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06-12-2003, 15:47
Parfois je pense beaucoup a toi
Parfois je pense beaucoup aut autres
Parfois je pense beaucoup aut sourire
Et aux fous qui regardent mes yeux

Sometimes i think
a lot of u
Sometimes i think
a lot of us
Sometimes i think
a lot of ur pretty smile
And ur crazy lookin eyes
Sometimes i think im crazy too
im crazy or so crazy like
But why am i here?
Am i just wastin my time?
No baby...
i guess im gonna die
without u by my side
I need u more than life
how cant u understand this?ha?!
Can u remember...
that sun
that clouds
that stars
that beach
that moon that sex we had
it was so great
ur tongue
ur lips
ur hands
ur smell
it was so beautiful
u touched my body
i was touchin urs
ur eyes were lookin into mines
i was drownin in the deep of urs
we were doin this *sixty nine*
oooh damn!
maybe at the other time...
we will b together...
for forever...

06-12-2003, 16:51
Hi Lennu, I like that .. every single lines .. :gigi:

06-12-2003, 17:06
denial, Tnxxx :rose: