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12-12-2003, 05:17
Hi Everybody!!
I was yesterday reading for like the zillionth time the fics of PT and saffron (tatu.us) and i was intrigued with some songs because i didn't know them and the lyrics seemed so powerful...Broken things caught me and I started to look for it. Then I started to look for all the songs I didn't know about and i thought Hey! why don't you burn a cd with all this songs? It's like having a soudntrack so that's what i did. I choose these and decide to put "hold on" from saffron's fics because that song touched me in a way that's indescriptible and I added NVNB from the girls because they are the inspiration for pt's magnificient work, another from Julie miler because i have fallen in love with that voice and take me away because they lyrics are beautiful... And here it is, It's like my little tribute to PT because of their work. I'm putting in here because i thought I'd like to know what do you think about...It's like a fiction's soundtrack...kind of weird I know...but it's a very nice compilation. If you have downloaded the songs I hope you have try this order and tell me what you think please
Thank You all!
Thanks PT for your fics!!!


1.- Goodbye cruel world - Pink Floyd (LLL)
2.- Five To One - The doors (LLL)
3.-hold on - Sarah McLachlan (this is from saffron fic's sterile halls...I just loved the song and had to add it)
4.- #1 crush - garbage (LLL)
5.- Never is a promise - Fiona Apple (LLL)
6.- Can't cry hard enough - Julie Miller (Bonus track)
7.- little earthquakes - tori amos (LLL)
8 .- house of 1000 corpses - rob zombie (speak to me)
9.- tourniquet - evanescence (LLL)
10 .- NVNB - tatu
11.- Bitch - Meredith Brooks (whatever it takes)
12.- Something I can never have - Nine Inch Nails (LLL)
13.- Full Of grace - sarah McLachlan (whatever it takes)
14.- china - tori amos (Speak to me)
15.- broken things - julie miller (LLL)
16.- crystal - Stevie Nicks (whatever it takes)
17 .- Take me away - Lifehouse (Bonus track)

12-12-2003, 06:18
This is great samegirl .:D Dang.. I didn't realize I used so many songs in LLL, but since Lena was a singer.. *l* And I think it was the most emotional story out of the three.

Broken Things is probably on my top 3 out of this list. I was the maid of honor in my bestfriend's wedding and she played this for her husband during the ceremony. That was the first time I ever saw him cry. It was so sweet.:)

I guess all of the songs are important to me for one reason or another. I am a very sentimental (spelling?) person so each of those songs represent something that has happened in my life. Well, all except for House of 1000 Corpses.*l*

I so wish you all could have listened to them while reading the fics. Not only are the lyrics extremely moving, but the music enhances them a great deal. I listened to some of them over and over and over again just trying to get the scene the way I wanted it. Especially the scene with Tourniquet.

Anywho... I'm so glad that you decided to check the songs out samegirl. I sincerely hope that others have as well.

EDIT: I almost forgot .. Saffron on tatu.us is one hell of a writer!:D