View Full Version : freddie banned?

17-07-2003, 18:37
He is just as confused as to why he's banned as I or anyone else is.

This board constantly preaches about freedom of speech yet the members get warnings and bans when exercising that right.

It seems that the moderator in question that wanted to ban him just didn't enjoy his debating with her. And it was bothered to be called "spamming" when people like myself have done much more than him. And if that means that suddenly I'm banned as well, so be it. But it's completely unfair, and I think the moderator knows that, but is probably being vindictive.

Actions in a community like this should be justified, and we just want to know why he was banned, specifically.

Could his account please be activated again?

- Taryn

17-07-2003, 18:45
What???!!! If that is true, I want Freddie back!!!

17-07-2003, 18:48
I agree with what taryn says, and I myself am also confused with the banning of freddie

17-07-2003, 19:26
Could his account please be activated again?
No. Thread closed.