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06-01-2009, 22:39
I've just got a BlackBerry, the Bold 9000 and I would like to speak a little bit about BlackBerry if you belong to the ones who like it.

My first impression is that is a very very pleasant machine....before I had a Diamond Touch HTC which I couldn't bear...I'm not so found about the tactil/touch phones because when you are moving, for example if doesn't seem so easy to "control" just with one hand for me...

So I love the BalckBerry because it's simple to use as a phone....(for example with the Diamond Touch, before, if somebody was calling me, the time that I take of the phone from its protection box, it was answering by itself....to get the screen with the numbers touchs during a call, it was a big expedition and the light was disconnecting immediately during a call....such details which were really unpleasant for me...)

So the BlackBerry is very pleasant to "touch" for me....this little pearl/rolling ball/joystick is amazing and the screen is veu clear when you surf on the net...

But of course, it has too some little less pleasant details....which might be amost be linked to the operator that you're dealing with.
For example, with my operator, the word/excel/ softaware is limited....if you want the full version of Go On Premiere (microsoft) you have to buy it ....with what I have I can't write a message with word...I just can read word document...and I can't read neither pdf document...

With the Windows Mobile system is was easier to use pirated softawares...as for example for the GPS application...

In BlackBerry and orange it seems that it isn't possible to use a GPS without downloading datas so to pay for it...

So, indeed...a lot of questions about this symbian system wich is new for me...

If you have "free" applications to propose, it would be great or a full version of documents Go on with crack...or whatever.. :)

I have a problem too...but I think it's linked to my provider...I can access to the main page of taysite forum but when I ask for another page, I have errors...
I think it happens because of the cyrillics fonts which are translated into ?????

Would you know a way to make appear cyllics fonts on the web of BlackBerry please?

By advance, a big spassibo for your advices :rose:

06-01-2009, 22:58
i have BB and i LOVE it! :D

07-01-2009, 04:24
nath, very envious here :D I would like a Blackberry also, not sure which model though because I haven't done enough research yet... and I would not be able to afford it at the moment anyway. I prefer those kinds of keyboards too, I have used the iPhone which is completely touch screen and I really dislike it, very uncomfortable and it just feels like it does more bad than good.

But anyway, I don't know exactly what kind of programs you are looking for, but have you tried sites like Crackberry (http://www.crackberry.com)? If you look at Software and sort price from low to high, you will get the free programs first, maybe you can find something there that will be usable. Also, forums like the one they have on their site are really useful because everyone is there for the phone, so you know they have a lot of knowledge.

I think if you want really top notch programs without paying for them you would have to download them illegally ;) But also there are many people who make their own programs and they look and work just like "professional" ones, but they are completely free seeing as they are user-made. But like I said, I can't know for sure and I can't recommend anything because I have almost zero knowledge about this phone, haha.

07-01-2009, 06:14
OMG I love my Storm!! Such an amazing little machine... I rarely put mine down.

25-01-2009, 12:56
so I found a Civ IV game on crackberry.com for my storm.... now I'm really in trouble. My two favorite things in the world together, I'm never going to be able to put the thing down now :laugh:

25-01-2009, 14:58
I come back here....sorry for the delay, but I needed some time to take possession and knowledge of my baby Blackberry!....:)
Now my problems are fixed...Coolie baby I know you ve got a BB...it s'in watching yours that I fall in love with it, one year ago in San Francisco...
This is real jewell and I don,t think I will change it for another one ever...
The only little fault that BB system has is for the GPS..
.as you don t have maps charged on it you have to use data to use it...so you can,t cheat so much with downloaded softwares...and it s'a pity too to not get a free adobe PDF to read the books...
Except that it s'perfect! I m happy! Thank you for your comments girls....kisSssss