spots planed or theer could be a follow up to it that may surprise you you just never know with these girls don't you know that by now. there maybe be some turth in there iamge of tatu that they are not showing you just don't know.

17-12-2003, 05:59
irish22, yes, but for the time being people need to express themselves without hurting the remaining Tatu fans and without being hurt back. Plus, there are always people with negative opinions, and a forum like the one I am suggesting won't hurt.

17-12-2003, 06:13
Anti-Tatu Forum: Do YOU think we should have one? VOTE now!! - Think of all the benefits: less negative comments about Tatu on the actual Tatu forum, disappointed people get a place to express their feelings!
Hummm Kate are you trying to influence the vote? not very impartial all that... :D I'm just kidding Kate...truth...:rose:

Celtic Jobber...don't worry ..nobody hates Tatu here...it's just because there a lot of emotional things in this relation with Tatu....but i'm sure there is no hate...just pain...
.or "lucid" visions and without concession concerning managment ....

"People vs Tatu" ..yes it's better ..but you have a great imagination Girls & Boys....may be more "Peolpe vs Tatu's ...something"....haha!...do you see what I mean?...

17-12-2003, 06:54
I don't think we need such a from. If a person is really upset, this person may start a thread, even if it's a bit depressing, or leave a comment in a current thread. Different points of view are appreciated. Hateful remarks pointing towards another member won't be tolerated anywhere. May it be Super t.A.T.u., Super Anti - t.A.T.u., whatever. It will be all the same actually but in different departments of the forum, practically we'll just have double threads on everything. Do we need that?

17-12-2003, 07:01
lol k..upon 'demand' ive decided to actually give this idea some thought..and ive come to the conclusion that i dont really care. It's seemingly pointless, since the main goal of an 'anti' is to piss off the fans. Its evident that they derive some sort of pleasure and amusment from bringing fans down. So if they dont have anyone to 'drag down', then what would be the point?

Although I am intrigued as to how this anti forum will work out. lol Its main purpose is to bash a band that they dont even like? At this time sure, its seems appropriate, but in the long run anti's will get tired of 'swimming in their own shit'.

Then again, this is an rare opportunity for the true fans to turn the tables. *evil laugh* They could go into the forum and pester the hell out of the widdle anti's hehe If the anti forum was created i'd do my darndest to spread the volkova faith :D

Like everything in life..theres always two [or more] ways of looking at it. Either way..it wont have an profound effect on moi, so i dont really care. lol :D

17-12-2003, 07:09
What about another forum for The Center....to collect the mix, the both parts synthese? ;)

17-12-2003, 07:28
Ok, to put a bit of humor into all this i suggest as a name the Anti-Tato forum. (Tato for this girl loves that boy) That kind of anti i can live with. :D
That's what they've become and, let's face it, that's one of the thing that pisses us off the most, the fact that they are not together, and with boys!

We loved we they were Ta Lyubit Tu. :)

17-12-2003, 07:32
haku, "To" means "It" in Russian. What are you implying there? :lol:

17-12-2003, 07:35
Originally posted by forre
haku, "To" means "It" in Russian. What are you implying there? :lol:
LOL, ok, my automatic translator sucks, what's the masculine of tu then? :D

That "it" innuendo is not that bad though :P "That girl loves it"? LOL

Edit: Ok, i think i've found it, the masculine is Tot isn't it? :D

Tatot? LOL I'm definitely anti-Tatot! :laugh:

17-12-2003, 07:45
forre, but making a thread in the Tatu forum will make people ask "Why are you here if you don't like what they do?" And it's pretty hurtful. An forum like the one I am proposing will give people a greater freedom of words, and Tatu fans won't have to stumble across very mean remarks that pop-up here and there all the time due to the documantary. :rose:

17-12-2003, 07:47
haku, "Him" will be "Togo". Accusative case. The model with TaTu has one part in Nominative and another in Accusative to show the relation. That's why "togo" is the grammatical equivalent to "tu", when speaking about cases . While simply "he" is "on".

Edit: So "that" regarding masculine object will be "tot" in the Nominative case. Demonstrative pronouns are used in the group's names. So to make it clear after all explanations: "Togo" - demonstrative masculine pronoun in Accusative case.

*Puff* :dead:

17-12-2003, 07:53
Thanks a lot forre :rose:

I'm afraid that when you translate from a language with no declensions (the only ones i know), automatic translators are a bit confused by cases. :P

Anti-Tatogo it is. :)

17-12-2003, 07:58
haku, Oh! t.A.T.u. certainly needs human brains to comprehend. ;) Sometimes, even those ones are not enough.

On topic now, please: any other suggestions, ideas?

17-12-2003, 08:03
forre, do you have any suggestions? They will be appreciated. :rose:

17-12-2003, 08:04
Bad idea. :spy:

17-12-2003, 08:08
Igor, :rolleyes: Stop it. :gigi:

Tom Violence
17-12-2003, 09:31
I'm not in favour. I want to hear the positive and the negative inside the t.A.T.u. forum itself. I like to hear the shades of opinion about what t.A.T.u. do. An idea I think is good, someone else might think terrible. Or vice versa. Only if we have both opinions in the same place can we tease through the nuances together.

There are shades of grey to everything. I hate the idea of the main t.A.T.u. board becoming place where it is illigitimate to criticise the band. t.A.T.u. make some sodding huge mistakes. Thinking so does not make me 'against' the band. I criticise them because I'm so keen on them, I want to see them doing as well as they can.

Were this new board to become a reality, I doubt many people would become exclusive to either the main or anti-t.A.T.u. board, but I don't like the idea of a divided forum. I think we just have to be more accepting of the fact that people have vastly different feelings about the band at the moment. There's no point goading each other.

But, at the same time, some people are being too sensitive. If someone says that they still believe that the band love each other, there's no point running through the whole drama of how you lost your faith, and why you're clearly right. The reverse is true also. I'm sick of every thread being about this. It was news five days ago. It's tired now. People have reacted differently, that's fine. None of us know the truth, there's no point trying to colonize other people to your beliefs.

And you can't start calling them TaTogo. I was going to call my sexy provacative teenage Belorussian 'Are-They-Or-Aren't-They?' boyband Tot Togo. It'll just get confusing. Especially when they are 'outed' as straight, and become Tot Tu.

17-12-2003, 09:36
tease through the nuances together.

"What are you doing on the forum if you don't like Tatu" is hardly "teasing"...

Plus, I am sure you'll still get all shades of opinions on the main Tatu forum, the forum I am proposing will be there for the people to get out the most negative thoughts on Tatu without offending others and being offended in return. :heh:

I am thinking more of a sub-forum idea, not an actual forum. I don't plan the forum to contain any hardcore anti-tatu bashing etc.

Thanks for the opinion though...

17-12-2003, 10:25
couldn't it be more of an reaction thread? Isn't this what is to be discussed? Or will it be comments about any future performances and so on? :spy:

anyway I support the idea of a place of any kind where people can express their feelings. I dislike the current situation where every thread goes off-topic because things are needed to be said.

Oddly enough I found myself voting "Yes" for anti-tatu :rolleyes: Only if the name is changed though.

edit: fixed one typo..

17-12-2003, 13:01
Well, even though I would have preferred to see them happy together with each other, the idea of an anti-forum just sucks!

As forre suggested make a thread say what you gotta say and when the thread isn't needed anymore close it.

@katbeidar I don't buy it for a second that you're doing this as you are feeling with those who are disappointed, I don't buy it, that simple, you wanna have fun on your exclusive playground again and some people here obviously blinded right now are willing to make your dreams come true.

17-12-2003, 13:51
Vote: Yes

I like the idea of an "Anti-Tatogo" well atleast momentarily...Soon once we've seen the documentary, probably more people will be angry than the supposed *20* (Just my presumption, don't start jumping on me) :rolleyes:

17-12-2003, 13:53
katbeidar, stupid idea.
Why don't you finally leave this forum after spamming it with your negative vibrations for the last half year? It's sooo simple, just do it. Don't click tatysite.net anymore. :bum: :dead:
Get a life, get new hobbies. Do what you really like.
Or is this what you want: provoking people and telling them why they shouldn't like what they like?! :hmmm:

17-12-2003, 13:58
Willow71, wb.. I wondered where you disappeared to the other day :spy:

17-12-2003, 14:04
Willow71, welcome back!!!!! Where've you been?! Good to see you! Well, you're needed here, don't leave again! *grins* :rose:

Anti Tatu Forum? Yeah, a place to bash, diss and slander t.A.T.u., those evil evil girls. Sounds like a dream come true. :rolleyes: God, people, really, I don't get what's happening here.


17-12-2003, 14:11
TLFdk, xena225, I never disappeared totally... I am/was just toooo busy (job/private) to write here. But I read a lot of threads Tooo funny all these coalitions. :D Same game as in April/May... Kate's changing nicknames every month and still bashing t.A.T.u. :hmmm:

17-12-2003, 15:22
So I agree with a part your post Rob and a part of your post Xena....I don't believe any more in certain Christmas' tales where people become very nice suddendly without having another idea behind the head...

Told here before that i was against a hard separation ("anti"/"pro" tatu)...
But we saw here that there is nevertheless a request of certain members... I believe that honestly, we do not have the right to be unaware of this request....because people really suffer. We can ignore this pain.

Many members are young here.... Tatu has an almost magic capacity on people, I mean that some persons were enormously invested emotionally.
For certain people, the sorrow and disappointment to see a part of their dreams broken are almost the same as an unhappy love affair.

And to recover emotionally from a first great unhappy love affair, it is something of difficult.
We know all all that to cure of a sorrow, it is necessary to speak. It is necessary to speak, and speak and speak again unceasingly of the same thing in order to evacuate it. And it is necessary to be also listened by friendly ears. To exchange its impressions also makes it possible to clearly formulate them in its head. And when something becomes clear, it is easier to cure ...

This is why the idea of a thread seems to me good.
But why not to call it: "free word" (Attention! I think we can express relatively freely on the forum, don't confuse).

If this thread is created, it is necessary that the other members commit themselves respecting what will be said here.

If you feel that you will not be able to read what will be said there, don't go, please... if not, while reading, never forget that there is TRUE PAIN..and this often amplifies the words.
So don't bring these words in others threads to comment them.

I notice just that all the members are always there and that the words become softer.

When your friends are unhappy, they should be helped.

We have to do it.

I believe that it is important to help them but in a vision of unification and not of separation.

Even if our opinions are different, we learned how to know us, and I am sure that there is affection between us.

Then, it is necessary that we help ourselves between us and when our "heart family" will be again a little more happy, less in the sadness....we could be "proud" of each member of this forum(in the good sense not the sterile sense)....because we can success in this project just if we work together. :)

17-12-2003, 15:47
I understand what you are trying to say, sunwalk, and I agree with much of what you say. I believe that there's a danger of exaggeration, of talking in circles, of making things even worse when you are among haters only, and hear bad stuff all the time. The fact that this place is supposed to be called the Anti-tATu-Forum does not bode well in my opinion. If healing is what you are looking for, why do that in such a negative place, where there is no one around who could say: "I understand, but why not try to look at it from this point of view", or "You might wanna consider that..." I don't see this as a healing place. Quite the contrary actually. But your idea of being there for people who hurt and are confused is very appealing, and the thread idea is as well. On tAtu.us there is a so-called "Venting Thread". This is a good idea in my opinion. Just one thread where people can let off steam and talk about their hurt and anger and confusion. But it's integrated into the normal tAtu-forum, not set apart. I agree with you: We shouldn't be divided, we should stick together. Maybe a Venting Thread could indeed be the idea to see this through together.


17-12-2003, 15:48
Bad idea.

You wanna know why?
Cause when all the disappointed people make one forum they automatically exclude everyone who's not disappointed. Creating groups in one group officially is the worst thing one can do. Unless he wants the downfall of the bigger group.

What help should that be? So the disappointed ones can talk about their disappointment? Maybe I'm blind but wasn't that the thing that the whole forum had been doing this past couple of days? How much longer do you think you can repeat on and on what you had been saying up till now? Wasn't the one thread closed because it had been going on in circles?

I hope I'm not misunderstood. I don't want to say that feeling disappointed is bad. But creating an inner club of selected members makes it look as if being not disappointed is bad.

The fighting would stop and less bashing in general threads you say? I don't think so. The ANti-tatu board would strengthen the "basher" views. It would get worse if anything.

This makes it look like not everyone who's hurt is a fool but everyone who is still believing in tatu is one.

EDIT: I agree with sunwalk. We should definitly try to stick together. And her and Xena's idea of having a Venting thread where the people who are hurt can vent their emotions is good. I do agree too that friends who are unhappy should be helped. Seperation just isn't the way to do it in my opinion.

17-12-2003, 16:03
@sunwalk I hope you know how much I respect your opinion, therefore you know that this is not a personel attack.

As I said I do understand that people need to talk about it, I had to figure things for myself out the last days and I'm still doing it, that's why I agree comletely with the suggestion from forre to create a thread for those who need to vent.

But if there'll be a whole forum for it, an anti-tatu-forum, or whatever it is called, it ultimately comes down to a separation between the user here!
If that's what is requested then here is my say for the future that the members of the anti-tatu-forum better not cross my path and that I don't mind getting into trouble with whoever wants to in this anti-tatu-forum!

@katbeidar Right now your dreams are coming true, hm? A forum where you can bash just as much as you want to! :none:

17-12-2003, 16:11
where there is no one around who could say: "I understand, but why not try to look at it from this point of view", or "You might wanna consider that..".

of course such persons might be there...not Judging but just asking some good questions to help the persons to find their solutions by themselves and to formulate their solutions by themselves....It's necessary...

On this forum there are some center persons who can do that.

Rob..may be because you think with the notion of "anti tatu"....i think these words should be banned...
There are just persons with pain and deception....but this deception isn't about the Tatu's music and their song...so there aren't "anti tatu" members...

Personnaly i didn't believe in the love story and i thought the managment wasn't good ..but I love Tatu...i didn't say ..".Oh!...that's what i think" because i knew that i had a risk to be called an "anti-tatu" ..and it would be wrong...so i read the members posts on the Tatu part but didn't write...

So may be we should all think about these very "dangereous" words: "anti-tatu"....and think again about the present situation without these words....may be the vision would be different...

17-12-2003, 16:18
Hi katbeidar, :rose:

Well .. finally after giving it some thoughts :rolleyes: ..I chose 'NO' but not because I think you are crazy.

It just that .. I kinda of thinking this way .. . example . you've been a good daughter to your family and you study hard and you listen them and to you've been nice to your friends too. Everyone was happy with you.

And one day you decided to came out to them telling them that you are gay. You need to tell. Because its you. You hate the feeling of lying all the time. And what they do is they bash you and calls you name and create a thread to talk about your bads with your friends. And they said they needed to ... "get a place to express their feelings"...to channel their dissapointment with you ..

I don't know ... I rather hope they at least try to understand .. I rather they not talking to me for a while.. then maybe things gets better when everything cools down.. and we'll be family again.. there always be chances when nothing too hurting has been said..

so that's it... yeah I know ... :hmmm:

17-12-2003, 16:25
I deleted my post because I think I understood it wrong. I thought it was a forum for people who would joke about Tatu without hurting the "sensitive" fans. Well, how wrong can I be. :rolleyes:

17-12-2003, 16:50
It's definitly not a good idea!

if you dont like them and have nothing possitive the add to this forum then please hold your peace....

It is allready bad enough that some ppl are trying to bring taty in discredit by the means of broadcastmedia just for their own $$$$.....

instead we'd all better get ready for their new album and help promote it and show the world what taty is realy about!
and a pure negative forum or even subforum is not really gonna help don't you think?:znaika:

17-12-2003, 16:59
not agree !!! Putting negative thoughts together only made more negativity and depression !! not good !! :no: :no:

17-12-2003, 18:52
I don't think an 'Anti-tATu' forum is a good idea. If you want to have a dedicated place in which to bash tATu then start up your own web page and do it there. Adding an 'Anti' board to this site will only drive the members here further apart and the last thing we need is even more in-fighting. It would also attract people who have never liked tATu and they will just cause trouble with those of us who did/do love the band.
It's not smart.

17-12-2003, 20:37
It may be not a good idea considering that the discussions, in every forum, must be "live" and interesting, so they must include all kind of opinions. And a free discussion is far more better because even the newest fans will understand why there are such opinions.

17-12-2003, 21:24
Yes. Looks like a good idea to me. - 12 - 26.67%
No. Are you crazy? - 25 - 55.56%

All thank for opinions.
The Thread is closed.