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03-03-2003, 16:54
If u could post this info I will be happy :P

- On which server is tatysite ?
- How many MB you've got on it ?
- How many pll visit your site everyday (not forum)
- How many GB it's download it from your server every month ?
- If u are paying for server, how much ?

Thanks, for answers :done: :coctail: :D

03-03-2003, 19:35
Ruido, I will ask Igor, but as far as I know.

:) And we have 4000+ visitors per day, according to the REAL counter. (by TatyRu.Com counter, 12,000 visitors per day)


03-03-2003, 20:46
Thanks :P
and other answers for questions are top-secret ?? :P