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21-06-2003, 18:51
Can I run a suggestion by you guys? Sorry this message is in English, my Russian isn't good enough for this yet, but I'm getting there :)

I understand that tATu faces organised opposition in Russia (mostly from extreme Nationalist and Communist politicians), just like in every other country. So, I want their fans and supporters to have the chance to sign the petition. I mean this petition:


This is the one that one of the moderators of this fan club signed ages ago - and thank you for your support!

Even though the petition is formally addressed to British TV presenters, Richard and Judy, it can be used to prove the level of public support for tATu anywhere in the world.

Now, I understand that most Russians don't have home computers. So, I would like to contact the owners of the Internet cafes in the major cities (or at least in Moscow and St Petersburg) and persuade them to advertise the URL of the petition in Russian so that their customers can sign it.

I would therefore be very grateful if you could send me the contact details for the internet cafes (email address, web site or telephone number).

It would also be nice to know that tATu themselves know that the petition exists, after sending them a message in Russian that tells them about it. And I would like to tell Channel 1 about it in case they might be interested.

Thanks if you can advise or help me in any way at all.


21-06-2003, 18:54
email: jason4support@aol.com
Yahoo Messenger: jasonrichmonduk
aol / AIM: jason4support

Please put 'tatu' in the subject box so I know it's not spam!


22-06-2003, 02:20
Дружок ты не в тот форум это пишеш ...
Пиши пожалуйста в англоязычный форум plzz и не флудь сюда))

22-06-2003, 04:19
Sorry, even if I could read your questions in Russian, the Russian script doesn't work on my computer - I just get a load of squares instead of the letters.

23-06-2003, 14:40
Это уже твоя проблема дружок ))