View Full Version : Video: Просто забыть | Teaser released!

29-05-2017, 10:21
Teaser video for Music Video "Просто забыть"


* coming soon *

10-06-2017, 04:08
The production is wonderful, but volkova's voice is really just over. It makes me so sad hearing her, her voice is just gone. There is not much range and it's just so bland. I used to love the texture of her voice and now it's all just gone. In my opinion t.A.T.u. can never return as the voice is gone. Very depressing. Its so unfortunate that she's had all these vocal issues. :( J really wish she would stick with galoyans style and production. The demos he made with her had such potential. This new song sounds like more of an Elena temnikova style. Especially with the lowered vocal effect in it.