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Mad Debz
01-04-2003, 02:42
I want to ask before I post if no one minds me posting the URL for the egroup that we are going to be using to *try* and organise the mass get togeather for the UK concerts. It will make it easyer for all of us who float between forums and spare the forum of the unessassary "I'm arriving at..staying at.." posts ect.



01-04-2003, 04:37
Mad Debz, I will talk about it with Igor.

So, what you are saying, it to creat a temporary sub-forum to discuss UK tour? :dknow: I think that might be possible.

Mad Debz
01-04-2003, 21:45
No you misunderstand me. I just wanted to be able to I guess advertise that the main organising for the concerts will be done through our new egroup/yahoo group. I didn't want to post the url and get told off for unauthorised advertising. Certain aspects of organisation will still be done on this and other forums but the main promblem we have is not everyone uses all the tatu forums out there so we needed a mutural group where we can do the emails saying what we are planing to do so no one misses out. I personally know I wont have time to keep diving between forums every day.


08-04-2003, 19:30
i understand

08-04-2003, 19:31
make it