View Full Version : Tatu Wall: Ancient Goddesses

07-12-2003, 15:56
sneak peek...or if you have an amazingly small monitor, here's your 400 x 320 wallpaper :p

clickety here for the 1024 by 768 wall (http://photos.groups.aol.com/_img/smirkstatu/nSdagy/tatumayanwall2.jpg)

clickety here for the 1280 by 1024 wall (http://photos.groups.aol.com/_img/smirkstatu/nSdagy/tatumayanwall.jpg)

yeayea, so it's not the typical wallpaper....but whatever :p I was doing this photoshop thingy for tatu to be turned into a statue (tatustatue :D) and thought that i should turn it into a wall...and it's my first wallpaper EVER :O:O so don't make fun of me too much ;)
and yes, i do realize it's not exactly as aesthetic-looking as most wallpapers out there, just think of it as an image :p ...or something

...two banner and avi sets, AND a wallpaper..wow, I feel so accomplamished.

07-12-2003, 21:28
volk s scary....:gigi: