View Full Version : Fidget's Public Apology.

17-11-2003, 04:48
Hi Mods, I was just wondering what happened with Fidget's "Public Apology" Thread. Did you all delete it? Cause when I click on it, it says I cannot axcess the page. Thank you all.

17-11-2003, 05:40
Airheadap, just closed it. Didn't want any more comments against Kate (Fidget) where she can't be present to defend herself. She's got enough.

19-11-2003, 06:04
Well is there a reason why it's closed to the public entirely? Why not just lock it so no one can post but still have it public so people can read it? I definently wanted to read the rest of it as I had missed a few days before you closed it off to everyone. Thanks.

19-11-2003, 06:30
The administrator chose to trash it. So be it. It's the history now. Enjoy the rest of the forum, please.


20-11-2003, 23:42
ok, the explanation is sufficient as far as I'm concerned.

Please safeguard the good atmosphere of the forum. One person's aquaintance with the owners shouldn't be an excuse for that person to get away with anything.

Though I do disagree with the banning of members ( except fin very special cirumstances ).

okaydokay, cheers and happy reading :D