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17-09-2008, 15:40
As many of you know, tatysite forum lost its database for the past year. Everything from June. 16, 2007 up to August 2008 was swept due to impossibility to use the recent forum backup.

This forum backup has a broken encoding in Russian. Luckily the English forum remained intact but the data can't be transferred over to the present forum using conventional administrative tools. Different backup files - different places. The only way to bring the data is to either use a programming compilator and go inside the source code of each file or to copy the content of the old posts and make new threads. The first option we excluded almost immediately, since it requires a complete knowledge in programming plus weeks of work. The second option is less heavy and the job can be done gradually using present forum tools. The only problem was - new threads would be really new and the original post owners would disappear. In order to look it more or less sane, we decided to do the following:

1. To make a new thread (located in the invisible to most members place).
2. To make new posts by copying only the content of the old ones.
3. To copy only the posts, which contained links to pictures, audio, video and reports (after 3 steps the thread looks like that >> image (http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/5051/threadsvr3.jpg)).
4. To alter some data of the new thread to look like an original one (to assign the original poster and the original date and time).

Example of restored threads:
Tatu in Italy - May 2008 (restored from the backup) (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?t=12108)
Tatu in Saint Petersburg - May 2008 (restored from the backup) (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?t=12125)

Some questions and answers that might follow

1. Why the threads are so short?
We were forced to bring only posts that contain links and reports.

2. Why some posts don't look like original ones?
Because sometimes we combined several posts in one when the posts came from the same user.

3. Why do I see links posted by Marco Rossi in forre's post?
Because the registration of new users was swept off by the forum crash and these users didn't register again. So the reference on this forum is totally missing.
Example (http://forum.tatysite.net/showpost.php?p=366031&postcount=5)

4. Why do I see Joopy (for example) posting threads in the Russian forum in Russian?
Because we don't have have ANY data saved from the Russian forum for the given period of time. In order our Russian members would be able to find information in their own language, we copied the English threads and translated them into Russian.
Example (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?t=12124)

If you have any other questions or comments, you are welcome to ask them here:
About the latest tatysite downtime (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?t=11916)

P.S. We'll try to bring as many useful threads as possible but since it's a manual operation, it might take long time.

Again, we are terribly sorry for any trouble caused by the forum crash and appreciate your patience!

Olga :rose: