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15-12-2002, 03:30
Are you registered yet?

No?! Go, and come back for some interesting news!!

Yes?! Great! Here we go.

If you are going to be a constant member, posting everyday, or just letting me know that you exist, for a month or two, then you will gain access to our Private Forum.

Basically, in our private forums we give links to VERY exclusive stuff. Videos that are too big to be uploaded, or too new. Files directly from Universal. Exclusive info ect.

But don't think that everything interesting will be only in Private Forums, it will come here too, the reason we have the private forums is becouse some files are very new, and might be wanted by a lot of people, so, we put them in the private forums firts, so some people can download them first, so that when we take them to ordinary forums, the server which has the file won't be so busy!

Interested? Want to be the first one to have the files? Get Constant! You can do it! :done:

16-12-2002, 19:55
I see it as a reason NOT to register. I tend to smirk at all this kind of carrots with which people try to lure me into something :)
I also doubt that there is or will be much "exclusive" stuff from tatu with all their great productivity and what not ;)

greetings from "the not the best place in world" - the off forum :)


16-12-2002, 20:07
Well, I am not going to delete your post, although I should. We've got plenty of exclusive stuff comming everyday now, in ordinary forums. And, since the Russian album is on it's way, the mp3s might appear soon, and we are going to put them in the pruvate forum first... As we did with the English mp3s. So, it's up to your own choice, you wanna register, you do so. You don't want to, fine. You are just going to miss out, that's all. :)

16-12-2002, 21:29
Kate, with all due respect, there's no point to say that "you should have, but will not". :) My 1st post was on topic, if I am not mistaken. And I will make this one too ;)

So the private forum is only for picking up the hot stuff or to also talk about things? if the former, than I don't understand why it is a "forum", if the latter, I don't think it's will be any good: people will have to talk on two forums?


16-12-2002, 22:21
Actually, private forums are for picking up stuff mainly, and you will be able to talk to others on the ordinary forum. In fact, a private forum will be just in the middle of the Russian Forum and the English Forum. :) So, you wouldn't have to go to another page or anything. :)

16-12-2002, 22:56
I, for one, will surely be waiting for the new Russian material.

I'm all curious.


27-12-2002, 04:10
uh... Are you still doing this? Have I not been faithful enough to be invited to a private forum?

27-12-2002, 04:35
So far, yes, you have.