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22-01-2009, 06:18
Alright.. so i thought i'd bring up this band. Started in the 80s by Ilya Lugatenko ... who now i think is some sort of prolific genius.

The band just opened their North American tour in DC and i have to say i was extremely impressed, overwhelmed and blown away by what i saw tonight. I'd listened to the band on many occasions throughout my foray with russian music... and i'm now a fan. Any americans on this forum would be doing themselves an injustice if they didn't at least try to go to one of these shows:

Jan 22 2009 Brooklyn, New York
Jan 23 2009 New York, New York
Jan 24 2009 Hoboken, New Jersey
Jan 26 2009 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jan 27 2009 Buffalo, New York
Jan 28 2009 Toronto, Ontario
Jan 29 2009 Cleveland, Ohio
Jan 30 2009 Chicago, Illinois
Jan 31 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 2 2009 Denver, Colorado
Feb 3 2009 Salt Lake City, Utah
Feb 6 2009 Seattle, Washington
Feb 7 2009 Portland, Oregon
Mar 3 2009 San Francisco, California
Mar 4 2009 San Francisco, California
Mar 5 2009 Los Angeles, California
Mar 6 2009 Los Angeles, California


It's a unique situation, a famous Russian band touring small venues in America. (Bi-2 is also performing in DC next month... though i don't know if it's a tour). Sadly i had to leave before they played their last bit of the set... which i'm sure would feature "Kontrabandy" which is one of my favorites from them.

Serduchka Fan
22-01-2009, 16:37
Awesome! They're coming to Cleveland!! I'm gonna have to try to get tickets for that!