View Full Version : Welcome to the Rileys

26-06-2010, 18:30
I went to the Welcme to the Rileys premiere last nite and O.M.G.! Its the best kristenstewart to date.... The movie was pretty... Blah, but the 2 hrs were okspent w stew on screen being more gorgeous than ever...talking dirty... Swearin like a trucker & being half naked playing a stripoer/prostitute hahaha
the guy fromthe sopranos did a great job as mr riley as well...

Also: attending was stew w her what seems inseparate sidekick/probable lover scout (the obe that plays lita ford in the runaways). I sat right behind them and could see them giggle and hand grab eachother throughout the movie... Stew is insanely beautiful :)

09-07-2010, 00:50
Trailer premiered today.... movie coming out Oct or Nov :heh: