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14-12-2002, 04:38
Yup, it's not a dream. This is new TatySite.net. We are back, but not just like that. We have new ideas, new aims, new plans, new point of view, new forum and very soon now, a whole new site. But we should keep the old site in our hearts. We will still hold our old aim and keep the exclusive new and materials about group t.A.T.u. comming, and of course, we will always be happy to see you in our forums and chat room. Join us!

We are always happy to have new members, but the old ones are very welcome to come back!
I will happily answer all your questions and suggestions. [Please, PM Igor (admin), katbeidar and Synthetic (moderators).]

If you wish to help our forum, or have some exclusive, new material that you would like to share, please, contact us, we will give you credits.

Constant and generous members will gain access to our private forum where all new and exclusive stuff will comes out first! :heh:

Welcome! :coctail: