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19-03-2003, 12:06
These guys were the part of Neposedi, I guess the same children's band, where Yulia and Lena used to sing.

Here's their video
http://www.smash.ru/files/belle_high.rm there's one more on the web-site

what do u think?

19-03-2003, 12:27
belleeeeeeee c'est un mot qu'on dirait inventй pour ellllllleeee

19-03-2003, 12:45
I think the website is very cute...and as for the boys? I think they are cute too.

The music isn't bad either ;)

19-03-2003, 18:21
heh heh, they are pretty hot. Do they do any more songs than those two?

19-03-2003, 18:57
eh thanks...i dont dig the music...but then again thats me...

19-03-2003, 19:02
I heard that the girls were in love with the dudes. :D Anyway, I am moving the thread....

19-03-2003, 19:05
Originally posted by katbeidar
I heard that the girls were in love with the dudes. :D Anyway, I am moving the thread....

Yeah there was a roumour. They were asked that in some Dutch interview, but they denied it.

19-03-2003, 19:41
i don't dig the music either so it's not just you :-)

19-03-2003, 20:31
Are they singing in French? or Russian?

Edit: Ahh never mind...they are singing in French..silly me. =)

19-03-2003, 22:09
Russians wearing ties look sooooo HOTTTTTTT......

19-03-2003, 22:10
I saw this picture of them with just their pants and the scarves - it intrigues me

20-03-2003, 12:08
Quand elle danse c'est qu'elle met son corps а jour telle...
Un oiseau qui йtend ses ailes pour s'envoler...


20-03-2003, 16:52
alors je sens l'enfer s'ouvrir sous mes pieds.....

21-03-2003, 08:48
So I'm not crazy, it is in French? Why?

21-03-2003, 17:36
Belle is from the French musical Notre Dame de Paris. ^_^

J'ai posй mes yeux sous sa robe de gitane...


21-03-2003, 18:00
lol, on va pas faire toute la chanson comme ca ;-)

Lol. Mais зa serait assez comique. ^_~

27-03-2003, 15:53
I like Smash first single 'Belle'. The melody is very beautiful and French as a language itself, too. Besides I think their pronounciation is pretty close to original, or what? (Pardon, I'm totally dumb in French lol)

Btw. Smash guys, who are quite good looking, figure often in Russian youth/music magazines ;)

28-03-2003, 06:23
Wow. Not bad. Their accents aren't so far off. ^_^ Kinda like the Taty girls singing in English. Lol. But a little better, I think. French, I find, is closer to Russian than English is. So technically, it'd be easier for them to pronounce. Lol. I think? ^_^' I have no clue.