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Life In Technicolor
16-06-2009, 21:22
Mikhail Gorbachev - Starye Pis'ma

The party was thrown by Alexander Lebedev, the Evening Standard owner (and possible future proprietor of the Independent). The celebrities at last week's glamorous charity bash at Hampton Court included JK Rowling, Vanessa Redgrave and Boris Johnson.

But the star of the fundraiser was former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. The man who invented perestroika and presided over the death of the Soviet Union revealed a previously unknown talent - he can sing. During dinner Gorbachev serenaded some 300 guests with a sentimental love song, Old Letters ("Whisper to me about love/Look into my eyes").

The 78-year-old widower was apparently a Susan Boyle-like revelation. "He has got the most wonderful voice," says guest Rachel Giffin. "It's very polished, with a great tone to it. It's definitely not man-in-the-pub singing. It was completely unexpected."

Gorbachev dedicated his emotional performance to Raisa, his late wife, and several items were auctioned to raise money for her cancer foundation - including a one-off album of love songs sung by the former Soviet leader. Accompanying him on the guitar was Andrei Makarevich, veteran rock star with Russian band Mashina Vremeni. Sitting nearby was Simon Le Bon.

It might be a while, though, before Gorbachev is on Russia's Got Talent. At home, he is forgotten and largely unpopular. His political career never survived the break-up of the Soviet Union, (or his 90s advert for Pizza Hut). Writing on his blog, Lebedev last week paid tribute to Gorby's singing. Asked whether Duran Duran had taken to the stage, he replied: "No. They listened to Mikhail Sergeyevich instead."


17-06-2009, 00:58
I have to admit this is the last name I would have expected to see in this thread :)

He's got a good singing voice. I wonder if the album will ever be released?

17-06-2009, 15:18
Thanks for posting, Тривими :). I really like his voice and the song.