View Full Version : PMs??

15-12-2002, 20:20
How do you see if you have recieved PMs???
Also at the top you spelled members wrong... or was that on purpose?

15-12-2002, 20:25
I didn't even notice that. Then again, "Membres" is how that's written in French. Guess I overlooked it out of habit. :P Anyway, to check for PM's go to "Profile". And you should see.



15-12-2002, 20:26
Well, at the very bottom of the main forum page there is a box with a small folder on the left hand side. If the folder is gold, it means that you have recieved new PMs since your last visit, :)

About the "members", I'll check it and correct. :)

15-12-2002, 22:05
Also, you can change your settings so that a little window pops up instantly when you receive a private message. Very useful :done: