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12-12-2003, 01:26
[ Hi, guys. I came up with an idea for a fan fiction. I hope you guys enjoy this one. All feed back, good and bad, is very much appreciated! Thanks for reading. :) ]

*Chapter One*

The front doors to St. Anthony’s high school jerked open, the icy wind flowing inside. The students walking by shuddered as the door opened, at first because of the cold wind and then because of the dreaded face passing through the door. The students quickly scrambled out of sight, allowing for the petite brunette to step inside school grounds. She shook her feet, kicking off the flecks of white snow that were clinging to her boots. Her dark hair was formed into small peaks, uniqueness drawn into each individual spike, giving it a look as if it took hours to create. Her skin complexion held no flaw and was beautifully tanned, not too light and not too dark. Her exterior portrayed a tiny, cute, fragile girl, which was the complete opposite of her interior. She was very bold and courageous, with plenty of attitude. Not one face in this school dared to take her on, aware of what she was capable of doing. She enjoyed this feeling of superiority amongst others, it made her feel as if she was higher than the rest, and nothing could touch her. She was feared, looked up on and respected. She was Yulia, Yulia Volkova. The audacious brunette walked through the hallway as her many peers within her sight pushed their bodies against the lockers in effort to keep as far away from her as possible. She sported a smug smile; their actions only succeeded in making her feel more confident. Yulia chose to stay away from others, never bothering to make a new friend. She had only had one real friend. They had known each other from childhood, the days where Yulia was a pleasant, typical child and now, to the present days. She trusted this person with all of her life, which was all she needed, only one true friend. Her friend’s name was Stephanie, like Yulia, she was 17 years old and in the twelfth grade. Yulia crept behind the unsuspecting blonde and jumped on top of her back. Stephanie’s’ reflexes kicked in and she instinctively tossed Yulia off from her back. “What the,” she began, turning her head around to get a glimpse of her “attacker”. “Oh my God, Yulia! So sorry, Hon!” she said, bending down to help the brunette to her feet. Yulia flattened out on the ground, not being able to contain her laughter.

“Haha! Steph, that was great! You were all like ‘What the fuck?’ You should’ve seen your face!” Yulia said through her fits of giggles.

“I can only imagine,” Stephanie said visibly rolling her eyes. “Get up, Knuckle head. You okay, then?” Yulia got up from the floor and dusted herself off.

“Fine,” she said. “But now, I’ve got to get to class before Mr. Lowe is on my ass again,” the brunette said waving her friend good-bye.

“Yeah, see you later, Yul! Oh and next time you pull any of that crazy shit on me, I’ll see to it your ass is kicked,” Stephanie said winking at Yulia.

“I’m the Volkster, you can’t touch me!” Yulia teased, playfully. Yulia walked into her homeroom class and frowned at the clock. She could’ve still had another three minutes in the hallways without being marked late. She made her way to her desk, blindly, walking right into one of her classmates. The bumping of bodies caused one of Yulia’s books to fall down on the floor. Yulia shot an icy stare at the girl.

“Uh oh. S-sorry, Yulia! So sorry! Here, I’ll get that for you,” the girl said as she bent down to retrieve the fallen book. Snatching the book from the girl’s hand, Yulia narrowed her eyes.

“Damn right you’re sorry,” Yulia thought hard for a second, “Whatever your name is,” she hissed. She sat down in her seat, wearing that same smug smile she had on earlier. St. Anthony’s, Yulia Volkova practically owned this school!