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la aurora
08-08-2003, 18:36
[Mia, haven't heard from u for quite a long already. Hope u r ok there.]

Let me introduce one of my favorite russian artists (along with Zemfira and TATU). This guy has the 4th contract with Universal Russia (after alsou, tatu and smash) but I haven't heard anything about western promotion for him. All his songs are in Russian. If one has to name music category Delfin is in, he would say 'rap', i guess. But it wouldn't be really right. U should listen to few songs to know what I mean. His music is quite experimental. Atmosphere - that's what important for him. Lyrics are meaningful and perfectly in rhythm. They can exist without music. On the paper they look like poems. It def isn't easy-listening but some years ago this guy somehow produced one of the most successful rap albums in Russian history.
Although he is quite young, Delfin has lots of albums out already. He started his career in the band Duboviy Gaay, then were Mishini Delfini (both were making music similar to what Delfin does now), then first russian rap-band that was singing about sex and boobs most of the time but was also the only band in Russian music history wich members officially clamed that noone of them had musical hearing. Malchishnik became really successful but after 2 or 3 albums the band ceased to exist. In 1997 first CD's with "DOLPHIN" written on them appeared in music stores ["ne v fokuse"]. In 1998 his 2nd album "Glubina rezkosti" became a best seller. There were some other a bit less successful albums [mostly coz Delfin doesn't care of promotion] and some interesting projects like Plavniki. This guy is out of mainstream but lots of ppl goes to his concerts (wich are quite rare unfortunately). And I can swear, this show is worth seeing. There's only one guy on the stage and some musicians behind... but this guy leaves everything and even much more on the stage and the crowd goes wild back. Delfin's songs are about life, death, hope, love, drugs (he was a drug-addict himself and knows a lot about this topic), suicide...
Delfin can be different. For example compare these 3 songs: "Ya budu zhit", "Nadezhda" and "Olga" for example. One is agressive, second is depressive and 3rd isn't rap at all. Other songs worth checking IMO: Lyubov, Vera, Dver, Tebya, Diler and so on... Here are some translations I made:

Lyubov ('Love' - this word has female gender in Russian, so there has to be 'she' instead of each 'it'. I decided to break English grammar this time, sry. But if I used ‘it’ some sense would be lost. Coz as Delfin is a straight guy for him love is associated with female)
She's bigger then my heart
She's more frightful then jumping from the roof
She's louder then furious cry
But much lower then a squeak of cowed mice
She's something that everyone looks for all his life,
Finds, looses, finds again.
She's something that scours the world in the white veil with malicious grin
I'm telling you about LOVE.

She's weightless per se
She's lighter then ur thoughts
But remember how ur soul was torn
When she was going away,
How tears were hanging on ur eyes.
She will throw the loop over ur neck
With her tender hands
Leaving nothing from old you
Will ask you to stand on ur tiptoe.

You won't even be able to see her
You won't ever look into her eyes
But you are thinking only about how not to offend her
Not believing that she's really evil
With her you can blossom and wither
She will eat you like plant-louse eats the flower.
But it's better to die this way
Then never loving anybody.

It's good with her and it's kinda strange without
I miss her tears of the joy
If she has come, then she leaves slowly
Throwing some foul things in the face
I keep my door closed
To make her knocking before entering my place
So she wouldn't be that one, one I forgot long ago already
One I'm not going the same way with.

That’s all. There’s nothing to believe in
That’s all. There’s noone to trust to
What every 2nd will measure his life with
If every 3rd is ready to kill?
If tears weigh less then platinum
If everyone’s blood is boiling with preparations
If instead of the God there’s some reptile
And love to him is measured only with carats?

U ask him to give U some strength
U say U weren’t understanding what U were doing
But U urself long ago trampled him in the clay
But U urself long ago betrayed him
The crown of thorns isn’t tearing ur head
Nails won’t make holes in ur hands
And they aren’t pouring the scorching tin to ur mouth
When U die, everybody will forget U.
Not. U are not the one who crucified him
U are not even the one who was holding his hands.
U are just the one that said nothing
When he was taking all those tortures for U.
I’m not gonna argue about who’s righteous and who’s sinful
Nobody will have his old age in calmness
But just every act should be thought out
Even if a bit, a little bit.

What do U want from him?
He already cares about U too much
Even if U wet the whole cross with ur saliva
Ur time won’t come back
U should not ‘believe’ but ‘Believe’
So ur soul wouldn’t rush about like a trout’s fin
Nobody will be able to advise anything
When U meet ur very last door with ur face.

Nadezhda (hope)
There's neither strength nor feeling of the pain left
The soul is eaten by the anguish like by the moth maggots
Everything is rolling to the precipice
And it's not for the first time.
And the sense of the friends' phrases
Equals zero.
Everything is given away, lost and sold out
And the bleeding heart is served for supper
There's only some mud on the bottom of the clothes-pockets
And some feeling left... something like... hope...

She hears the steps. The sound is lower and lower
He turned to a crane and will live somewhere higher
She isn't waiting for him. She has forgiven and is crying
And the stupid friend is fooling her with the hope
Time slowly goes by and the naive lie
Is trying its knife on the wrist of the right hand.
The hope was there and it stayed vain
It's dripping to the floor with a sticky red liquid.

You are alone from the beginning but even if you have a friend
He won’t see all troubles on ur palms
He won't become brave for you if you are struck dumb
He won't be able to say for you what you wanted to say
He can only help if something goes wrong
When the darkness clouds ur eyes with the desperation
When tears divide ur face into 3 equal parts
And there's no hope for urself.
The hope is self-deception, but it's all that we have
It passes from hand to hand selling its honor
This mendacious rat shows off
Disappearing at the moment you need her so.
It will go away and come back many times
Always holding the cherished diamond at a distance.
I'm dead without hope, shot throw with anguish.
Coz I just HOPED but wasn't SURE.

Malo (Few)
I understood what the time was made of
But only when I had so few of it left
When the burden of the emptiness
Was sticking into my neck with its broken nails
When they were melting down the malice
With the tenderness that I lost like snow with the salt
When new days with the stupid inevitability
Were breaking through the skin of the closed eyelids.
I was filling the time with the cries of joy
Was making it longer and shorter
It was playing with the specks on the sun
And becoming darker then night
I was never saving it
And it loved me until
I finally could understand
That it was always, always going away.

One more year, one more day, one more hour
The time goes by, throwing on us the shadow of oblivion

It's possible to come into one water twice
If you are going down by the stream
And with that, the only thing that's important
Is to have a golden luminescence over ur head
I won't be killing the time
It will kill me anyway
Digging into the wound with the second hand
Tearing it's sides.

One more year, one more day, one more hour
The time goes by throwing the shadow of oblivion on us