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15-11-2010, 09:40
I think it is appropriate to introduce myself and explain what I am asking for. My name is Kei Long and I am a student in Psychology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I also work as a Teacher Assistant in Statistics 1 & 2 and Research Methodology. I teach in theorie aswell as with practica. I participated in Honors Program Twente University (2009-2010) and WorldMUN (2009) and minored in Art, Media and Technology (2009).

As you probably already know, Wikipedia is one of the most often used websites on the internet. At this moment I am doing research in trust in Wikipedia. I use Wikipedia on daily basis and therefore I think it would be interesting to do research in the perception of its users.

I ask you to help me in this research by participating in my online-questionnaire. It will take just about 10 minutes with a few questions. To participate, click on this link: www.teunlucassen.nl/onderzoek (http://www.teunlucassen.nl/onderzoek) and it will direct you to my research.

I ask you not to read the comments in this topic before participation. I would appreciate it if you spread the link elsewhere. I need a lot of participants! Thanks a lot in advance!

Kei Long

15-11-2010, 20:06
Unfortunately. You came to the wrong forum if you're looking for a lot of participants. I'll be doing your survey, but you'll probably only get a few more.

15-11-2010, 20:17
Done. :) I love Wikipedia... a bit too much. I am an editor of a few pages on there. I worked on the Theatre of Tragedy pages mostly.

15-11-2010, 21:46

It's nice, but maybe you should add different pages for people to rate the trust.

Wikipedia is awesome, but there's some sad people who sometimes edit it so they can have fun. Fortunately, there's a lot of reliable information there, even though some additional research is necessary most of the time.

I'll help spreading the word. :)

12-12-2010, 13:11
Thanks for the participation folks!