View Full Version : Wanna be a mod?! Wanna know how?! In Here!!

15-12-2002, 23:28
I was thinking, since there are a lot of us now, and we get around 20 registered English speaking fans every 24 hours, maybe we should enlarge our forum. What do you think?

If yes, what sections should we add?

Please write your suggestions in this thread, every opinion will be taken into account.

If you come up with a good idea for a new forum section, and we accept it, you might become a moderator of that section!!

Thanks to everyone who gave comments and ideas, they are all taken into consideration, and some put into use. :)

I though I'd clean up this thread a little bit, for a fresh start. :done:

Um, and since people want to discuss somethings in private, PM me if you have any ideas, please! :D