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01-01-2011, 15:07
the project "SilverStone" was born in 2009

The title of the group is the same as "Silverstone" the
legendary British racing circuit - the only place on earth where
the calm scenery, captivating natural beauty, and driving speed are
absolutley inseperable, like the sound of a warm voice and tender cello
which are woven into hard electronic music. When collected
together professionaly, people fall in love with the music.
each song is special: Full of Melancholy, cold and yet warm and inviting, but
also bearing a grim story.

The voice, which sounds shrill and sad, then merges with the low-charming sounds
of the cello.

Project info:

Singer: Katya
Cello: Ira RishaFox
Producer/Composer: Alex Hardrum


on site is 2 songs "Do Nebes" a russian song and "Poke in the dark" and english song

there are also some pictures. :P