View Full Version : Placebo - Battle For The Sun

20-03-2009, 03:55
So Placebo announced they are releasing a new album called Battle For The Sun on June 8th, 2009. The first single is also titled Battle For The Sun, you can download it for free off their Official Website (http://www.placeboworld.co.uk/).

The single is amazing, I like their sound, I expect this album to be as successful as Meds if not more so. :coctail:

20-03-2009, 09:32
I'm very disappointed by the new song. It's just..... boring. There's nothing remarkable or likeable about it. Their days of making classic tunes are over. :(

20-03-2009, 15:50
I agree with the person above me. It's not good.

31-03-2009, 07:07
The song isn't so bad but it's probably one I'm not going to go back and listen to over and over. I'm sure the album will have a few tracks full of win though when it comes out :]