View Full Version : 1 favor please!

19-01-2003, 20:21
Somebody please translate the registration form to full english
or hungarian(ok just kidding with hungarian) 'coz it's really hard to get registered in an other language! Thank you!

19-01-2003, 20:25
Raptor, on the main forum page www.tatysite.net/forum, choose English on the top right hand corner of the page. And, please read the threads posted before... I am explaining this for a millionth time now.. :hmmm:

19-01-2003, 20:43
Ooops! Sorry! I didn't see that! My mistake! It's really strange viewing a russian page when you're hungarian and the internet is mostly english! Sorry again!

19-01-2003, 20:52
Just open the page as :
then its in english....

19-01-2003, 21:50
its not a big problem i think. once uv got used 2 fillin registration forms, u'll b able to guess what informations r required... thats what i did with the reg. form of this forum, even when i didnt understand a word in it :)

ne way, welcome raptor

30-03-2003, 19:01
i had that prob too