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la aurora
25-08-2003, 17:12
Finally the new video of Smash!! “Freeway” directed by Elena Kiper was shown on MTV.
Have to congratulate Kiper. The video she directed is on the top of SMS chart at the first day of its airing and guess it won't take long for it to top all other possible charts here. It's not like she directed anything outstanding. She just showed what everybody wanted to see - bodies of two guys who wasn't showing any skin in their previous videos.
But there was one thing that made me freeze in front of my tv for some minutes. I had the question running through my mind: "Could she make these guys looking any more gay?" Don't think it's possible! Did she do it intentionally or it's the result of her working with TATU for some time... I don't know. But now we have the male variant of TATU here (before seeing this video i believed these guys were straight).
May be the producer of Smash!! (who says that Shap is the king of PR) suddenly saw something between Vlad and Sergey and decided to show their love to the world? *wipes away the tear from her face* Coz i don't see any other reason for inviting Kipper to make this video. It's not like she is a famous video-director... And may be she's gonna participate in this project in any other way? Hm... like choreographer for example... *closes her eyes imagining Vlad and Sergey doing 'malchik-gay' dancing with their "I'm burning up!" playing behind* :lol:


26-08-2003, 01:13
Those guys definitely go for the 80s "hairdressers gonne crazy" hairstyles.

When I see them it all comes back to me: Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Wham!...:hmmm:

26-08-2003, 04:07
freddie, yeah, havent you noticed - 80's are back ;)

thanks sunny poison for another update from 'the land of the Russ' :D
Boy bands are not my thing, but....Gay(ish) guys are my 'weak spot' :gigi:
It'll also be nice to see one more video directed by Lena Kiper...

31-03-2011, 12:24
I came across to this video spontaneously and fell in love with the song! It's so easy to listen and sing along to. It's also surprised me to learn that Kiper directed the video. I didn't even know that Kiper is a director. Anyway I love the song and it made me wanna hear more of Smash, which never got me interested in before.