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11-12-2003, 22:26
unrequited - 121003
i don't understand
what you think you know about this.
you honestly don't know the half of it...
of how it feels
coiled up inside you
white hot and burning
just aching to escape
to relieve the tension
to burst out from every pore.
you have no idea what it's like
to feel love as a physical illness:
when there's no cure for your shaking limbs -
no remedy for your stammered words and flushed cheeks -
no way to counteract the effect this has on you.
you can't possibly know how it feels
to bottle it all up
to have to hide it all
to be restrained by fear:
fear that they'll never understand
because they simply cannot.
they can't see it, can't imagine how it could possibly be...
and you definitely don't know
what it's like to know
that your love will never be returned.

you don't - but believe me, i do.

-- fin.

bitter? yes, yes it is. sorry if it sucks.
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