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30-10-2015, 13:47



Music/Музыка: Чичановский Е. В., Пономарев О. С.
Lyrics/Слова: Архипенко Л. В.
Arrangement/mastering: Production by HarDrum
Director/Режиссер: Алан Бадоев

Thoughts? :coctail:

31-10-2015, 05:24
The video is OK, it's kinda random at some point but I get the idea, I love the outdoor scenes, specially the ones in the river (is it a river, right lol) she looks good. The guy looks really young next to Julia, make her look older than she is haha!

The song is totally growing on me, I just don't like that they're still pushing the screaming/high notes on her but I assume it's gonna be her signature sound, oh well.

it's been a fucking while since last time I posted in here, I turned 30 yesterday and now this, it makes me feel so old! :cry:

31-10-2015, 18:35
While the video is not badly made, the song is absolutely terrible. Volkova simply cannot sing anymore, and it saddens me terribly. She had such a super neat interesting voice. But with all the strain and the vocal problems when she should have had alot of rest she apparently did not give her voice any. She cannot sing well any more at all, even on studio recordings her voice sounds shrill and is just plain sad to listen to. One of my favorite voices - lost. And the production and melody? Boring! I've said this before and I'll sat it again, it would be amazing if she hired maxim fadeev, to produce a single for her. He's doing magic with serebro lately. What a dissapointment. Leave off the lip injections, fake brows, and the gay bashing!