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14-09-2003, 08:07
Has some really good information about the girls. I just wished that the tatugirls.com forum would atleast update their site and have some new about tatu. Sooo much crap is going on there. I just like to say that.

14-09-2003, 08:10
Demitrylover, news on the main site please http://eng.tatysite.net/ Enjoy! :rose: Thanks for your words, girl!

:the thread is moved: no offence, just some usual order.

14-09-2003, 08:13
Thanx Forre. I've seen the news and they're great.

By the way, I'm a girl :P

19-09-2003, 02:44
Hmm, is this the Demitrylover from the official forum? hahaha...

Yep, Tatysite does a great job keeping up with the girls. And a lot of that can be acreddited to forre. :heh:
If you speak Russian, the news can be found at www.tatysite.net.

24-09-2003, 17:23
-The following joke will not make sense to anyone who has never been on tatugirls.com-

*darkness falls*

I see Aurelie is a moderator here, how interesting...