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17-06-2003, 07:27
Dear Members:

The administrator of this forum is currently considering any ideas of improvement for this forum. What do you think will make you happier? Write your ideas in this thread, and I will deliver them to the admin, or one of the mods will. :D


21-06-2003, 10:42
ELiR, If yulia and lena come to chat with the fans, taht would makeme happy!! When I think of something else, I will post. This forum rocks.

22-06-2003, 19:57
Hmmmm tricky tricky... Here are some suggestions.

And I mean animations as in moving gifs. I understand if this can't be done, because they take alot of space and loading time and I assume most people will use those "video" gifs, they take up even more space and loading time! Hehe.

Because it would be nice to be able to put images up. The bad thing is that people will put up alot alot alot of pictures in every thread and the end result will be three hours waiting time...

-Preview Signature and smiley/code-boxes:
When I make my signature I always have to go to a thread to check the codes, smilies and to preview it, so it would be nice to have those boxes where you write your signature. This isn't really important though 'cause this forum isn't about having good signatures :D

-Bigger Avatars:
Lol I just came up with this, I come back here and it has already been said... :rolleyes: I'll add it to this list anyway.. For example ezBoard, they use 60x60 I think..

I can't come up with anything else right now, but you know that if I do I will come here and complain :p

22-06-2003, 20:54
60x60 or 80x80 pixel Avatars...

Well thats me done... :D

22-06-2003, 21:08
Yep, bigger avatars would be nice coz I think 45x45 is just too small.

22-06-2003, 21:12
Bigger avatars and maybe the including of video gifs would be nice.

23-06-2003, 01:45
I think 100x100 avatars are perfect. And animated ones would be great with a 40kb size limit. I have SO many that I could use because I make them for my LJ.

Also, if it's possible, a limit to signatures. It gets crazy seeing HUGE lettering or just really long ones.

23-06-2003, 06:45
Thanks so far! I translated your suggestions to the administrator. I believe they will be considered. Any other wishes?

25-06-2003, 14:49
bigger avatars with animation
NO restrict for the file size, please :coctail:
thanks :rose:

25-06-2003, 21:06
careful with the sizes...not everyone has fast connection :gigi: :(

26-06-2003, 01:32
skye, Igor is definitly not going to allow big avatars with animations...

27-06-2003, 02:01
Also, if it's possible, a limit to signatures. It gets crazy seeing HUGE lettering or just really long ones.

Hmmm... what are you implying? :D

27-06-2003, 07:44
freddie, he implies that signature like your are not helping to view the threads. It's very distubring to the eyes...

You mean, "she implies". ^_~

27-06-2003, 13:19
Originally posted by ELiR
freddie, he implies that signature like your are not helping to view the threads. It's very distubring to the eyes...

You mean, "she implies". ^_~

That's what I've thought. Maybe I'll make it a little smaller and less colorful. I thought that blue is kind to the eyes.

No the other hand: What about your beating heart ELiR ?;)

27-06-2003, 23:42
freddie, you see, umm, aghm, hmmm, anyway, the beating heart, it goes with the color theme of the forum!! Ha, there! :heh: :laugh: :D :lalala:

But the Proud Member of the t.A.T.u. Defense Coalition is way way too colorfull. Anyway, we'll let Igor decide, shall we? I put up the complaint in the Russian version of this forum, and I am sure he'll consider it...

28-06-2003, 00:47
What's wrong with Proud Member of the t.A.T.u. Defense Coalition?

It's colourful, so what?! It doesn't hurt anyone, or ruin anyone's forum experience.

28-06-2003, 01:15
Ohhhh...I see what's bothering you now ELiR.

Yeah, it's too colorful right. :rolleyes:

It's funny that you're the only one complaining about this. ;)

28-06-2003, 02:58
I don't mind colours .. they make life more .... COLOURFUL!! ....and fun . and bright .. and joy .. please don't censored the colours .. *on my knees*..

Long signature is okay .. but not too long .. maybe give the limit number of line but also associate it with the font size .. I mean if the font is BIG ..can only use one line .. if the font is small .. can use more lines for signature .. heh heh .. can they do that ?

And I notice .. I cannot show my emotion here .. like if I am happy, sad, angry or smilling or shakes my legs while looking at the ceilling .... because there is no option for me to do that. I feel like a robot!!! ...well ..I know how to do that in PM .. but for new comers ..

Oh oh !! more emotion icons !! I cannot cry even in my PM!! ..oh and its all yellow .. can you make them more colorful .. like green, purple, pink, blue ..etc ...

Thank you ... thats all .. no more complains I promise...

Yours truthfully,

28-06-2003, 04:36
I_Love_Yulia, freddie, as a matter of fact, I just took that little sentance as an example of colorful signatures. And a lot of members find those signatures disturbing. Read Russian forum for Questions to Mods, and find out yourself. People are complainging.

Read the forum rules, any colorful posts are forbidden. So I see no reason why we should have colorful signatures, they are distracting and they bother me as well as other members...

And, I am not saying that they are going to be forbidden, just saying that Igor is considering the possibility of forbidding them. Ok?

28-06-2003, 04:47
And, let's relax. We all have a right to our own complaints. Colour is great, but were colour to begin blinding me, I'd have a complaint too. In this case, I don't, but I could see why there would be complaints. Keep the words, just tone down the colours. Maybe darker shades, so on. (If ever Igor were to decide to forbid them.) Eg.: I'm sure this is a very annoying colour. ^_^'

Now. Let's take a good long breath and get back to suggesting things. :P


28-06-2003, 04:51
Sitting next to Echoed. :coctail: Thanks Echo! You are da best!

28-06-2003, 15:00
Originally posted by Echoed
Eg.: I'm sure this is a very annoying colour. ^_^'

Ahhh!!! I can't see anything now !!! help!! help!! :dead: ..
Please can I take back my complain about the colour?? I don't want those colours anymore. I think the whole world should censored that green!!

28-06-2003, 16:53
Well you could always remove the colors who are disturbing and have only for example darker shades of colors..

never mind me. -.-

28-06-2003, 19:56
I_Love_Yulia, freddie, as a matter of fact, I just took that little sentance as an example of colorful signatures. And a lot of members find those signatures disturbing. Read Russian forum for Questions to Mods, and find out yourself. People are complainging.

As far as I know the TDC exists only in the english part of the forum so what are they complaining about? And I belive that TDC sign is not all that disturbing for the eyes... not nearly as much as Echoed screaming example there.:D

28-06-2003, 20:14
As long as there is freedom of speech I'm fine with everything else.

28-06-2003, 20:24
Originally posted by Rob
As long as there is freedom of speech I'm fine with everything else.

That's a good point. I've been wondering lately if such a thing still exists here.

28-06-2003, 22:52
freddie, I didn't say that the Russian forumers were complaining about the TDC thingy in particular. I just took it as an example. Ok?

29-06-2003, 00:50
The TDC and freedom of expression rock. Colours like these do not. End of discussion.

Suggestions on anything else? ^_^' Please? C'mon?


29-06-2003, 20:08
Echoed, that colour is so freaking terrible it's hilarious :D

Hmmm. I think this forum rocks already :) But whatever happened to the art contest thing? Stuff like that would be nice - ideas to pass on to Tatu management, or something; I don't know.

29-06-2003, 23:14
I have another idea: right at the begining when this forum was only starting somebody gave the idea that the english part of the tatysite should be renamed to http://eng.tatusite.net/ instead of http://eng.tatysite.net/ like it is now. It's taty because "u" in cyrilic is "y" while t and a are the same - so it's basicly tatu spelled in cyrillic -TATY. This in the englsih part of the site so maybe it should be appopriate to rename it ti latinic leters.

29-06-2003, 23:25
freddie, can't be done without messing it up. tatyiste.net is a domain name of this site.

29-06-2003, 23:34
Oh I see. Maybe we should seperate then or something? Like a separated russian and englsih site. :cool:

29-06-2003, 23:37
tatusite.net is a registered domain name which belongs to another person/company. It can't be done technically.

30-06-2003, 00:25
I see. Thanks for the explanation. That's a shame :(

PowerPuff Grrl
01-07-2003, 02:05
I think this would really self-serving I would really like to have a Political Forum.
Threads can be devised to address current events happening in the world.
Posters can express their views on things like the American Foriegn Policy, the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, Globalization, or the validity of the UN, etc...

Yes this cause alot of conflicts... but that's the fun part.

01-07-2003, 02:06
PowerPuff Grrl, There's General Forum for such threads.

13-07-2003, 19:39
Is there any way at all that the maximum avatar size could be increased to 75x75? The maximum here is 45x45, and that is too small for the ones I want to use.

15-07-2003, 08:40
- bigger avatar.
- limit to signature's length.
- more emoticons. (if that's possible).

thank you for asking.

Silenced Sonix
15-07-2003, 20:30
Hey katbeidar, long time no see! Why the nick change?

On topic, mister. :P

16-07-2003, 00:44
Originally posted by crni
careful with the sizes...not everyone has fast connection :gigi: :(

They don't have to be huge, just 75 square or 80 square. That's the size of the one I want to use.

16-07-2003, 01:11
Cookies. An endless supply of cookies. Actual, real-life cookies. Possibly chocolate chip. Or macadamia nuts. So I can share with whomever. Haha.

Cookies. ;_;


16-07-2003, 02:56
i'm sorry, did u just say macadamia nuts?
oh honey, pass the whole goddamn macadamia nut cookie jar!

but yes, honestly.. all this forum needs is an endless supply of macadamia nuts, karamel sutra, and iced americano's.

that is all

24-07-2003, 18:10
Pour SKRT & Miss Echo..


24-07-2003, 19:03
Nath, j't'adore. LOL.


24-07-2003, 22:01

Nath! Merci ma cher! (hope i did that correctly)

*wishes* now if only they can be in real life .... *sighhhhhh*

but honestly, what this forum needs is maybe perhaps kind've like maybe (no wait, i've already said that) well: a little err, non-biased moderation, no?

06-08-2003, 15:10
Howzabout a few new smileys if possible...? :D

Possibly a drooling or excited smiley... :dknow:

06-08-2003, 21:50
Originally posted by THEvolkovaADDICT
Possibly a drooling or excited smiley... :dknow:

Be specific, man!! :D
AddictBoy is sugar-coating - we need a 'puddle' smilie ASAP!!

07-08-2003, 02:04
*Deadpan.* No.

I am raining on your parade. :P (Kidding. But I still vote no.)

...Then again, it'd be more efficient in space than "*puddles*" to and fro.

Of course, people would misuse the emoticon and have it go on and on and on for several rows.


I still vote no. :P


15-08-2003, 22:47
i think that "rating" column should be removed...i mean, since no one doesn't rate anything on this forum (because everything's kewl ;) and because we have a dozen of new threads every day)...
see my point? it's just standing there doing nothing and therefore should be removed ;)

15-08-2003, 22:56
I agree. The 'rating' option is redundant - I've only ever seen one thread in which it was actually utilised.

I'm still waiting for my 'puddle' smilie to be implemented, by the way.... :p ;)

16-08-2003, 00:37
Is anything suggested in this thread going to be put in movement...?? :dknow: Because its been almost a good two months since the thread was created... :rolleyes:

18-08-2003, 11:16
A possibility to preform a search on short words. Now its 4 letters min. Therefor it's impossible to search for ex. IMX. Then one would have to think of words that could be in that post. (Found it in the end but still..)
Otherwise.. hmm.. perhaps a notice before the site is down for maintainance? Or was the downtime not planned? Nothing to add besides these things

18-08-2003, 13:36
Yeah, not getting that 'Server not found' message so often when we connect would be nice.

I suppport TvA's idea of an excited smiley, and a 'jumping up and down' smiley would also be useful.

19-08-2003, 00:46
One more thing (don't know if this happens all the time, or to others than me):
When editing a post, the box for email notification is unchecked by default (or so it seems). When I edit a post it's not to turn of notifications simply just to correct or add something. Most of the times I forget to check the box after editing and don't get any notifications.
Is it an error?

19-08-2003, 22:24
I'd really, really like it if someone could do something about the fact that I get nothing more than an error message 9 out of 10 times that I try to gain access to this site!

20-08-2003, 02:08
I agree with Mossopp! Could someone in charge at least tell us why we've been getting so many errors when accessing this site for the past few days?

20-08-2003, 12:40
Technical problems. Excuse. :(

20-08-2003, 12:52
Originally posted by Igor
Technical problems. Excuse. :(

Igor, its was down for more then 24 hours last weekend.. me and thegurgi .. we both gone mad..

thegurgi then had to hardcode the IP address of this site to access.

BUT... I understand .. don't be sad and thank you for fixing it ...:rose:

Mossopp, haku, what's the error message said? .. might help if you tell the exact error message.

wo .. this site is very slow at this time .. :hmmm: